Tune In: Mother and Daughter Weight Struggles

Tune in this Thursday, March 11 to The Dr. Oz Show when he discusses the familial component of being overweight or obese.

Dr. Oz introduces audience members to a 356-pound 16-year-old girl whose mother is also obese. Dangerously following in each others footsteps, Dr. Oz steps in to have a candid discussion with both mom and daughter about how their size is threatening their lives.

Discussing the tough issues that underlie their enabling eating behaviors, Dr. Oz devises a plan so that they can lose weight together and support each other on their way to a healthier sense of well being and an enriched relationship.

On Thursday’s show, Dr. Oz also discusses three warning signs that no woman should ever ignore. Watch this episode to find out what are the three potentially life-saving symptoms your body may be telling you.

Check your local listings for exact show times.

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