We Love Wings of Nature Organic Bars

Wings of Nature BarsOn Friday around 3:30 in the afternoon, I was sitting at my desk, starting to feel pretty hungry. Then I received a lovely package: samples of Wings of Nature Organic bars. I promptly devoured one and stopped feeling sorry for myself that dinner was still several hours away.

There is a lot to love about these bars. First off, they are certified organic by both the USDA and OC/PRO Canada. Although many feel that the USDA standards for packaged organic foods are not strict enough, all the individual ingredients in the Wings of Nature Organic bars are also organic. They come in three flavors: Almond Raisin, Cranberry Crunch and Espresso Coffee. Personally, the Cranberry Crunch is my favorite, but they all taste great.

The other great thing about these bars is the simplicity of the ingredients. For example, the first four ingredients in the Almond Raisin bar are sesame seeds, raisins, agave syrup and sunflower seeds. Not only can you read this label without a degree in food science, you can actually identify all these ingredients in the bar itself. Sweetness comes from the fruit and a touch of agave, but aside from that, they contain no refined sugars. They are also trans fat free and gluten free, and contain 170 to 180 calories per bar.

Whole foods are by far much healthier for us, but sometimes our busy lives demand convenient packaged foods. Choices like Wings of Nature make us feel like we have to make less of compromise when you need a snack on the go.

The bars are for sale some retail locations and from Wings of Nature online.

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