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 What is it?

Promescent is a delay spray designed to help men with premature ejaculation last longer in the bedroom. Promescent desensitizes the penis, allowing for longer duration when used right before intercourse.

Promescent is made using lidocaine, a topical solution used to dull the nerve endings in the penis, helping close the “orgasm gap” between men and women. Promescent was developed by a urologist, is compliant with FDA standards and has participated in a documented clinical trial with Kaiser Permanente.

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Promescent Ingredients and Side Effects

Promescent only contains one active ingredient, the topical anesthetic, lidocaine. Here’s a little more about this ingredient, and its potential side effects:


Lidocaine: A local anesthetic used to reduce pain or itching in a certain area of tissue, this ingredient can also be used near the genitals to relieve pain associated with certain conditions like hemorrhoids.

In delay creams, lidocaine is used to reduce sensation in the penis, which in turn, allows the user to enjoy sex for a longer period of time before achieving orgasm.

  • Side effects may include numbness of the penis, which may result in loss of erection, as well as itching, burning or a rash.

Because lidocaine can be absorbed through the skin, people who are pregnant or have liver problems should avoid this ingredient.

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Promescent Quality of Ingredients

Promescent only features one key ingredient, lidocaine, which is used for a number of medical conditions, primarily to relieve pain or itching of the skin. Side effects are likely rather mild, barring a any allergies to the substance.

It’s worth noting that while this is likely safe for most people, a local anesthetic will create a sense of cooling or numbness to the genitals, which some people may not like. Additionally, the sensation is likely going to be shared with the user’s partner, who also needs to be aware of any potential allergies. Users may want to put on a condom after applying the spray to reduce transferring the effects to their partner.

Overall, it seems like this product has a number of good reviews, as well as a presence in a number of stores both online and in-person. There’s no major issues here, it just comes down to personal preference and the understanding that applying Promescent before sex may take you out of the intimate situation.

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The Price and Quality of Promescent

Promescent is available from a wide range of platforms, from Target and Walmart to Amazon, Rite Aid and more. The spray also has its own dedicated website, which sells the product for $79.95 for a bottle containing 60 metered sprays. There’s also a travel size available for $19.95 containing 10 metered sprays. On average, most people use 2-3 sprays per encounter, so the full size should last about a month with regular sex, give or take.

The website offers a number of deals, meaning, if you buy more Promescent, you’ll get it at a lower rate. The bundling packages include a mix of travel size product and standard size, with some throwing in an additional vibrator for enhanced pleasure for both partners.

Should you purchase from Amazon or any of their other retail partners, Promescent might cost a little extra for the convenience.

The price for Promescent does seem to be a little high, considering there are other delay creams containing lidocaine available for a much lower price. There were some complaints about the price, though most people reviewing this product didn’t seem to mind the high cost.

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Business of Promescent

The company that makes Promescent is known as Absorption Pharmaceuticals, and their contact information is as listed below:

Phone: 1-855-426-9500


Address: 520 Superior Ave #240
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Absorption Pharmaceuticals has created an informative and transparent website for Promescent, offering consumers plenty of thoughtful responses to potential questions, as well as a third-party doctor endorsement, clinical trial results and more. In fact, several people in the reviews we found mentioned their doctor recommended they try this product as a PE treatment.

Absorption Pharmaceuticals partnered with Kaiser back in 2013 to conduct a clinical trial on Promescent in an effort to demonstrate its efficacy, and prior to the trial, this product was already an established presence within the urological community.

In addition to the information found on the website and beyond, Absorption Pharmaceuticals has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and no registered complaints.

For all the reasons outlined above, we’d recommend Promescent as a viable solution for treating PE or extending sexual encounters beyond their usual duration. However, it is worth mentioning that sometimes PE is caused by an underlying medical condition. It’s a good idea to consult your physician before adding any substance to your routine, even if it is a topical solution.

Customer Opinions of Promescent

Because Promescent is widely sold in a number of stores, as well as on the official webpage, there were no shortage of reviews from real people who had tried the product themselves. While results were mixed, a large percentage of users gave this product a positive review. Here’s a look at what they had to say:

“My urologist recommended I try this. I’ve used it about 5 times, and it hasn’t worked consistently. I’ve upped the amount of sprays to 6, but it’s really hit or miss.  I do wish it were more reliable, but it’s fun to play around with.”

“It was okay, I just didn’t like that it had kind of a minty smell and a cooling effect. My partner didn’t want to engage in oral sex because it made her mouth feel numb. I wish they could make it without the medicinal quality.”

“I like this product a lot, does what says it does. I personally didn’t feel like I needed a lot to get the benefits, but the amount of product you get for the price makes it seem like kind of a rip off.”

“I appreciate that the product description was accurate and transparent. You do need to figure out the right amount of sprays for your body. There is a medicinal odor I didn’t love, but you can wash it off. It’s a little strong.”

While people felt like the price may be a bit high for Promescent, users seemed pleased with the results they got from using the spray.

There were some complaints about the smell, which we can imagine is a major drawback for some users, while it might not be an issue for others.

Another thing we noticed was, this product may not be ideal for those having sex outside of a long term relationship, as the application process may be a little awkward for some users.

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Conclusion – Does Promescent Work?

Promescent, could very well be a good solution for a number men suffering from premature ejaculation, or even those who want to satisfy their partner for a longer period of time.

As with other delay creams, there is kind of a tradeoff. In many cases, these products do exactly what they claim to, which seems to apply here, but the numbing effect, the smell and the potential to transfer the sensation to the partner may all be seen as negatives for many people.

We liked that the company seems very transparent. Founded by a urologist and featuring case studies and third-party physician endorsements gives this product a sense of credibility you often don’t see in the male enhancement industry. The Promescent site even mentions potential side effects and is thorough in answering potential questions.

Unfortunately, the price is a bit high as compared to other delay creams containing the same active ingredients, and may be prohibitive for a lot of people.

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