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What is it?

Prime Male is a testosterone booster which is said to aid libido and provide numerous other benefits. This includes more lean muscle, lowered blood pressure, enhanced energy, and many other testosterone related benefits.

A claimed scientifically produced formula is used to target the reduction of estrogen, and binding to important hormones. Testimonials are offered which show that with diet and exercise people noticed results. The most effective male enhancement supplement is Viritenz due to its potent ingredients. See why Viritenz was rated as the most effective male enhancement pill by clicking here.

Prime Male Ingredients and Side Effects
Vitamin D3 Menaquinone 7 Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate Magnesium Citrate Zinc Citrate
D-aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate Asian Red Ginseng Luteolin Mucuna Pruriens Seed Nettle Root
Bioperine Boron Gelatin Titanium Dioxide FD&C Red 40

Menaquinone 7: A form of vitamin K2 which is added to help treat osteoporosis. This is considered the most biologically active strain, meaning it can provide maximum benefits.

Other benefits include increased calcium absorption in the body.

Luteolin: Flavonoid often taken from leaves, and it can be found in many kinds of herbs and vegetables. Studies have shown it has many health benefits.

Mucuna Pruriens Seed: Plant which contains L-Dopa and is used to create dopamine. Also used to create increased blood flow, but this has yet to be proven.

Potential side effects which have been shown include:

  • Vomiting, insomnia, and hallucinations.
  • Delusions, psychosis, and confusion.

Nettle Root: A urinary aid most commonly known as stinging nettle. This can help relieve pressure near the prostate, in order to boost overall urine flow.

FD&C Red 40: An inactive artificial red dye which is only added to give this a red tint. Some studies have shown that food dyes are potentially harmful, as they may cause allergic reactions and ADHD in some.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

Prime Male Quality of Ingredients

There are many vitamins and minerals which are healthy and effective, but this can be easily replaced with whole foods. There are also some other useful ingredients such as ginseng.

Some questionable additives are used such as nettle root and mucuna pruriens, which can promote side effects. There needs to be more added to ensure male enhancement. It’s good they made sure to only add natural ingredients, but this is unlikely to increase testosterone any more so than a healthy diet.

It’s also necessary to implement routine exercise and a healthy diet, which may be a greater contributor. This link has a comprehensive review of the top ranked male enhancement supplements.

Prime Male Price and Quality of Prime Male

Prices vary on the specific amount chosen, but a one month supply sells for $69. They only offer a money back return for used products if one purchase a 9 day supply, a one month supply only has a 7 day return window and it must be unused.

Their formula is far too basic and generic to really ensure male enhancement and increased testosterone. Any increased libido is only sure to come from the lifestyle changes required.

While it does say it’s 100% natural this is not true about the inactive formula. Red food coloring is added which is strictly artificial. It’s unknown why they have lied about this important fact. Learn about which male enhancement pills made the top 10 list by clicking this link.

Business of Prime Male

The creators are known as Propura LTD and their listed contact information is:

Address: 145-157, St John Street

London, EC1V 4PW


Phone Number: A contact form is offered instead of a phone number.

In order for this one to schedule a return you have to have exercised regularly for 30 minutes a day, every 5 times weekly. Also a healthy diet with macronutrients is necessary.

You have to submit a description of what kind of diet and exercise plan you follow to earn a return. This is only offered if one purchases a 90 day supply.

There weren’t more than just 1 customer review about the company, so it’s impossible to determine what one can expect. The following is just one of the business reviews found online:

“they will refuse to give you your money back… waste of time”

This person complained about the lack of a money back guarantee, but it’s unknown if they bought a 90 day supply or the 30 day supply which is not backed by a guarantee unless it’s unopened. For the list of the very best male enhancement formulas as seen by our review experts, click the link here.

It’s odd that a company would require one to submit information about their diet and exercise in order to secure a refund. A better solution is to just offer this without requiring one to detail what kind of lifestyle changes one made.

Customer Opinions of Prime Male

There’s very little discussion about what this supplement can do. Here are some of the few reviews found online:

“noticed just subtle changes and this does not justify the cost”

“works with long term use and has some fat cutting effects and provides more energy. Provides a natural edge”

There were only 3 reviews about this product online, and one of them focused more on the lack of a money back guarantee.

Overall judging from this small pool of users it’s clear that at best, there are only slight changes that occur with long term use. It’s not as comprehensive as it sounds, and no one mentioned whether or not it increased their libido. The issue with this is that it’s likely to not have much of an effect, judging from the available data.

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Conclusion – Does Prime Male Work?

Prime Male simply offers a basic formula, that while it does have important vitamins and minerals, its other compounds are unproven or potentially unsafe. User reviews are limited but at best it only delivered mild effects with long term use. Their money back returns policy unless extends for a full 90 day supply, and does not cover single bottle purchases. It’s also highly expensive for what’s a mixture of additives which can be found via other similar generics.

You’re also required to submit a statement showing what kind of exercise and diet plan you followed while on this plan. This can mean they might deny a return even if one were to purchase the 90 day supply.

After looking at all kinds of male enhancement formulas, the best solution with an all-natural formula was found to be Viritenz. It’s made up of wholesome ingredients which have been studied and show effective for male enhancement.

They can increase blood flow, provide better erections, aid stamina, boost libido, and give one the ability for better performances in the bedroom. It’s also been highly rated by users who mentioned it was side effect free and easy to use.

Each batch is made in a GMP certified facility which helps certify routine 3rd party inspections are held. Click the link here for more on the benefits and use of Viritenz.

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