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What is it?

Power Boost X is a natural testosterone booster made to enhance stamina and provide more strength and libido. They add how their formula is created with real science, and that it can support results in the gym leading to a better physique.

Exercise is essential as they mainly go over the benefits one will see after working out. This is made to delay recovery time, so one can keep pushing in the gym to enhance one’s muscles. In examining male enhancement brands our review experts noted how Viritenz had the best formula. It has only natural ingredients which have been studied and shown to aid libido and promote healthy testosterone. Find out what Viritenz is capable of by clicking on this link.

Power Boost X Ingredients and Side Effects

Nowhere is there an official ingredients list, only some additives are mentioned but it’s impossible to determine what is truly included:

Tribulus Terrestris L-Arginine Tongkat Ali

Tribulus Terrestris: Natural plant which has been used in Ayurvedic medicine as a way to increase sexuality and vitality. This can help aid libido without having any direct impact on testosterone and hormones.

L-Arginine: Important amino acid found in many foods. This is useful for aiding the flow of blood, and it can help promote healthier erections.

Shown to be safe and effective.

Tongkat Ali: Aphrodisiac shown to help promote fertility. This has been shown to actually help promote stronger erections, as well as prevent the creation of estrogen.

This natural root has been long used in medicine as a way to promote sexual health. It has been shown to be effective and safe when added in controlled amounts typically found in these kinds of pills.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

Power Boost X Quality of Ingredients

It would be highly unlikely that there would be just 3 ingredients added to Power Boost X. But since they never mention all the ingredients, ingredient strength, or even a partial ingredients list, you’re unable to determine if what they add is safe and effective.

This makes it impossible to fully review this supplement, as there could be additional ingredients used which can change the overall review.

While the 3 known ingredients are effective and shown to deliver healthy results, determining the full dosage strength is the only way to figure out if they add it in a comprehensive enough amount. There are far too many unanswered questions about the overall quality, and this makes it impossible to predict what it can truly do.

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Power Boost X Price and Quality of Power Boost X

Since there is no official ingredients list, it’s only possible to review what is known. Each of the 3 listed additives is effective for male enhancement and testosterone support.

However, there has to be more added to ensure comprehensive support for male enhancement. It would be highly unlikely that these 3 ingredients are the only ones added. Without much more explanation you’re unable to verify what can be expected.

No prices are available online either, though it is known that they offer a free trial which extends into a month to month charge if one does not cancel in time. This link will take you to a thorough list of the top ranked male enhancement supplements.

Business of Power Boost X

No company details are offered besides a phone number. It’s also unknown who makes this brand. Here’s the sole contact information:

Phone Number: (855) 511-2251

While there isn’t any relevant company information, there have been some opinions from customers. Here’s what few had to say:

“got tricked into their so called free trial”

“Was able to cancel after about 3 tries and they still managed to send me this product”

“don’t buy this online”

Many had complications with the lack of customer service support, and there were issues from people who were charged and sent bottles.

The company offered a free trial to people which they did not know would extend to an auto-renewal plan. These forces people to automatically be charged and sent a bottle each month. Because of this practice, it’s likely why they have no official website anymore.

In trying to review this product it’s impossible to get much information as they have multiple websites which claim to sell their brand, only to redirect to another unrelated brand name.

This makes it impossible to know which website is legitimate, and it raises questions about the overall use of this supplement. You’re simply unable to truly learn any useful information about this product, and instead you’re just told similar marketing claims made by other groups. Click this link for a comprehensive list that ranked the top 10 best male enhancement pills of the year.

Customer Opinions of Power Boost X

Listed below are a few of the reviews found online:

“didn’t see any results at all from this”

“don’t think it has any effect”

“just decent.  I did notice it make it difficult to sleep and it gave me an upset stomach”

“would not recommend it at all, it is useless and ineffective”

The consensus on this product from users is that it is not effective, and that it would be best to avoid it. There was much dissatisfaction, and some also experienced side effects which are uncommon from the 3 known ingredients.

There was also concern about what is truly added, as people found it unsatisfactory that they were never able to determine what else is added to this formula.

Due to the majority of negative reviews, it’s clear that there were no benefits seen from those who tried it. Find out which male enhancement pills were featured in an expert created top 10 list.

Conclusion – Does Power Boost X Work?

There are far too many unanswered questions about Power Boost X that it leaves much doubt as to what kinds of benefits are possible. There are major safety concerns and concerns about the overall business. Some have said they were scammed out of money, and there were also some who failed to notice any changes in their sexual health or vitality. The company has failed to provide an official website, and instead there are now unaffiliated websites promoting this product which redirect to another similar brand.

Our review experts examine thoroughly, all that makes up male enhancement. The most effective solution overall has been found to be Viritenz. It has a natural formula with ingredients which have been shown effective. Users have also left glowing reviews and said it delivered noticeable changes.

It can help promote blood flow to the penis for stronger erections, increase sexual endurance, aid in overall satisfaction, and help promote healthy amounts of testosterone.

This supplement is made in a FDA approved, GMP certified facility which ensures that there are routine inspections performed. This is best way to ensure you’re getting only a pure and safe product. Find out about what Viritenz can do by clicking on the link cited here.

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