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What is it?

TST 1700 is a testosterone booster made to aid muscle production and benefit sexual health. They add how one can have a better sex life and increase their physical output.

It has a natural formula that is specially made for those needed extra support for workouts. Their marketing uses shirtless bodybuilders that are clearly long been exercising. They add how a lot of science has gone into the making of this formula. In looking at several male enhancement pills our review experts found Viritenz was the overall best. Learn more about Viritenz and its potent effects by clicking here.

TST 1700 Ingredients and Side Effects
Horny Goat Weed Leaf Extract Tongkat Ali Root Extract Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract Orchic Substance Wild Yam Root Extract
Sarsaparilla Root Extract Nettle Root Extract Boron Amino Acid Chelate

Horny Goat Weed Leaf Extract: This herb is used in Chinese medicine and contains chemicals that are used to aid in blood flow. It’s reportedly effective for aiding sexual performance such as erectile dysfunction.

There are species of this ingredient which can be unsafe. Potential side effects can include:

  • Nosebleed, dry mouth, and vomiting.
  • Dizziness, spasms, and breathing issues.

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Tongkat Ali Root Extract: Natural aphrodisiac that is used to prevent estrogen buildup while helping boost erections.  This has been shown to be safe.

Saw Palmetto: A mixture of fatty acids which are supposedly effective for increasing testosterone. This has not been proven true however, and there is mixed studies on its other supposed effects.

It’s known what many of the claimed positive studies were performed by biased groups. It can also lead to complications that include:

  • Nausea, constipation, and diarrhea.
  • Liver issues, pancreatic problems, and headache.

It has been shown effective for helping relieve pressure near the lining which carries urine. Therefore, it has diuretic effects which can increase the flow of urine safely. However its use as an effective male enhancement ingredient has yet to be proven in any reliable scientific studies.

Orchic Substance: Extract taken from bulls testicles which have minerals and vitamins. This is added to help aid healthy testosterone.

This has to be specially processed because it can lead to contaminations if not treated.

Web MD has also said:

“isn’t enough information to know if orchic extract is safe”

Therefore, using this ingredient is questionable and should be regarded with caution. In certain cases using contaminated extracts of animals can cause serious issues. This has to be thoroughly tested to ensure there are no containments which can cause damage in the body.

Without the knowledge of whether or not TST 1700 is actually made in a certified GMP facility, it’s impossible to predict what their safety standards are.

They do add how their formula has not been proven safe or effective by the Food and Drug Administration.

Wild Yam Root Extract: Plant often used by bodybuilders as it can be used to make steroids. This is used to reduce estrogen. When taken in larger amounts it can potentially cause cancer.

This ingredient is odd to use, due to its potential for having steroid like effects. This can cause serious damage to the body if one is not careful. While it can help build muscle, this is also questionable due to its irreversible effects and possibility for causing serious damage. This can include issues such as mood swings, hormonal complications, and much more.

Nettle Root Extract: This plant contains chemicals which are intended to reduce inflammation and create more urine flow. It can potentially cause:

  • Stomach issues, sweating, and irritation.

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TST 1700 Quality of Ingredients

Tongkat ali is a great ingredient that’s been shown effective, but other questionable additives are also found. Some of these ingredients may not be effective, and there is a possibility for side effects.

There needs to be more coverage to ensure real potent effects. The added orchic extract is also questionable, as it has to be carefully extracted to ensure real safe effects.

The company uses some common ingredients found in other brands, without proving an explanation as to why it’s any better them other generics. Discover which male enhancement supplements were found in the top 10 list by clicking this link.

TST 1700 Price and Quality of TST 1700

The company has decided not to list their actual price, but instead they offer a free sample. When researching the company there were users who added they paid $84.95 for a month’s worth of product.

Judging from the overall formula, this is far too low in quality to be sold for this price.

Business of TST 1700

The company is called Fit Crew USA and their contact information is:

Address: 1741 W Magnolia Blvd

Suite C Burbank, CA

Email: info@fitcrewusa.com

Phone Number: (866) 520-0522

They have had numerous customer complaints online. On Report Scam.com they have a total of 21 issues.

Users have said they were scammed into ordering what they thought was a free sample, but which ended up turning into a month to month auto shipment.

People ended up paying just for shipping, and suddenly they were charged $84.95 within the trial period. This means the company engages in the practice of auto renewals without offering due notice.  For the list featuring the best male enhancement supplements, click the top 10 list.

Those who tried to get a return commented on how the company representatives were rude, and that they did not help them organize a return. Those who left reviews added how they still have been unable to get their money back.

Customer Opinions of TST 1700

Since no many users had issues with the company, people focused less on the products effects and more on what they experienced. The following are a few reviews found online:

“didn’t feel much of any effect”

“would not recommend”

It makes sense that since there are many people who wanted to schedule a return, that the company is making an inferior product. Click this to learn about the most effective male enhancement supplements.

Conclusion – Does TST 1700 Work?

There are serious concerns about the overall company practices. Only negative reviews about the business exist when you research this product. It’s due to the many complaints about the lack of quality service that people highly advised others to not purchase this. There were claims that they are operating a scam, and that they claim to offer a free trial which turns into a month to month charge.

Due to the many issues people were highly disappointed and advised others not to use it.

By examining all types of male enhancement supplements our review experts found Viritenz was the best overall. It was rated by experts and customers alike as being great for enhancing sexual performance, and for allowing greater erections. It’s made up of a natural formula of studied ingredients made to improve overall sexual performance.

Viritenz is also made in a safe, GMP certified facility to ensure users are purchasing a properly reviewed product. Find out more about what Viritenz can do for male enhancement by clicking the link.

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