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What is it?

Testim is a topical gel that is prescribed and used to help promote healthy testosterone. It’s only used to those with hormone issues, who have a documented case of low testosterone.

It can also be used effectively for aiding mood and overall energy. Doctors can only prescribe it, but curious users can ask about it to learn more. This helps create testosterone for a continuous 24 hours upon use to clean and dry skin in the upper arms and or shoulders. In reviewing many kinds of male enhancement treatments, the best solution was found to be Viritenz. This natural supplement is made with studied and safe extracts. Find out more information about the best male enhancement support offered by Viritenz by clicking this link.

Testim Ingredients and Side Effects

The main active ingredient is only testosterone; here is the full ingredients list:

Testosterone Purified Water Pentadecalactone Carbopol Acrylates
Propylene Glycol Glycerin Polyethylene Glycol Ethanol Tromethamine

Testosterone: A hormone that is supplemented with in order to increase athletic ability and healthy hormone levels in people with deficiencies. This can promote many kinds of side effects which include:

  • Swelling, enlarged breasts in men, and heart disease.
  • Liver damage, mood swings, and acne.
  • Swelling, difficulty controlling oneself, and difficulty relaxing.

This is considered illegal by many sporting organizations, and it is often only prescribed to people who clearly need it. It has to be taken in controlled amounts in order to reduce the likelihood of side effects.

Testosterone naturally declines with age, stress, lack of sleep, and other changes in the body. One has to take a test to verify for certain if one is low in testosterone before supplementing with it.

This has been shown to lead to cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer in some.

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Pentadecalactone: A pheromone and fragrant ingredient which as a woody, sweet smell. This is created in the armpit and is used to help attract females.

This is an inactive ingredient that is known to be relatively safe in amounts often added to these kinds of drugs.

Carbopol: Chemical used to provide numerous inactive benefits. This can be used to make other ingredients easier to absorb. Also added to help create more muscle and burn fat.

Acrylates: Polymer used to provide adhesive effects. This is often artificial and shown to be relatively safe in controlled doses.

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Testim Quality of Ingredients

Some strange inactive ingredients are used which come from artificial means. The main sole active ingredient is the hormone testosterone, which is applied via a topical gel.

While this can be easier than an injection, it raises questions about how safe it is to use. First off, only certain people would be allowed to use it. You have to be deemed medically lacking and incapable of producing heathy testosterone.

There are lifestyle changes one can make as well as natural ingredients which do not have the same potential side effects as this drug. Many serious risks are possible from taking testosterone in any form, even if it is prescribed. Due to these potential issues, most users would do better off with natural solutions. Find out which all-natural male enhancement pills were rated as the best in raising testosterone.

Testim Price and Quality of Testim

This can be covered under certain forms of medical insurance, but it’s unclear what a common cost is. This price depends a lot more on where one secures it.

There are several potential concerns about the key main ingredient, as it can produce many serious unwanted side effects. One has to weight the options and consider the possibility for cancer and other complications.

There is no official price either which makes it difficult to compare it to other solutions for raising testosterone. It is often described by customers as being expensive. Provided in this link is a comprehensive list of the most effective male enhancement pills of the year.

Business of Testim

This is made by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, and they are now owned by a group called Endo Pharmaceuticals. The group is a major company which deals with prescribed drugs.

After acquiring a business they were forced to pay out billions in legal claims.

Since this is a prescription drug, the company does not offer a money back guarantee. This is normal however; though it’s likely one will experience effects from this drug.

There is an ongoing class action lawsuit which is being offered to people who have suffered damages from this drug. The lawsuit adds how even those who came into contact with it may suffer from aggression, early puberty, breasts and unwanted changes in genitals.

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Customer Opinions of Testim

Provided underneath are some user reviews found online:

“this is useless for helping build muscle.. it’s only used as a TRT treatment”

“known to cause bloat, male breasts, and other estrogen related side effects. This will damage our hormone levels”

“really only need for depleted older males. Most won’t need this”

In examining reviews it’s obvious that many did not find this to be helpful and safe. While some did see changes in energy and muscle mass, it also contributed to unwanted side effects related to mood changes and increase in breast size.

Some men also were disturbed to find they had grown nipples and breasts that resembled women’s breasts.

This is a potential side effect, and unfortunately for users this was a common occurrence. Some said they would not have used it having known what kinds of possible effects would occur.  A detailed top 10 list of the best male enhancement pills is found here.

Conclusion – Does Testim Work?

Testim is a drug that will surely increase testosterone, but it does so in such a potentially extreme way, that it can actually deliver more harms than benefits. There have been multiple user complaints about it affecting one’s mood, and of it causing unwanted changes in physique. There are also many noted potential side effects, including organ damage and cancer. No money back guarantee is offered, and you can only get a hold of this via a prescription. An ongoing major lawsuit has also been filed due to its many serious potential side effects, some of which can be read about online.

Our review experts examine ingredients and company backgrounds, and they found overwhelmingly that Viritenz was the best overall. It offers unique all-natural ingredients which have been shown effective at aiding libido, supporting healthy testosterone, elevating mood, and proving well-rounded support in the bedroom.

Users have also left glowing reviews to showcase how effective it was for male enhancement. Each ingredient is natural and free of any cheap fillers, preservatives, binders, or stimulants.

They also create it in a GMP certified facility to ensure that each batch is made with the proper strength, and that it’s free of any contaminants. Learn about what makes Viritenz an effective male enhancement pill by clicking on the link cited here.

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