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What is it?

Spartagen XT is a testosterone boosting male enhancement supplement said to aid performance and increase energy. It’s intended to give full benefits of a proper working male enhancement supplement.

There are only natural ingredients provided which are said to be studied to ensure a proper working and safe formula. No cheap fillers are added and they also provide testimonials of people who are physically much stronger. The top rated male enhancement supplement is known as Viritenz. Users have said it delivers well-rounded benefits to aid performance. Click the link for more information about the best male enhancement pill Viritenz.

Spartagen XT Ingredients and Side Effects

Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin B6 Magnesium Zinc
Tongkat Ali Tribulus Extract Asian Ginseng Extract Maca Root Chrysin
Hypromellose Magnesium Stearate Silica Rice Flour

Tongkat Ali: Evergreen shrub extract that has chemicals used to produce testosterone effectively. It has also been shown effecting for treating infertility, and erectile dysfunction.

Shown to be safe and effective at producing the claimed results.

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Tribulus Extract: Plant found in many parts of the world which has a very sharp spine. The chemicals can affect hormones that aid testosterone. Studies have shown this is safe to use when taken in controlled amounts.

Asian Ginseng Extract: Long touted herb that is used to provide energy, treat erectile dysfunction, and other issues.

It has been used successfully for helping provide positive effects on male sexual performance.

Maca Root: Plant native to Peru which has a rich source of fatty acids and amino acids. This has been shown to be safe and effective.  It can also enhance energy and athletic performance.

Chrysin: Known as a flavonoid that is found in honey and other plants. This is used to increase testosterone production. Web MD has found that this is not true however, they go on to say:

“hasn’t found any effect on testosterone levels”

It is poorly absorbed and will unlikely have no effect at all on the body. This is not needed and adds to the overall price.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

Spartagen XT Quality of Ingredients

There are only natural ingredients and some of the additives can be effective for male enhancement and sexual performance. This includes tongkat ali, tribulus extract, maca, and the added Asian ginseng. However, there are more ingredients needed to ensure even more well-rounded results

Chrysin is one questionable ingredient which has been shown to be ineffective in males. Other added vitamins and minerals are healthy, but having extreme high amounts such as 1000% of vitamin D is excessive.

Overall the formula is decent, but it could be a lot better.  In this link is an expert crafted list of the top 10 highest rated male enhancement pills for aiding overall performance in the bedroom.

Spartagen XT Price and Quality of Spartagen XT

The price for a one month supply bottle is $69. They do say it’s originally $99.95, so it’s unknown if this will be raised periodically.

This is priced quite high, though there are some useful compounds added. The main issue with this formula is that while the majority of ingredients are helpful, they also add things like Chrysin which have been proven ineffective.

Much more support is necessary to ensure things like erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and increased energy is provided.

One can buy the same basic ingredients at a reduced price elsewhere. The company does not provide any justification as to why they price their formula so high. One would need to add more ingredients to ensure that positive effects are experienced.

Business of Spartagen XT

Edge Bioactives makes this product and they list their contact information is cited as:

Address: Suite 108, 725 River Road

Edgewater, New Jersey 07020

Email: A contact form is offered for direct messages to the company.

Phone Number: (800) 458-4634

In their terms and conditions they add how once you sign up to buy any products, you exclude yourself from possibly making any claims in a court of law.

They instead default to arbitration, with an independent person to decide the case. So if one were to ever have any serious issues and would like to sue, you would be unable to as you’re bound to this contract. This is important to realize as it might beam the company has had issues in the past with quality control, and they want to protect themselves.

There have been issues that users have mentioned. This includes:


“total scam”

“continued to charge me after charging me $69 which was unapproved”

This was a major concern as users have claimed the company is not to be trusted. Some added how they were continued to be charged even though they did not initially agree to be part of their auto renewal plan.

In reviewing the website it’s clear they use fake reviews to make their product sound good. One link goes from a full review of the product and redirects to the official website. Oddly enough when you try to go to the official website initially, you are redirected to the review in a weird loop.

This then forces people to have to scan through the review to learn about where to actually find this supplement. It’s not a helpful way to learn about this product and it raises questions about their practices.

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Customer Opinions of Spartagen XT

Provided are some reviews from users:

“no changes at all to my stamina or size”

“would not bother ordering this ever again”

“did not notice any effects”

“vitamin B6 and E are sex killers… needs to be reformulated”

Some added how they were confused about certain additives, as they are known to cause relaxing effects which can make it harder to perform.

The majority of users complained about a total lack of any positive effects. This caused some to claim it was a placebo, and unlikely to do anything even when repeatedly taken for a full month long. Follow this link to see a list showcasing the most effective male enhancement pills of the year.

Conclusion – Does Spartagen XT Work?

There are many useful ingredients added to this, but unfortunately it’s now enough to satisfy performance. This is why many have commented on a total lack of benefits even when used for long periods as directed. There is also a questionable business practice of not allowing for any lawsuits, and this may be due to potential handling issues.  This brand also has a majority of negative reviews found online.

Our experts have analyzed many kinds of male enhancement supplements, and they concluded the best overall is Viritenz. It has several wholesome ingredients that have been proven to be effective and safe. Customers have also left glowing reviews and shown how they noticed great benefits while using it.

Only natural ingredients are added without any filler, stimulants, or any hormone disrupting compounds. They also have a GMP certification to ensure users can try it with piece of mind that it’s made in a clean facility. For more about how Viritenz can aid sexual performance and male enhancement, click this link.

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