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Shedding for the Wedding Contestants Learn the Importance of Counting Calories in Epsiode 3

Sara RueThis week’s episode of Shedding for the Wedding started off with a challenge to win dream flowers for each couple’s dream wedding. The couples had to race towards a table that was laden with flowers, while also pulling against the tension harnessed that had them penned to a fence. The winning couple was Valerie and Dave. Along with their dream flowers, they got to penalize another team with a  one-pound penalty in the next weigh-in. They choose Allison and David, aka Team Fairy Tale.

A big issue surfaced during this episode concerning food and the food journals the couples have been instructed to keep. It turns out that some of the women on the show – Valerie an Taylor – were not keeping track of what they were eating or how much they were eating. At one point, Taylor claimed she was only eating 600 calories a day. After some investigation, it was discovered that Taylor probably ate 600 calories in her breakfast alone and that she could not even remember everything she had eaten that day. It became even more apparent that Taylor was eating a lot more than a mere 600 calories a day; at the elimination weigh-in, we learned she had gained two pounds this week. Obviously, Peter was very upset about this and cussed.

In the end, it came down to Team Gamers and Team Fairy Tale; this was the second week in a row that Taylor and Peter were in the elimination challenge. The couples had to compete in a rowing challenge. In the end, Alison and David won the challenge, sending Taylor and Peter home for good.

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March 10th, 2011

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