Probolan 50 Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Probolan 50 is a testosterone booster that is designed to help users build muscle, burn fat, and perform better sexually. They claim that their blend is able to boost testosterone production by 400%, leading to increased stamina, more productive workouts, and a more satisfying sex life for both you and your partner.

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Probolan 50 Ingredients and Side Effects

Probolan 50 does not choose to publish their ingredients list anywhere on their website or in their advertising and promotional materials. They also are the only retailers of their product, so there are no third-party sites that have posted its contents either.

There is only one chemical found in Probolan 50 that their promotional materials mention by name:

Epihdroxetiolan-17-Ester Matrix

Epihdroxetiolan-17-Ester Matrix: A brand new, totally unknown laboratory-synthesized chemical. WebMD, Examine, The Mayo Clinic, LiveStrong, and every other major supplements and nutrition website have no data about its effectiveness. The only information about it at all comes from the Probolan 50 promotional materials.

They claim that it increases testosterone production by up to 400%, which accelerates muscle growth, burns fat, and increases mental focus. Their website says that there is a clinical study that supports these claims, however they do not provide a link to it, they present none of the data from the study, and there is no record of the study in any other medical journal or website.

Muscle growth and fat burning are two of the effects of testosterone, which is one of the most important hormones in the body for male enhancement. Testosterone is also largely responsible for initiating the male sexual response.

More testosterone increases the frequency and the intensity of sexual thoughts and fantasies, as well as the likelihood of users acting on them. It plays a role in erectile quality, where users with more T have an easier time getting erections, maintaining them throughout intercourse, and achieving orgasm.

Testosterone can also help users avoid premature orgasms and other forms of sexual dysfunction and impotence. Testosterone has even been shown to improve male fertility, as the quantity of semen that men produce, the density of the sperm count in that semen, and the mobility and longevity of the sperm themselves are all related to men’s T levels.

There is no data presented by Probolan 50 about the safety of epihdroxetolian-17-ester matrix. It is totally unknown what short-term side effects it could have on any given user are, and it is especially questionable long-term. There is no evidence that there has been any kind of study at all into the effects of prolonged, daily consumption of Probolan 50, making it impossible to guarantee that it will be safe for any given user.

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Probolan 50 Quality of Ingredients

In Probolan 50’s promotional materials they compare it to Coca-Cola, claiming that everyone knows what its main component is, but that very few know the exact proportions that go into their blend. This is a poor analogy for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, they are ignoring the fact that Coca-Cola, like all responsible food and drug manufacturers, does publish their complete ingredients list on the side of every can, on their website, and in multiple other areas so that it can be found by consumers that want to know what they are putting in to their body.

People need to know if products are allergy risks or if they could interact dangerously with any medications that they are taking. They have a right to know that the materials that they are consuming are going to be safe for them in both the short and long-term, as well as effective for the conditions they are trying to treat.

Another major flaw with the comparison to Coca-Cola is that Probolan 50 is not a recreational beverage, it is a high-power supplement that is designed to chemically alter your body. Supplements are scientifically engineered to have an impact on the way your body works, so most brands are diligent about making sure that their clients know what types of changes and effects that they can expect.

This allows consumers to find supplements that will work best with their body chemistries and what they are trying to accomplish. It helps them compare between products easily so that they can tell which ones will be the safest and most effective for them specifically.

Additionally, it guarantees that there are no unsafe or low quality ingredients in the blend. Unfortunately, there are quite a few companies that will use ingredients that are effective in the short term but dangerous in the long term, that are hazardous for certain kinds of users, or that are ineffective or even counter-productive.

Not publishing your ingredients asks users to make a leap of faith. They have to purchase a product without knowing what is in it, what it will do to them, or even if it is going to be safe. Our team of health and wellness experts do not ever recommend that users take that leap, as there are far too many potential negative consequences.

The companies that have quality blends are excited to be able to prove that they are good, and try to make their ingredients lists and dosage amounts as accessible as possible for all prospective clients.

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The Price and Quality of Probolan 50

As mentioned earlier, Probolan 50 is sold exclusively through their own website. There are no third-party outlets that carry Probolan 50, and any that claim to are probably selling counterfeit or knock-off versions of the product. Their website lists the following prices for Probolan 50:

  • 1, 5-week cycle (60 tablets) of Probolan 50: $49.00
  • 1, 10-week cycle (180 tablets) of Probolan 50: $98.00 
  • 1, 16-week cycle (360 tablets) of Probolan 50: $147.00

For some reason that they do not explain, Probolan 50 also charges $25 for shipping and handling. This far exceeds industry norms, which tend to be about $5-$10. Overall, this makes Probolan 50 more expensive than the majority of other male enhancement blends.

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Business of Probolan 50

Probolan 50 is produced by a Panamanian company known as Dhamhil Corp. They list their contact information as:

Phone Number: (800) 911-9111

Address: 55th East Street No. 6

City of Panama, Panama

Email: Neither Probolan 50 nor Dhamhil Corp. publish an email address, however there is a customer feedback form on the Probolan 50 homepage that customers can use for electronic communication.

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Customer Opinions of Probolan 50

It can be difficult to find objective customer reviews for Probolan 50. Since they control the distribution, there are no reports from previous customers like they have on Amazon or GNC. The reviews that they do have on their site are clearly written, or at least curated, by the website themselves. There are, however, some customers that have posted about their experiences on some supplement review sites, and their accounts are often similar to these:

“I thought this stuff was supposed to make me stronger, not sweatier. And they said nothing about the painful, toxic farts I got.”

“My doctor diagnosed me with low T and suggested I find a supplement to help. I chose this stuff because it said it increased T levels by 400%, but when I went back to the doc my levels were EXACTLY THE SAME. WTF?”

“I’m starting to think I’ll never get a boner again. I thought Probolan 50 was going to be my savior, but in the end, it was just yet another embarrassing failure.”

Some reviews complained about product ineffectiveness, and other had more issues with side effects. There were also complaints about the cost, especially of the shipping, and other issues with customer service.

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Conclusion – Does Probolan 50 Work?

Ultimately, it is impossible to say that a product will be effective if you do not know what is in it. There are some signs, however, that make it hard to imagine that Probolan 50 will line up to its advertising claims.

Not including the ingredients for a product is often a sign that there is something about the blend that manufacturers do not want their customers to know. It may mean that there is very little in the blend, or it could mean that it uses ineffective or dangerous additives that could scare users away.

There is no way to know why Probolan 50 chose not to publish their ingredients, but the fact that they chose not to says something about the company’s faith in their own product. It also says something that they do not link to the data about the effectiveness of the one ingredient that they do mention.

Epihdroxetolian-17-ester matrix does not have the pedigree required for our team to be able to recommend it to our readers. There is no data that shows that it is safe in the long term, and very little data that even suggests that it may be useful for male enhancement. Our experts do not recommend any products that rely on epihdroxetolian-17-ester matrix until more data is available about its effects on the body.

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