Testro-X Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Testro-X is a testosterone booster and overall male wellness pill. They add how there are 52 peer reviewed studies on the kinds of ingredients used to ensure functional results.

While this sounds impressive, it means more that they examined other reviews to see what kinds of effects these ingredients have on their own. It has no added stimulants and there is a video that mentions this is a properly functioning product that has been researched and shown to be effective. Our review experts have researched and concluded the best male enhancement pill is Viritenz. It has natural ingredients that users say boosted their performance in the bedroom. Find out more about the benefits of Viritenz by clicking this link.

Testro-X Ingredients and Side Effects
Magnesium Zinc KSM-66 Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract Forskohlii Root Extract
Inositol Glycine L-Theanine Boron Citrate
Bioperine Gelatin Rice Flour L-Leucine

KSM-66 Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract: Herb used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine that can help relieve stress and make the body better able to deal with future stress.

This has been shown effective, but it’s strange to add to a supplement like this as it does not actually directly affect testosterone or male enhancement.

The intended effect is to lower stress, which in high amounts can cause the body to break down, and this can harm testosterone production.

Forskohlii Root Extract: Herb which is added to help get rid of fat while at the same time boosting testosterone. It can have effects on the blood vessels to reduce blood pressure.

There are still inconclusive studies on whether or not this is truly an effective aid for testosterone production. In certain instances it can be dangerous to those who have heart issues, or bleeding disorders. For the list showcasing the most effective male enhancement pills, follow this link.

Inositol: Ingredient which is similar to a vitamin and also found naturally in humans. This can also be synthesizes in a laboratory. This is added to help treat things like depression, OCD, and panic disorders.

Potential side effects which have been found can include:

  • Dizziness, headaches and nausea.

L-Thiamine: A building block of protein which can be found in green tea. This is added to help treat nerve issues anxiety, and blood pressure.

Studies into its long term use have not been conducted thoroughly enough to ensure safety.

Boron Citrate: Mineral added to increase testosterone. This can provide healthy effects without the fear of side effects.

Bioperine: Patented black pepper extract added to help make the other ingredients better absorbed by the body. This has been shown to be mildly effective.

L-Leucine: Natural amino acid that is the most potent Branch Chain Amino Acid. This is known as the most important of the three BCAA’s. Supplementing with this ingredient is not necessary, as a protein rich diet can provide the same benefits.

While there are benefits to this, it is not increased in those who make sure to eat a varied enough diet.

Provided in this link is an expert crafted list of the most effective male enhancement pills.

EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

Testro-X Quality of Ingredients

There are some questionable additives in this that can have effects on male health, but only in sparing or indirect ways. For example, Ashwagandha can help alleviate stress which can target testosterone as increased stress has been shown to cause a loss of healthy T.

There’s also amino acids and minerals added which are also healthy, though aminos can be found in protein rich diets.

Forskohlii has not been proven effective for helping raise testosterone, and the added Bioperine is only included to make other ingredients easier to be used in the body.

Inositol is another questionable ingredient as it may lead to unwanted side effects. View a list showcasing the best male enhancement pills by clicking here.

Testro-X Price and Quality of Testro-X

The official website sells a full 30 servings for $49.95, which was reduced from 20 dollars higher. There is no information provided on whether or not this is just a temporary price fix.

They advise to take 3 full capsules before bed as the ingredients need time to be properly used. They also claim no side effects are possible, but this is not true as inositol has been shown to produce ill effects.

Overall, for the price paid one can really substitute most of this for a healthy diet. Some of these additives have not been shown effective and safe. There’s not enough support offered to ensure you’ll be able to experience lasting effects. Click this link for a top 10 ranked list of the best overall male enhancement pills of the year.

Business of Testro-X

The manufacturers are known as the Better Foundation LLC and they can be reached via the following contact details.

Address: PO Box 510143

Melbourne Beach, Florida 32951

Email: help@truthnutra.com

Phone Number: (877) 888-6101

There isn’t much available information about this company and what kind of practices they follow. It’s unknown if they are reputable, but they do not have any complaints about them operating a scam or something similar.

They do say they offer a 60 day money back guarantee, but it’s unknown if there are any fees or penalties associated.

Customer Opinions of Testro-X

Here are a few reviews found online:

“gave me an upset stomach after just a few times of use”

“this is far too pricy for what’s offered”

“did not see any benefits at all even with repeat use”

“lead to far too many side effects which make this unusable”

There were complications for some who experienced digestive issues. Some added how they would not have bought this if they would have known how ineffective it was.

Some users did like the product due to its effects on stress, but it’s clear there was also a lot of disappointed customers.

Currently there are 26 negative reviews on their Amazon.com page from users who either experienced side effects, or a lack of changes. Cited here is our expert reviewed list of the top 10 most effective male enhancement pills.

Conclusion – Does Testro-X Work?

In reviewing this brand it’s clear that while there are effective ingredients, many of them are easily substituted in cheaper actual foods. Not everyone thought this was effective or at all beneficial. This is also incredibly pricy for what’s offered. Most of the additives can be found elsewhere. The company also has not mentioned the details of their money back guarantee, and whether or not they charge users a restocking fee.

After examining several kinds of male enhancement pills, our review experts were able to see that Viritenz was the most effective. It has an all-natural formula free of any fillers or stimulants, and it has only potent and proven additives. This is why users have provided glowing reviews and said that it revitalized their sex life. It helped many find new found energy in the bedroom without the fear of ED or low testosterone related issues.

Viritenz also has a potent formula that is made in a GMP certified facility to ensure proper dosing and safety handling. Click the link to learn about how Viritenz can enhance sexual performance.

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