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What is it?

Sinrex is a multi-part supplement system that is used for male enhancement. Their pills, when taken as directed, are supposed to improve users’ sex drive, sexual performance, and athletic ability.

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Sinrex Ingredients and Side Effects

Sinrex does not provide their full ingredients panel and dosage information. Instead, they only provide an alphabetical listing of the contents of their blends without any information about how much of each ingredient is included, or if there are any ingredients beyond these in the mixture.

The ingredients that they highlight are:

Copper Chelate Creatine Maca Root
Saw Palmetto Soy Protein Tribulus Terrestris

Copper Chelate: A key mineral necessary for basic biofunctionality. Copper is a key part of metabolic, immune, and nervous system function. When a chemical is called a chelate that means that it has been bonded with another chemical to aid with absorption.

Copper chelate is not a male enhancement product directly. It does help improve coronary function and cholesterol processing, which can be peripherally related to erectile functionality, however copper is not generally considered one of the more effective sexual responsiveness supplements.

There are also some concerns that taking copper in supplement form puts users at risk for developing some of potential side effects. Excessive copper consumption can disrupt the body’s zinc levels and also may lead to:

  • Fluctuations in blood sugar
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Mood swings
  • Muscle aches
  • Difficulty concentrating

Creatine: A popular body building supplement that is thought to help with the development of muscle mass. It is not considered to have any sexual benefits.

Creatine appears frequently in male enhancement supplements that also bill themselves as athletic performance enhancement products, as there is often an overlap in the ingredients blends. There is, however, no evidence that creatine can benefit erections, libido, or any other aspect of male sexual response.

There are some possible health concerns related to creatine. It is possible that taking creatine regularly can lead to users experiencing:

  • Kidney damage
  • Liver damage
  • Heart damage
  • Gastro-intestinal distress
  • Stroke

Maca Root: An herb that is taken to improve energy levels, endurance, and sexual performance. It was originally discovered in the Andes Mountains of Peru, where it has been brewed into a tea, used in cooking, and taken medicinally for centuries.

Maca is known as a potent libido enhancement supplement because of its ability to increase mental activity, particularly activity related to sexual thoughts and fantasies. It can also improve erections thanks to its circulatory benefits, and there are other secondary sexual uses for the herb beyond that.

Saw Palmetto: A plant native to the southeastern United States that is used most frequently for men with specific prostate issues. There are also concerns that it could lead to impotence in some users.

Saw palmetto has very few actual uses, and the only application that has enough clinical data to support is for shrinking the prostate. There are some manufacturers that have claimed that this can be beneficial for erectile health, however that will only be in a very small percentage of ED sufferers and will not benefit anyone that does not have significant prostate issues.

There are some concerns that saw palmetto can lead to erectile dysfunction in some men. There is not enough data to confirm this, however even the supposition that it might keep our team from recommending it as a part of male enhancement blends.

Soy Protein: A common bean that is used in a variety of food and beverage products worldwide. Soy is also high in isoflavones, a precursor to estrogen production.

Estrogen is not counterproductive for male enhancement, as many companies claim, however it can potentially lead to some unpleasant side effects like the development of male breasts and abnormal tissue growth.

Soy is not known to have any kind of sexual performance benefits for men. The promotional materials say that it is included in the blend because it can help improve the taste of users’ ejaculate, however there are no clinical tests that back this assertion up.

Tribulus Terrestris: A fruit with a spiny hull that originally comes from southeastern Asia but that has spread across the globe in recent years. Tribulus has become very popular in male enhancement supplements due to its ability to improve testosterone function.

Tribulus helps the brain become more receptive to testosterone, so that smaller quantities are needed in order to have a larger impact on the body. Testosterone is a key factor in sexual interest, penile functionality, and is also a part of how the body builds muscle and burns fat.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

Sinrex Quality of Ingredients

Sinrex has an ingredients blend that has some positive aspects to it, as well as some concerning ones. They do choose to utilize tribulus terrestris and maca root, both of which are highly recommended for male enhancement by our team of experts.

Sinrex also uses quite a few ingredients that do not have any direct relationship to improving male sexual functionality. Soy protein, copper chelate, creatine, and saw palmetto can all have their uses for the body, however they do not really belong in a male enhancement blend.

Saw palmetto and creatine are especially concerning because of the side effects that are potentially connected to their consumption. Creatine can have serious adverse effects on users’ health, and saw palmetto may be counter-productive for a supplement that is trying to improve a man’s erectile quality.

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The Price and Quality of Sinrex

Sinrex does not sell their product in quantities less than a three-month supply. Even for the few independent dealers that carry it the three-month package is the smallest quantity available. The different pricing options that their website are as follows:

  • 3 months’ supply of Sinrex pills: $149.95
  • 6 months’ supply of Sinrex pills: $279.95
  • 12 months’ supply of Sinrex pills: $379.95

There are no free samples or trial offers for Sinrex. This is frustrating because in order for a customer to see if it will be effective for them they have to commit to purchasing at least three months’ worth of product.

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Business of Sinrex

If Sinrex has a parent company, they do not publicize that information. The contact information that is displayed on their website is as follows:

Phone Number: (866) 851-8858

Address: 1320 State Route 9

Champlain, NY 12919

Email: Sinrex does not publish an email address. Their homepage does have a place for electronic communications if that is the contact method that users prefer.

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Customer Opinions of Sinrex

While Sinrex attempts to control the reviews of their product that are posted online by controlling its distribution, there are still quite a few upset previous customers that have posted on male enhancement reviews and consumer rights websites. Many of their responses are similar in content to these:

“Umm… When is it supposed to start working? I bought three boxes of this junk and I’m already done with the first one – still haven’t seen anything that I would call “results.”

“Is it possible for a product like this to make your penis smaller?”

“I’m so pissed off that I spent a bunch of money on Sinrex’s stupid system. It doesn’t work for squat and now I’m stuck with a bunch of useless pills I’ll never take.”

The most common response from past customers was that Sinrex didn’t have any sexual benefits for them. There were also quite a few people that were upset about the pricing structure, the returns policy, and their customer service representatives’ effectiveness and politeness.

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Conclusion – Does Sinrex Work?

Many of the top male enhancement products on the market today use tribulus terrestris, maca root, or both in their proprietary blends. The reason is that they are incredibly potent for increasing libido, sexual performance, and the quality of men’s erections.

The effective brands, however, tend to pair them with other ingredients that complement their effectiveness. Instead, Sinrex fills out their blend with a group of chemicals that are at best unhelpful and at worst counterproductive.

The brand that has the highest quality ingredients blend according to our panel of experts is Viritenz. They also use maca and tribulus terrestris, however the rest of their mixture is equally as potent.

Other additives such as L-Arginine and tongkat ali have a proven history of increasing erectile quality, testosterone function, and other key aspects of the arousal process. Click here to see all of the additives in Viritenz’s blend, with dosage amounts as well.

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