Ruby Recap Season 3 Episode 6: 5 Changes To Get Under 300 lbs.

This week, Ruby addresses a new health issues – her eyesight. When she visits her eye doctor, she finds out that he recommends that she get bifocals, a dreaded sign of aging.

More changes are in store for Ruby as she looks to break the 300-pound barrier in her weight loss journey. When consulting with her therapist about how to achieve that goal, she suggests that Ruby give up or change five things in her life to break through the barrier.

The first thing that Ruby addresses is a change in her workout. So, she decides to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Then, when she visits her doctor, the doc recommends giving up diet cola and taking up juicing vegetables. This didn’t go over well with Ruby. Then it gets worse when friend and roommate Jeff also suggests giving up diet soda.

Ruby and Jeff test out, well fumble with, her new juicer, and they barely get through it without a major catastrophic event. She practically gags on the carrot/cucumber/celery concoction. But, when she gets the bright idea to microwave the juice, she ends up with a soup that she actually enjoys.

Jeff stayed on the offensive, and suggested another change. Ruby’s favorite lounging chair was meant to accommodate her when she was 700 pounds. Now it looks over-sized. So, Jeff suggested losing the chair, and getting a replacement as a way of letting go a little of her past.

If there is a running theme throughout the Ruby show, it is “firsts.” This week, it was off to the roller skating rink for the first time since Ruby was a teenager. While she finally got the nerve to get up and try it, Ruby understandably struggled with it. But, she completed another change in her routine, and had fun while doing it.

A House of Mirrors

One of the last commitments that Ruby makes in this week’s episode is to place mirrors all over her house to remind her of the shape she’s still in. They were strategically placed to show her the least flattering spots on her body.

While she took the stairs as a change at the beginning of the episode, at the end, she takes up a new workout on a baseball field. And, her fitness trainers challenge her to run up the stairs at the stadium. She made it up without a problem.

Changes. It was the theme for Ruby this week, and it’s a good one for everyone to ponder.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.”
– Maya Angelou

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