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What is it?

Xtreme Fit 360 is a testosterone boosting, maximum strength supplement which is made to support healthy libido. Working out is also advised, as this is meant to grow muscles and improve one’s workout intensity while boosting current exercise regimens.

They advise to take it between 30 to 40 minutes before one works out. Only natural ingredients are used in this brand.  It also has included thermogenics which can help burn fat and create lean muscle mass. The most effective male enhancement as reviewed by our experts was fond to be Viritenz. Its comprehensive formula can aid all aspects of sexual health. Learn more about the benefits of Viritenz by following this link.

Xtreme Fit 360 Ingredients and Side Effects
Calcium Carbonate Horny Goat Weed Extract Tongkat Ali Saw Palmetto Extract Orchic Substance
Wild Yam Extract Sarsaparilla Nettle Extract Boron Microcrystalline Cellulose
Stearic Acid Croscarmellose Sodium Magnesium Stearate Silicon Dioxide Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
Polyethylene Glycol Blue # 1 Titanium Dioxide Talc

Horny Goat Weed Extract: Libido enhancer which is also added to help treat erectile dysfunction. This herb is added to increase blood flow. There can be potential unwanted side effects which include:

  • Dry mouth, vomiting, and nausea.
  • Nosebleed, dizziness, and increased thirst.

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Orchic Substance: Cow testicles used to aid in human testicle health. This is said to help support healthy testosterone, though no studies have been shown to support this claim.

Web MD has added:

“isn’t enough reliable information to know if orchic extract is safe”

It can also lead to contamination if there isn’t enough safety standards upheld.

Wild Yam Extract: This plant has an active compound which is often added to help create either estrogen or DHEA. The human body cannot make these kinds of hormones without it being specially treated.

Potential side effects which have been shown can include vomiting.

It can have negative reactions with hormone therapy or birth control pills. It can also have estrogen like effects or help form blood clots.

Sarsaparilla: Plant that is included to help treat inflammation. This has been used most commonly as a way to flavor food. This has also been used to create testosterone, but this has been proven false.

It can lead to stomach irritation and kidney issues.

Nettle Extract: Used to help increase urine flow and reduce inflammation. This herb has been shown to be potentially unsafe, as it can lead to:

  • Skin irritation, stomach issues, and sweating.

This can also increase overall urine output.

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Blue # 1: Artificial food coloring which has no benefit.  It only is added to provide a blue tint to these pills. There are potential side effects that can include:

  • DNA damage, ADHD symptoms, and headaches.

EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

Xtreme Fit 360 Quality of Ingredients

There is no mention about the ingredients from any official website which sells this product. One website does provide an ingredients list, but anywhere you click they redirect you to another unrelated male enhancement pill.

This makes it impossible to predict whether or not this is a quality formula. If what is claimed is actually added, then it’s clear that there is a lack of wholesome ingredients. Several inactive ingredients are used including potentially damaging food coloring.

Orchic extract, wild yam extract, and sarsaparilla have not been proven effective for male enhancement.

Xtreme Fit 360 Price and Quality of Xtreme Fit 360

No price is available anywhere because of their lack of an official website. Many other sites have marketed this product, but unfortunately they all redirect to completely different products.

Without the total pricing its unknown what one can expect. They do offer a free trial, but this practice is questionable as there are certain companies which fail to truly live up to their money back return policy.

Certain companies will enroll users into month to month plans if they fail to cancel their free trials as well.

From the claimed ingredients used, it still leaves much doubt about the overall quality of this formula. Much more needs to be revealed in order for potential users to gain insights into what they can expect. Provided here is a list featuring the top ranked male enhancement pills as seen by our review experts and users alike.

Business of Xtreme Fit 360

In reviewing this product you quickly find that though there are multiple websites, none of them so to be official. They also fail to list any company contact information, making impossible to ask anyone questions.

Giving money to an unknown group is not advised as you’re essentially at their mercy. You’re unable to dispute any charges or file complaints with anyone.

Their free trial offer is similar to other scam websites which look to lock users into month to month contracts.

Without any real reason to trust what they have to say, it leaves a lot of doubt as to the use of Xtreme Fit 360. The best, most effective male enhancement pills are featured in this list of the top 10 ranked male enhancement pills.

Many users have left negative reviews about the company:

“huge scam… do not try the so called free trial”

“tried to add a charge to my credit card but I called my company to cancel”

“got scammed out of $70 from them without being told of a charge”

“they have used scam like activities and do not offer a return if you ask”

These are repeat issues according  to the only vocal customers who left their reviews.

Customer Opinions of Xtreme Fit 360

Here are some reviews from users:

“having major problems with these supplements”

“do not do business with this group”

Overall the majority of reviews had to do about complaints with the claimed scam like activities. Judging from the amount of people who tried to get their money back, its likely there was major dissatisfaction with the results.

In either case it’s not a good sign when so many users have complained about the company policies instead of touting the health effects experienced. Click the link in order to view a list showcasing the top 10 best male enhancement pills.

Conclusion – Does Xtreme Fit 360 Work?

After looking at this product it’s clear that the lack of information raises more questions about its use. The majority of reviews complained about the scam like practices, and by looking at the several websites claiming to offer a free trial it’s clear to see why many have failed to give them a positive review. You’re unable to determine much about their practices since no official website is offered. It would not be advised to use a product like this which has only seen negative reviews.

The most effective male enhancement formula has been found to be Viritenz. This is because it has a natural formula which can help aid sexual health without any side effects.

Their formula is also made in a certified tested, FDA approved GMP facility. Click the link to discover more about the use and benefits of Viritenz.

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