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Candy Eaters Have Smaller Waistlines, BMI and Weigh Less

Once in a while, a study comes around that just has to make health professionals a little squeamish. You know the kind – the ones that seem to not only contradict common sense, but also ends up as fuel for unhealthy people to justify bad eating habits.

This time around, a study is giving people who love their sweets a sweet surprise. Apparently candy and chocolate eaters tend to beat out those who don’t in the categories of waistline, weight, and body mass index (BMI).

But wait, there’s more.

Those in the study who ate candy and chocolate had a 14 percent lower risk of elevated blood pressure and a 15 percent decreased risk of metabolic syndrome (risk factors for heart disease and stroke).

As is the case in most studies with seemingly shocking findings, this isn’t an endorsement for gorging on candy, and certainly not evidence that it’s healthy (even though chocolate has been found to be good in moderation). You won’t lose weight if you eat sweets.

Researcher Carol O’Neil of Louisiana State University Agricultural Center says the results suggest that when eaten in moderation, sweets are not associated with being overweight or the related diseases.

“The thing to remember is, candy alone does not cause weight,” said Heather Mangieri of the American Dietetic Association. “Taking in more calories than we expend is really what causes weight gain.”

What the study may ultimately say is that the obesity problem we are facing is not so much about eating candy as it is about where we are getting the bulk of our calories – our main meals.

(via: MSNBC)

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April 2nd, 2011

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This isn't shocking, because there is absolutely no indication that candy CAUSED anyone to be thinner.

The first thing that fat people trying to lose weight cut out of their diet is candy (dessert).

(Thin people eat more candy. Rich people spend more money. But eating candy and spending money will NOT make you thin and rich.)

posted Sep 1st, 2011 5:17 pm


What this shows is that fat people lie to researchers about their eating habits.

posted Jun 4th, 2011 4:46 pm


Candy is a food substitute. High calories but no fat.

Next thing you know researchers will discover that candy eaters don't get type 2 diabetes because they consume less of whatever ingredient triggers the auto-immune response to insulin.

I like candy and my weight is not only in the healthy range, but has varied no more than plus or minus five pounds for over sixty years.

posted Jun 4th, 2011 11:56 am

Johnny Palmer @ Absrightnow

Wow what a controversial topic! I believe that the best diet will not include ANY junk food, but it depends on your goals. Obviously a bodybuilder is not going to snack on the odd chocolate or bag of lollies, but if you are just trying to lose some fat, the odd snack won't hurt too bad

posted Apr 3rd, 2011 5:03 pm


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