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What is it?

Tadacip is a prescription PDE-5 inhibitor, used to treat impotence in men. This medication promises to bring blood flow to the penis in order to provide a lasting erection suited for sexual activity.

Tadacip relies on the active ingredient, tadalafil to deliver the erectile benefits its provides. Tadacip is meant to have an effect on the tissues surrounding the penis, relaxing the muscles in the genital area, which allows more blood to easily flow in.

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Tadacip Ingredients and Side Effects

Tadacip contains only a single active ingredient, the prescription drug known as tadalafil. Here’s a look at this ingredient, as well as the side effects.


Tadalafil: Is a prescription medication used to treat patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, or other sexual performance issues. This ingredient belongs to a class of drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors, which block the production of a substance in the body called cyclic GMP, which builds up in the penis, particularly as we get older, and blocks blood flow to the penis.

Tadalafil also delivers benefits to the user by stimulating blood flow in the system, which allows the penis to become hard more easily, and keep an erection while having sex.

  • Tadalafil may cause headaches, back pain, muscle pain, cold symptoms like runny nose, nasal congestion or sinus pain, as well as flushed skin, restlessness and anxiety.
  • In some cases, tadalafil may experience a temporary loss of vision or hearing, or a loud ringing in the ears.
  • In rare cases, tadalafil may cause users to have a heart attack or experience heart palpitations.

People considering Tadacip should be aware that this substance may add some strain on the heart, particularly during sex. If users notice any adverse effects on the heart, they should stop having sex and immediately call a doctor.

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Tadacip Quality of Ingredients

Tadacip is only made from the one ingredient, tadalafil, outlined above. While potential consumers should be aware of potential side effects, there is plenty of evidence available suggesting that this could help many people overcome their sexual dysfunction issues.

Tadacip is a generic version of Cialis, and according to the official website, is designed to work nearly the same as the original formula.

Whether this is the right solution is dependent on the severity of impotence, as well as making sure the dosage is right for your specific needs. Because this is a prescription drug, you’ll likely speak with a doctor prior to adding this to your routine, but dosage seems to be key in making sure this product delivers the results that are expected.

Again, users with heart conditions should look for a solution other than Tadacip, while those who are healthy should keep in mind this drug does come with some risks.

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The Price and Quality of Tadacip

Tadacip is a prescription drug, made in India, and sold online without a prescription. It’s unclear whether tadalafil is sold as a prescription drug under the actual name, Tadacip. Name brand Cialis is sold for around $40 a pill when purchased out of pocket, though generic versions often cost significantly less.

Tadacip can be found through a number of websites selling prescription drugs at a reduced rate, with many offering the product as low as $1 a pill, should you decide to buy them in bulk.

We recommend proceeding with caution if you decide to order Tadacip through a third-party website based outside of the United States. Some sites are less credible than others, and as a result, put consumers at an increased risk of receiving fake product.

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Business of Tadacip

The name of the company that manufactures Tadacip is the Indian drug company, Cipla and we do not have contact information for them.

The Tadacip official website, or rather the one that comes up first in the Google results, is full of information about the product discussing everything from how it works, to pricing and more.

We appreciated that the people selling Tadacip thought to inform the users of benefits, risks, dosing and more, but the fact is, there are many sellers of this product, and several of them provide addresses in the US as their business address with no ties to Cipla.

Cipla themselves have long been selling drugs of all kinds and have a decent reputation in India and beyond. What we don’t like about Tadacip, is it doesn’t seem like people in the US can get this product through their doctor or pharmacy, and it’s illegal to sell prescription PDE-5 inhibitors without a prescription.

Customer Opinions of Tadacip

Because this is a prescription drug, there were many people out there who had actually tried Tadacip. Results were mixed, and largely dependent on health condition, age and a number of environmental factors. Here’s a look at some of the experiences reviewers posted online:

“This product has helped me get an erection, and have improved length and girth than the rare occasion I get an erection when I’m not on Tadacip. I did experience lower back pain, but it wasn’t too bad.”

“I’m not exactly the picture of health, but this has helped me in spite of all my smoking and drinking, which may or may not have caused my ED. A dose of 10mg usually does the trick.”

“So, every time I’ve taken this drug, and drank alcohol, I’ve either fallen asleep or felt like I was going to have a heart attack. It’s great if I’m doing yoga, eating well and ditching the booze.”

“I don’t have ED, but I have a stressful job and its effected my performance despite diet, exercise, etc. 15mg on any night I’m expecting to have sex has really helped me out.”

It seems like Tadacip works, though the results may vary. Some men experienced minor problems like low back pain or headache, but felt it was worth the opportunity to have more fulfilling sex.

We noticed some people were using this product to treat issues like performance anxiety with some success. That’s not one of the advertised uses, but it seems promising.

Tadacip could be a good solution for treating erectile dysfunction, however, it would be wise to consult a physician before trying to order this online, or searching for a more widely available solution that can be obtained through the pharmacy and covered by insurance.

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Conclusion – Does Tadacip Work?

Tadacip, much like its name brand counterpart, Cialis, seems to be effective for a large portion of consumers using this product to treat ED. There are some risks with using this product, but for men who are otherwise healthy, it may alleviate the symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

Unlike some of the other prescription solutions we’ve come across, there aren’t many reports of some of the more serious potential side effects like heart palpitations, dizziness, or temporary loss of any senses. There were some reports of people who had experienced headaches and lower back pain, but not much else.

Still, it’s wise to talk to a doctor if you have ED to determine if there are any underlying conditions. PDE-5 inhibitors may be dangerous for men with heart conditions or who are taking certain types of medications that contain nitrates.

Additionally, it’s not clear if you can get Tadacip from a doctor as you would Cialis, so it’s wise to proceed with caution and read reviews should you decide to purchase this product from an unauthorized seller.

Last, it’s worth mentioning that men with more mild forms of ED may want to try an herbal solution before trying prescription strength. Tadacip seems to be effective in treating men with severe and mild ED when dosed properly, but some users may not want to use a drug unless it’s the last resort.

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