Penatropin Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Penatropin is a male enhancement supplement used to treat erectile dysfunction. This supplement claims to boost testosterone levels and blood flow, enabling users to produce and maintain an erection.

Penatropin works by delivering blood flow to the penis, and releasing blocked testosterone in the body. Penatropin’s two ingredient formula was reportedly designed by Harvard-trained doctor and claims to be the “number one male enhancement product.”

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Penatropin Ingredients and Side Effects

Penatropin only contains two active ingredients, according to a list someone posted online. We were unable to find an official label for this product, so it’s unclear whether or not this information is 100 percent accurate. Here’s a look at the key ingredients:

Butea Superba L-Cartinine

Butea Superba: A vine that grows all over Asia, butea superba is used to help urinary function, treat diarrhea and fever, and is thought to help generate interest in sexual activity, as well as treat erectile dysfunction. This ingredient may have an effect on how hormones function within the body, but it may mimic the effect of testosterone and other sex hormones.

L-Cartinine: An amino acid essential for heart and blood vessel health L-cartinine is used for heart related conditions like chest pain, heart failure, heart attack and high cholesterol. Additionally, L-cartinine is essential for muscle movement and brain function.

  • Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and seizures, as well as a fishy odor in secretions like sweat and urine.

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Penatropin Quality of Ingredients

After reviewing the ingredients used to make Penatropin, it’s clear that this product is missing several components that make up a typical male enhancement product. By relying on two ingredients only, Penatropin really limits its ability to produce the meaningful results consumers have some to expect in a product.

There’s no evidence of any occurrences of negative side effects, but that may be because this product might not work very well.

Additionally, we don’t even know whether this product contains additional ingredients, as we never saw an official label for the product. While the site does list some clinical studies, it’s unclear what they are associated with.

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The Price and Quality of Penatropin

Penatropin is available exclusively from the official webpage. A single bottle of the product containing a one-month supply retails for $39.99, while a three-month supply is sold for $79.99. Users can take advantage of deeper discounts if they order five or seven months’ worth at a time.

Penatropin does not appear to be available through any third-party e-commerce sites, though does offer a 100 percent, money-back guarantee.

While the price doesn’t seem especially high as compared to other male enhancement products, keep in mind, it does only contain two active ingredients not known for being rare or particularly high in demand.

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Business of Penatropin

The name of the company that makes Penatropin, is known as Phyto Health USA.

Phone: 800-780-5311

The Penatropin website is quite crowded and reads like spam. There are multiple testimonials from porn stars, blog posts and more, all right there on the front page. The product itself has been relegated to a side bar on the right hand side of the page. Oddly, there’s no dedicated product page, just a prompt to “order now,” and you will not see any pricing before hitting that button.

The contact page says “company background” along the top, but fails to provide an address or even an email, requiring consumers to all a toll-free number or fill out a form for assistance.

There’s not much information record at all for Penatropin, however, someone posted this to RipOff Report:

“I gave a pill to my sister who works as a chemist. She found the pill was primarily made up of baking soda and a few other fillers, plus a negligible amount of the herbs, hardly enough to affect a lab rat.”

There’s not much information to back up the claims made by the consumer, yet, there’s not much evidence supporting the makers of Penatropin either. It’s quite possible this product doesn’t contain much. It’s only got two active ingredients, and as you can see in the “Customer Opinions” section below, it may not be all that potent.

Based on the information we have, we’re simply not sure whether this is a good product or not.

Customer Opinions of Penatropin

According to the reviews we found online, results were mixed with Penatropin. It does seem like it worked for a number of people, though there were some effects. Here’s a quick look at what users had to say:

“Penatropin is alright. My penis has become more sensitive and it’s easier to get aroused and stay aroused for longer, but, I’m not feeling any more energized. I feel like I need another pill for that.”

“I don’t know, this product makes my face turn red and burn for a few hours, and I often get a headache. It typically goes away, and I feel pretty good. I’ve also been taking a test booster, so it could be that.”

“I don’t love the heartburn and headaches. I guess I’m surprised because this is supposed to be an all-natural formula. It didn’t really work for me. I’ve stopped taking this.”

“The first time I tried Penatropin, I thought it worked. Took one capsule as directed. The next couple times I didn’t feel any different, and I had a stuffy nose, headache and heartburn. I won’t use it anymore.”

There were no consumer reviews suggesting Penatropin was an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Most of the accounts we found suggested there was a slight difference with arousal or a little extra energy, but there was nothing that pointing toward Penatropin as a viable male enhancement solution.

One thing that was consistent across the board was the side effects. Most of the men we read accounts from described having heartburn or a headache after taking Penatropin, and some mentioned other symptoms like nasal congestion, flushing or skin irritation.

We’re not sure which ingredients are causing these effects, though epimedium may have something to do with the stomach irritation. It’s also worth pointing out that Penatropin is made from a very long list of herbs and the interactions of these ingredients when combined may not be known at this point.

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Conclusion – Does Penatropin Work?

Based on what we learned about Penatropin, we wouldn’t recommend its use as a male enhancement supplement. Between the lack of a substantial formula and the negative reviews, it just doesn’t seem like this is an effective solution.

While we didn’t see any glaring problems with the website (i.e. no complaints about fraudulent billing charges or other customer service issues), it seemed as though the company that makes this product was trying to stuff the webpage with testimonials from adult stars and regular people alike, but featured little information on the product itself.

At first glance, this product seems relatively affordable. But, when you consider that there are only two active ingredients, neither of them being the primary ingredient in most male enhancement products, the $39.99 may not seem like such a good deal.

On top of price and quality issues, consumers who had used Penatropin complained almost unanimously of having headaches and heartburn after use. While these aren’t exactly dangerous side effects, they also lessen the appeal of having sex due to discomfort.

After reviewing the above information, we recommend looking toward another male enhancement solution, either a prescription drug with a proven track record, or an herbal supplement that offers a more well-rounded, potent approach to treating erectile dysfunction.

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