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What is it?

Viberect is a medical stimulator designed to produce erections in men with ED, or those who are recovering from prostate cancer or other conditions. This product claims to be a safe and non-invasive way to improve sexual function without medication.

Viberect works by stimulating pudendal nerve endings, which control erectile function and penile sensitivity. The makers of Viberect say this product is more effective than vibrators and massagers aimed at stimulating arousal.

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Viberect Side Effects

The Viberect is a stimulation device aimed at producing arousal in men who have trouble getting an erection or having sex to completion. Because this is a device rather than a supplement or drug, the risk of side effects is significantly lowered as compared to other types of male enhancement solutions. Here’s a little about the Viberect and what users can expect with use:

Basically, the Viberect is a handheld device used in place of, or in combination with a traditional erectile dysfunction medication. It doesn’t require a prescription, and is often used by men who have poor erectile function due to nerve damage from radiation treatment, diabetes or an injury, as well as those with alcoholism or have had a prostate gland removed.

This product is marketed toward people with the aforementioned conditions, as well as those with traditional erectile dysfunction caused by aging or a number of other factors like poor diet or inactivity.

The Viberect is battery powered and comes with a charger, as well as soft pads for comfort, and is designed to mimic an improved version of manual male masturbation.

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Viberect Quality

Viberect has gotten a number of positive reviews, and there are very few mentions of this product breaking or causing injury to the user.

This product is designed to be used a few minutes each day for 4-6 weeks to treat ED, or right before a sexual encounter for men experiencing nerve damage.

It seems Viberect is likely a solid product with the potential to help a lot of people with nerve damage and more, but it simply may not be right for everyone suffering from sexual dysfunction.

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The Price and Quality of Viberect

Viberect is sold through a few different channels. It’s offered on the official site, for $299.95, as well as on a few small online retailers. The company that makes this product, Innovative Urological Solutions offers free shipping on orders over $50.

Due to the intimate natural of this product, the company that makes Viberect only accepts returns on unopened packages and defective devices. No returns are accepted on package deals.

This product was available on Amazon for a while at a slightly lower rate, but is no longer in stock. No word as to whether or not it will return to the site at a later date.

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Business of Viberect

The name of the company that manufactures and sells Viberect, is known as Innovative Urological Solutions, and their contact information is listed below:

Phone: 888-978-3027

Address: 915 Toll House Avenue

Suite 209
Frederick , MD 21701


The company behind Viberect is an FDA-certified and registered company that specializes in urological devices and treatments for both men and women. They’ve included a number of resources that discuss ED treatment, as well as how to improve sexual function for men with spinal cord injuries or who are recovering from prostate cancer surgery.

The Viberect website is clean, clinical, and professional in appearance, though there are a lot of pages to navigate through, which may be a bit annoying for some consumers.

Overall, we were unable to find any major issues with Viberect or the company that makes this product. There are no documented recalls, nor any complaints that come up after running a quick online search for “Innovative Urological Solutions.” The company does not have a listing with the Better Business Bureau, but that may just be due to a lack of formal complaints.

Overall, this may be a good solution for erectile dysfunction, but it’s clear the target audience is people who have had some serious health problems, rather than those who have some trouble with erectile function, but no othr issues.

Customer Opinions of Viberect

According to the reviews we found for Viberect, many people felt that the device really helped them restore a satisfying sex life, and that the benefits outweighed the initial investment. Some people dud mention Viberect did not always produce consistent results, though reviews mostly leaned positive. Here’s what users had to say about this product:

“I had prostate cancer a few years back, and have had ED ever since then. Cialis and Viagra really didn’t work for me, and Viberect has allowed me to have sex again, and even orgasm.”

“I don’t think I’m really in the target demo for this, but I will say its helped with my ED a little. I don’t really have any health issues or nerve damage, but it’s definitely helped me get aroused a bit more easily.”

“I really like this device. I have nerve damage, and its dramatically affected my sex life, making it hard to have an orgasm and sometimes even get an erection. I can now have sex with my wife.”

“Since my spinal cord injury, I’ve had to take ED meds to get an erection, but have never been able to orgasm. Viberect doesn’t work every time, but it has helped significantly with ejaculation, so I’m pretty happy.”

Based on the reviews we read for this product it seems many people have been quite pleased with the results, stating they’ve been able to orgasm because of the Viberect, with has added tremendous value to their sex lives.

While it says it’s a treatment for ED, Viberect seems to produce the best results for men who have had some sort of health problem that has damaged their nerves, such as conditions like spinal cord injuries or damage from radiation.

Men with different health problems like cardiovascular issues or diabetes, may experience ED as a symptom of those conditions, and should see a doctor to look into treatment options.

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Conclusion – Does Viberect Work?

After reading more about Viberect, it seems this is a really good tool for men who have lost some sexual function due to a major health problem like cancer or diabetes, which can really take a toll on the nervous system. Because nerve damage reduces sensitivity, the stimulating effects of the device really helped some men achieve orgasm or erectile function when they previously could not.

We read a number of reviews from men pleased that Viberect offered some relief from sexual dysfunction, but it seemed as though the people who benefitted most had erectile dysfunction due to some type of condition that caused nerve damage. Those with more traditional erectile dysfunction (i.e. men who were otherwise healthy) saw some benefits, but nothing that really made a huge impact on performance and function.

While Viberect may be a really great tool for a specific group, it could be an expensive gamble for men without issues stemming from nerve damage. In any case, it’s a good idea to visit the doctor before investing in something that may not be the right fit. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a number of underlying conditions, and it’s wise to rule those out as soon as possible.

But, for those who can afford it, and are comfortable buying a product they likely cannot return, Viberect may be worth a try for men who would rather not take a daily supplement or are worried about the effects of prescription medication.

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