Hotels Now Offering More Healthy Options

Hotel LogoIndulging in high calorie foods is all too easy when you’re traveling. Fatigue, stress, and even jet lag can all make dialing up room service for a burger and a slice of pie all the more tempting. That’s why many hotels across the U.S. are getting into the health food trend and offering up leaner options.

Courtyard by Marriott has begun including calories on their menu boards and also have pamphlets describing the ingredients and nutrition of the offerings. By the end of April, Hilton will have low-fat and low-calorie options in all its hotels. Sofitel has created a De-Light menu that’s available at several locations and features a three-course meal with fewer than 500 calories.

“The hotel companies need to always be on their toes to provide services and products that are attractive to the road warrior,” Jan Freitag of Smith Travel Research told USA Today. “(They’re) saying, ‘Hey, we understand that being on the road is tough, but it shouldn’t necessarily impact your healthy lifestyle you have at home. So this is one way to make it easier for you.’ ” These changes can make it easier for travelers to stay on target with their weight-loss goals.

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