3 Crap Excuses For Not Getting Healthy Destroyed!

By Abra Pappa for NutritiousAmerica.com

On one’s journey to wellness there is knowing what to do and then there is actually doing it. Between the knowing and the doing is a great divide that is filled up with a variety of elements that prevent the “doing.” Mostly, it is filled with excuses.

I have heard them all, but through the years there are a few that religiously resurface over and over and over again.

#1 I don’t have time

Yes, I know we are all extraordinarily busy. Life is moving at a rapid pace these days and it oftentimes seems nearly impossible to have a minute to breathe, never mind a minute to steam some kale. Seriously, a MINUTE to steam some kale. Listen, we all have issues with time management, but that’s all it is, management. Give yourself the greatest gift ever, drop all that you are doing and invest just 10 minutes in a healthy activity. Drink a glass of water, plan a weekly menu, stand up and do some squats. When faced with a time challenge it is within you to manage it. Healthy does not mean slaving away in the kitchen for hours each day. Fit does not mean spending an hour in the gym every day. Begin with a 10 minute commitment each day and fill it with 10 minutes of nourishment. Gradually you will see that healthy activities actually grant you more time. It’s magical. As you feel better you have more focus and energy to do better.

#2 It’s too expensive to be healthy

This too comes down to a mere matter of management, money management. In a recent client session I had the opportunity to unravel the “It’s too expensive” excuse. My client was adamant that she just couldn’t afford to buy the food I was suggesting, it was too expensive and eating fast food was much more cost effective for her. I very gently pointed out the large shopping bag at her feet (she had just returned from a bit of a shopping spree.) My client was making a choice to not spend money on healthy food, not because it wasn’t cost effective for her, but because it was a choice. It was a roadblock, an excuse, that kept her trapped in the cycle of unhealthy. Really what was underneath her money argument was fear of giving up those foods that she so desperately wanted.

Did you know that “cheap” fast food and processed, packaged food is designed to increase your appetite and have you crave more? This food is purposefully manufactured in such a way that the more you have the more you want.

When you invest in whole, unprocessed, organic food your body is more satisfied. Much, much, much more satisfied. As your cravings begin to diminish you are able to tune into your body’s true nutritional needs. This is the greatest investment you can make. Pay the farmer today or the doctor tomorrow. I forget who said this originally, but I like to claim it as my own.

You make choices every single day with every single purchase. I make the choice every day to pay for my health with the food that I put into my body, it is my insurance policy.

So next time you drop $20 on a new belt, or $30 on drinks with friends, stop and think about how many heads of kale you could buy with that money.

#3 My husband (boyfriend, mother, kids…) sabotage me

This happens to be my favorite excuse and I must hear it at least a dozen times a week. Let’s break it down. You are your own person. You make the decisions that affect your life. You wake up independently each day, put on your pants one leg at a time, go to the refrigerator and make a choice based on what YOU want. Your husband’s, children’s, friend’s needs are independent of yours.

Guess what else? Everyone in your family benefits when YOU are healthy. Your life, your health has to take precedent. When you are taking care of yourself your loved ones get a better you – a longer living, healthier happier you. It’s win-win.

This is not to say that it is easy to make healthier, better decisions when your loved ones create resistance. It can be a challenge, certainly. I suggest leaving gentle reminders around the house, like a post-it note on the fridge that says, “Mommy is rocking the healthy world, eat your chips, and other junk outside of the house.”

The only thing standing between you and your health goals is you. At every moment you can make a different decision. Right now, you can stop what you are doing and make a different choice. You can stop eating that ice cream mid bite. You can turn off the TV right in the middle of Real Housewives, really you can. You can put on your sneakers and walk outside right now. You have the power to  just step out of the way and let it happen.

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