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What is it?

ProSolution Pills is a male sexual performance enhancing supplement. It is designed to increase erectile size and frequency, libido levels, and orgasmic satisfaction in both partners.

Their advertising claims that their supplement allows its users increased stamina, control, and the ability to have multiple orgasms per session. They highlight the fact that as a daily supplement it is able to help users have spontaneous sex instead of requiring pre-sex planning.

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ProSolution Pills Ingredients and Side Effects
Solidilin Korean Ginseng
Zinc Butea Superba

Solidilin: A compound developed by ProSolution Pills for their male enhancement products. There is very little information about the effects of solidilin on the body, especially in studies that do not come from ProSolution Pills themselves.

According to their promotional materials about the chemical, solidilin is a psychological sex aid that increases sexual motivation and pleasure. The only evidence that they offer for why this may be is that solidilin contains L-dopa, a precursor to the pleasure chemical dopamine.

Dopamine increases feelings of happiness and pleasure in general, however it is not specifically tied to sexual performance or satisfaction. There are no other reasons that ProSolution Pills offers for why they believe that solidilin may be effective.

There is also no safety information available for solidilin. Since there have been no outside studies then there is no objective information about how safe it is, and even ProSolution Pills have not performed any long-term studies on its safety, so there is no way to know if users will experience negative consequences from consuming solidilin or not.

Korean Ginseng: A form of the popular mood and energy supplement. Also sometimes called panax ginseng, Korean ginseng is and herb that has been shown to be beneficial for a number of biological functions, some of them sexual in nature.

Ginseng increases mental function in general, but it also specifically increases the frequency and intensity of sexual fantasies. It also boosts heart rate and energy levels, which can give the user more stamina for sex and can improve the quality of their erections.

Erectile ability is dependent on the body having a healthy circulatory system that is capable of diverting enough blood to fill the penis to capacity without also compromising any other basic biological processes. The more blood that is pumped throughout the body, the harder the erection can get and the longer it can last.

Zinc: One of the essential trace elements that the body relies on for proper functioning. It plays a role in immune function, protein processing, and cell division, and zinc is thought to be responsible for helping the body produce testosterone.

Testosterone is a critical element in the arousal process. It is a key component in the mental arousal process, increasing both the frequency of sexual thoughts and the likelihood of acting upon them.

It is important to physical arousal as well, as testosterone helps users get erections more often, they are harder, and they are less likely to orgasm prematurely. They also have more intense orgasms when they do happen, and the amount of semen ejaculated is greater.

Zinc can be harmful if taken in large enough quantities, however, and very few people need to take it in supplement form directly. Zinc occurs commonly in foods, which provide enough of the element that adding more can be hazardous to your health.

If zinc’s upper limits are exceeded then consequences can possibly include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Damage to the stomach lining
  • Loss of sense of smell
  • Increased cancer risk
  • Death

Butea Superba: A tuber that is found in Thailand, Vietnam, and India. There is very little scientific information about the effects of butea superba on the human body.

There is significant debate about the effectiveness of butea superba for male enhancement purposes. Some studies have claimed that it can increase testosterone levels in the body, whereas others have shown that it lowers them.

The effects of the chemical seem to be highly individualized and may depend on users’ natural levels of lutenizing hormones. This may also be true regarding side effects for butea superba, which have been shown to be potentially dangerous.

Possible side effects related to butea superba may include:

  • Mutagenic effects on DNA
  • Genotoxicity
  • Increased heart rate
  • Changes in blood pressure

Some people taking butea superba have had fatal cardiac episodes. Users should consult with their health care provider before beginning to take butea superba to ensure proper dosage.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

ProSolution Pills Quality of Ingredients

ProSolution Pills ingredients list is low on quality ingredients and disturbingly high in potentially dangerous ingredients. The chances that it may help improve sexual functionality are far outweighed by the fact that most of the additives in their blend are unproven, understudied, and may interact badly with consumers’ body chemistry.

Korean ginseng is the only ingredient in ProSolution Pills that comes highly recommended by our team of experts. Zinc can also be useful, however it is not recommended to take it directly as overdose is a real possibility for some users.

Solidilin and butea superba are neither proven safe or effective for male enhancement. Almost nothing is known about the true effects of solidilin, and butea superba has shown very conflicting reports about its usefulness. The fact that some people have died after consuming butea superba mean that it would be extremely irresponsible to recommend it to our readers.

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The Price and Quality of ProSolution Pills

ProSolution Pills are available exclusively through their own website. Their pricing structure is as follows:

  • 1, 60-count box of ProSolution Pills: $59.95
  • 3, 60-count boxes of ProSolution Pills: $154.95
  • 6, 60-count boxes of ProSolution Pills: $289.95
  • 12, 60-count boxes of ProSolution Pills: $399.95

These prices are slightly higher than average. Each serving of ProSolution Pills is two capsules, so after shipping and handling users will generally be paying over $60 a month – far above the cost for most pills of this nature.

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Business of ProSolution Pills

ProSolution Pills is a product of Leading Edge Health, manufacturers of other supplements and over the counter health products. The contact information that they’ve posted online is:

Phone Number: (866) 269-1374

Address: 100 Fidelitone Way

Elizabethton, TN 37643


It should be noted that Leading Edge Health has a 100% negative customer feedback rating on the Better Business Bureau website. This is largely due to the quantity of individuals that have issued formal complaints against the company that have gone unaddressed.

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Customer Opinions of ProSolution Pills

Despite the fact that ProSolution Pills controls the distribution of their product and doesn’t allow users to post objective reviews, many previous customers have still found ways to make their complaints about the product heard. Many of the responses found online were similar to these:

“I tried using this stuff, but it just wasn’t that effective. Guess I’m just going back to the old Spanish Fly.”

“have you ever tried to get a string to stand up straight in a stiff breeze? That’s what it’s like trying it get hard after taking ProSolution Pills.”

“Save your time. Save your money. Save yourself the embarrassment of taking this stuff before a date and then not being able to close the deal.”

The top complaint regarding ProSolution Pills was that they were ineffective. Other customers took issue with how they made them feel and the side effects that they experienced, and other complained about getting rude or unhelpful customer service from Leading Edge’s reception staff.

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Conclusion – Do ProSolution Pills Work?

ProSolution Pills do not have an ingredients blend, a history of respectability, or the type of feedback from customers that would give our team hope that it could be effective for any male enhancement uses.

Despite the inclusion of ginseng in its mixture, there is very little else to like about the ingredients in ProSolution Pills. While ginseng has a long and proven history of positive sexual benefits, butea superba and solidilin have no such pedigrees. They are not even thought of as particularly healthy for human consumption, let alone effective for male enhancement.

Zinc may have some usefulness, however our readers are encouraged to seek it out in other forms that are less concentrated, such as by consuming oysters or other zinc-rich foods.

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