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What is it?

Goldreallas is a sexual performance pill that is designed to be taken directly before intercourse. According to its advertising it can help users maintain better quality erections, have more intense orgasms, and avoid the embarrassment of premature ejaculation.

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Goldreallas Ingredients and Side Effects
Bombyx Mori L Extract Wild Yam Extract
White Willow Extract Siberian Ginseng Extract

Bombyx Mori L Extract: A chemical known commercially as serrapeptase that is extracted from the larvae of the common silkworm. Silkworm extracts have been the subject of very few clinical studies, and unfortunately many of the studies that have been performed have been riddled with errors and have since been discredited.

Serrapeptase is used most frequently as an anti-inflammatory. It appears sometimes in joint health supplements and in herbal treatments for conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and different forms of arthritis.

There is the potential that bombyx mori could increase testosterone production in men, however there have never been human tests of this performed. There was a study that showed some testosterone improvement in laboratory rats, however there was significant questions about the accuracy of this study’s findings and its applicability to human beings.

If it does increase testosterone levels, then that would make bombyx mori a potentially effective male enhancement ingredient. Increased testosterone has shown to correlate directly to increased erectile frequency, increased erectile hardness, decline in premature ejaculation, and an improvement in the quality of user’s ejaculate.

There is no data available about the long-term safety of ingesting silkworm larvae extracts. It is unknown what regularly consuming serrapeptase on a daily basis can do to the body. Short-term side effects could potentially include:

  • Erythema
  • Dermatoisis
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Problems with blood coagulation

Wild Yam Extract: A chemical called diosgenin, which is thought by some to increase estrogen production. Despite those claims, there is very little data that suggests that wild yam, when taken as a supplement, can impact the body’s hormone production systems.

Diosgenin can easily be converted into progesterone in the laboratory, which has led some supplements manufacturers to rush to the conclusion that it can do that in the body as well. All of the human tests of diosgenin show that it does not impact estrogen or testosterone production when ingested.

There may also be some health issues that are directly associated with wild yam extract. It may cause the excess growth of fibrous tissues, which can lead to scarring of the liver and kidneys. Other side effects that users may possibly experience include:

  • Hypoactivity
  • Involuntary bristling of hair
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Blood clotting problems

White Willow Extract: An extract that can be taken from the bark of several different breeds of willow trees that is used by some as an herbal pain killer. It contains the main active ingredient salicin, which effects the body similarly to aspirin.

There have been no clinical studies that have suggested that white willow could have aphrodisiac qualities. It is theoretically possible that since white willow can be a blood thinner that it could possibly make it easier to get and maintain erections, however that is purely speculative.

There are some serious side effect concerns related to white willow and salicin in particular, which can be fatal if taken in high enough doses. In smaller quantities it has been shown to possibly lead to:

  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Kidney damage
  • Bleeding disorders

There are also quite a few conditions that are made worse by white willow, which make it one of the more potentially dangerous supplement ingredients on the market. Potential users should always consult with their doctor before beginning to take anything that contains white willow.

Siberian Ginseng Extract: Am herb that is amongst the most used supplements worldwide. Ginseng has been shown to improve biofunctionality in a number of ways, including sexually.

Ginseng is a mild stimulant that increases both blood flow and mental function. This means that it can be a physical erectile aid and a mental arousal aid, as well as helping to improve stamina and mood. Ginseng has been used as a part of herbal erectile dysfunction treatments for centuries.

Ginseng has also been linked to reduced stress and premature ejaculation prevention. It is one of our research team’s most recommended ingredients for male enhancement products.

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Goldreallas Quality of Ingredients

Our panel of health and wellness experts had a number of issues with the proprietary blend for Goldreallas. Most of their additives are untested herbs that have not shown any evidence that they are effective for treating ED, improving orgasm quality, increasing seminal production, or any of the other traditional measurements used to determine if a male enhancement supplement is effective.

The only ingredient that our team actually does recommend is ginseng. It has thousands of years of history that have shown just how potent it can be. It is highly recommended as a component of male enhancement supplements.

White willow, bombyx mori, and wild yam extracts are not, however, recommended for products of this type. Not only is the data about their effectiveness limited or even negative, but there are several potentially serious side effects that users could be at risk for by consuming them.

White willow in particular has been known to be particularly dangerous and even has led to the deaths of some consumers. It is especially discouraged as an ingredient.

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The Price and Quality of Goldreallas

Goldreallas is one of the most expensive male enhancement supplements that our research team has ever encountered. It is not used as a daily supplement, but only as a pre-intercourse sexual aid. As such, it is not sold in quantity but rather in individual packages. One Goldrealla retailer sells them for the following price:

  • 12, 1-capsule packages of  Goldreallas: $32.95

This begins to become very expensive for anyone that is planning on having regular sex. With shipping and handling, Goldreallas costs more than three dollars per use, far more than the rate for most over the counter supplements.

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Business of Goldreallas

Goldreallas is manufactured by a company that only lists themselves as ECS. They do not offer any other details about their organization, and this is the only contact info that is provided:

Address: ECS

Atlanta, GA 30339


Even though this is the website data that appears on the packaging, it does not seem to link to Goldreallas home page but to the website for another brand of herbal products that seems unrelated.

Consumers should also be aware that in 2014 Goldreallas was found to be using unmarked and possibly dangerous ingredients in their products, which led to their removal from shelves at the time. In theory they no longer contain the unlisted ingredients.

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Customer Opinions of Goldreallas

People that have used Goldreallas have posted some very negative reports concerning their experiences with the drug. Many of their reviews were similar to these:

“Took Goldreallas about 30-45 minutes before my girl was supposed to come over, and I was really excited to see if it worked. We started making out as soon as she got there and things were getting hot and heavy… when I passed out. Not sexy.”

“I don’t know if this stuff works on other people, but I just got light headed, jittery, and super, super sweaty. I actually called my escort for the evening and told her not to come because I didn’t want to be seen like that.”

Issues that were raised included general ineffectiveness, side effects similar to the ones described above, and frustration with the price and shipping practices of Goldreallas.

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Conclusion – Does Goldreallas Work?

There are a number of problems with Goldreallas. Their ingredient blend is ineffective, they have a history of using dangerous, unlisted products in their mix, and the customer response has not been positive.

While ginseng can be a very effective male enhancement product, it is the only one in their blend that is. The other three ingredients mentioned are not only not useful, but they may even be hazardous.

Not only that, but the one-time use nature of Goldreallas makes it both less practical and more expensive for users. Our team cannot encourage our readers to try Goldreallas at this time.

The most effective male enhancement products, such as the well-respected Viritenz, tend to be daily supplements instead of one-time use capsules. This allows the spontaneity of the moment to dictate when intercourse begins, as opposed to having to plan ahead or force the moment.

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