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What is it?

Accelerin is a supplement aimed at improving your cognitive function, as well as memory and learning capabilities. A nootropic supplement, this product is used to stimulate activity in the brain, improving mental energy and productivity.

Accelerin is made using a combination of zinc, magnesium and aspartic acid, and claims to improve memory when taken twice daily. Accelerin does not provide a ton of information about how this product works, but aspartic acid may have an effect in the limbic system, where emotions are processed in the brain.

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Accelerin Ingredients and Side Effects

The Accelerin website has provided a list of ingredients used to make this product. Here’s a quick glimpse as to what you can expect to find within the formulation:

Magnesium Potassium
Aspartic Acid

Zinc: An essential mineral used for immune health and prevention of the cold and flu, zinc may also help treat symptoms of ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease.

Magnesium: An essential mineral that helps the body maintain normal blood pressure, regulate the heart’s rhythm and keep bones strong.

  • Side effects may include stomach cramps, nausea and diarrhea.

Aspartic Acid: Aspartic acid is a non-essential amino acid used most often to naturally increase testosterone in bodybuilders. This ingredient may also have the potential to be used as a memory enhancer or help with learning and mental energy.

  • Side effects may include mood swings, acne, diarrhea and headache.

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Accelerin Quality of Ingredients

In looking over the Accelerin formula, the list of ingredients seems pretty minimal, and we’re not certain that there’s enough going on in this blend to yield the kind of results the advertising language has promised.

Zinc and magnesium certainly are a healthy part of any diet, but these ingredients can easily be found in any multivitamin at a fraction of the cost, alongside a whole host of other ingredients.

Aspartic acid, while sometimes used as a nootropic supplement, is more often used as a testosterone enhancer. There’s little evidence suggesting that this ingredient is all that effective in enhancing memory and learning, and there is a link between taking aspartic acid and brain damage.

In short, we’re not sure Accelerin is the best brain enhancement product on the market, and there are other supplements that have a more direct link to improving brain function, memory and cognition, without the potential for side effects such as brain damage, or an increase in testosterone levels in the body.

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The Price and Quality of Accelerin

Accelerin, upon running a quick online search, appears to have been discontinued. The website is hard to locate and the Amazon account does not have any product left in stock. However, we were able to locate this item for sale from a few different online supplement retailers—the main one being Pure Formulas offer this product for $37.20, per bottle containing 120 pills, or 60 servings, plus free shipping.

In looking at the Pure Formulas site, we were able to learn that Accelerin is made by a company called Marco Pharma, who does, in fact, still produce this product, but only sell to distributors or physicians. It’s unclear how much they sell this product for, as we don’t have access to member pricing.

Based on the ingredients, we’re not sure Accelerin is a good buy for most people. While the 60-day supply for under $40 sounds good, there’s little evidence demonstrating that aspartic acid, as a standalone supplement can do much for memory, learning and cognition.

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Business of Accelerin

The makers of Accelerin are a company known as Marco Pharma. Their contact information is listed below:

Phone: 800-999-3001

Address: 851 NW Highland Street
Roseburg, OR 97470

Marco Pharma is a manufacturer and distributor of homeopathic remedies. They currently offer a few supplements directly from their webpage, though Accelerin is only offered through their professional line of products, which is only available to physicians or distributors. That being said, you can get Accelerin elsewhere, as we’ve mentioned above.

Though there is no Better Business Bureau listing, nor much information about Marco Pharma’s business practices, there’s nothing that stands out to us as being bad business practices, nor any registered complaints listed on the web.

The official website is clean and easy to use, featuring extensive information on the background of the company, as well as their products. We’re not able to look at the product page for Accelerin, so we can’t really speak to that.

Based on the ingredients used to make Accelerin, it’s a little odd, that Marco Pharma has blocked off access to purchasing the product to the general public. This product doesn’t contain any prescription ingredients, though we do applaud the effort made toward keeping customers safe.

Finally, there are no published accounts of whether or not this product has been subject to any clinical trials or studies demonstrating the use of aspartic acid as a viable brain supplement.

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Customer Opinions of Accelerin

There aren’t too many reviews available from users who have tried Accelerin in the past, but there are some people who have mentioned Here’s a look at what people were saying about this product:

“Okay, it works, but this formula could definitely be stronger. I’d recommend trying something else, but I will use the rest of the bottle.”

“This product did absolutely nothing for me. I took the full one-month supply as directed, and I don’t feel sharper or more energized, nothing.”

“I followed the directions on the bottle, not knowing much about Accelerin at all. Unfortunately, my skin became red and irritated, and nothing happened in terms of improving focus or mental energy.”

“I’ve been taking Accelerin for two weeks and the only effects I noticed, were some severe itching. This does not do anything to boost your brain. I stopped using and the itching stopped.”

We were unable to locate any positive reviews for Accelerin, though we do need to acknowledge there weren’t many reviews to begin with. Most of what we found, was that consumers simply didn’t experience any effects with use, good or bad. However, a few people mentioned this product caused some itching or irritation of the skin.

Based on the limited information we have available about the efficacy of Accelerin, it seems users are better off looking for a supplement with better user reviews, as well as less potential for irritating side effects.

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Conclusion – Does Accelerin Work?

In looking at the full picture of Accelerin, it’s clear that this product is lacking some essential elements in boosting mental performance, despite being made by a seemingly reputable natural supplements company.

This product relies on aspartic acid to do the heavy lifting, when this is a product used far more often to boost testosterone levels in men either looking to improve sexual vitality, or for better performance at the gym. While these could be welcome changes for a certain subset of people looking for a nootropic supplement, many people (likely women) will not welcome side effects like hair growth, acne or moodiness.

Additionally, there’s not much evidence suggesting that aspartic acid actually works to improve memory or learning with regular use. Marco Pharma does not provide links to any studies or reputable sources that lay out how this ingredient can effectively improve cognition, especially when only physicians and distributors are allowed to access the professional products portion of the website.

While Marco Pharma bars the non-physician public from reviewing their full lineup of product offerings, Accelerin is still sold on other e-commerce platforms to anyone who can pay for it.

Additionally, we were unable to find a very many reviews for people who had actually tried this product. Though we were working with a relatively small sample size, most of the accounts we were able to track down mentioned that this product wasn’t particularly effective. Plus, it’s also very hard to find, outside of a handful of e-commerce sites specializing in natural supplements.

When we did find reviews from people who had used Accelerin in the past, there were not positive experiences that came up after using as directed. While some variation can be expected with any supplement—particularly one with limited data backing its effectiveness—the fact that we saw no positive changes documented anywhere on the web leads us to believe there are a number of solutions out there that work far better than this one.

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