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What is it?

Forsamax is a herbal sexual enhancement solution used to help users get an erection and last longer during intercourse. The manufacturer of Forsamax claim the effects from taking one pill last up to 48 hours.

Forsamax works primarily by stimulating desire using a number of homeopathic aphrodisiacs. Forsamax is made from a blend of ingredients that work to improve erectile function, as well as those that act as aphrodisiacs — offering an all-around improvement in the bedroom.

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Forsamax Ingredients and Side Effects

Forsamax has not posted the product label on their webpage for easily accessible customer evaluation, but we were able to locate a list of ingredients someone had posted online. Should this formula be up-to-date, here’s a look at what you can expect to find inside Forsamax:

Ginseng Kaneel Maca
Rhodiola Rosea Epimedium

Ginseng: An herb that has been traditionally used to treat all kinds of conditions, its primary use is as an immune system supplement and natural stress reducer. Ginseng can also provide some benefits for the reproductive system, and may help treat erectile dysfunction.

Kaneel: Better known as cinnamon, this common kitchen staple has a number of health benefits, such as helping treat diabetes, nerve damage and maintaining cardiovascular health. Cinnamon may also help with erectile function and releasing blocked testosterone.

Rhodiola Rosea: A plant used to create a wide range of medicines, rhodiola rosea is most often used in the treatment of depression, irregular heartbeat and more. Additionally, it is known to belong to a certain class of substances known as adaptogens, which help users adjust to environmental and physical conditions that put strain on the body.

Taking rhodiola rosea may help increase physical performance, energy levels and boost sexual performance, as well as help the body recover from strenuous activity.

Maca Root: A root crop that hails from Peru, this ingredient has become popular as of late for its ability to increase energy levels and stimulate sexual desire, as well as boost immune system health.

Epimedium: An herbal remedy that dates back centuries, this ingredient is more commonly known as horny goat weed and may be used as a way to improve sex drive and deliver better sexual performance with use.

  • Epimedium may cause users to experience thirst, upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Additionally, users may also experience trouble breathing, an increased heart rate or heart arrhythmia.

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Forsamax Quality of Ingredients

According to the ingredients we found listed on the Forsamax website, the formulation comes fairly standard for a sexual enhancement supplement, though most of the ingredients listed — maca, epimedium, etc., so it seems a bit strange to us that this being sold as the type of product you’d take as needed versus as a daily supplement.

The website mentions on both their home page and the FAQ section that this product does not have any interactions with other medications. Epimedium, for example, does pose some risk factors for people with heart conditions.

Plus, the site doesn’t make any mentions of clinical trials run on Forsamax that backs up this claim. While this product may be safe for most people, it should account for the fact a small percentage may be at risk for an adverse reaction.

We also found it strange that this product does not contain any ingredients known to simulate the same effects as a prescription PDE-5 inhibitor, which would be the only way we could justify the cost of this product.

The herbal ingredients listed above do have the potential for some good benefits, yet, the dosing and intended use of this product does not seem to reflect the formulation.

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The Price and Quality of Forsamax

Forsamax is sold through the Forsamax webpage, which caters to people in Britain, Europe and the United States. The product is sold in various packaging configurations, two pills sell for $9.90, four sell for $18.90, and for those who want to stock up on product, 40 pills can be purchased for $159.80.

Forsamax is rather costly given the ingredients listed on the website. Ingredients like maca and epimedium are found in a number of male enhancement supplements, but they usually retail for a much lower price point.

We get that this is meant to be used as an herbal version of products like Viagra or Cialis, but the cost just doesn’t make sense. This product is not a prescription ED medication, and unless there are undeclared ingredients, the high cost just serves as a way to take advantage of consumers.

Forsamax does not appear to be sold anywhere outside of the company’s website, so consumers won’t be able to find any additional discounts.

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Business of Forsamax

The company that makes Forsamax is known as Forsamax International, and while they have not provided much contact information, they have included a form on their website and have active social media accounts with a considerable amount of followers.

There is a slight lack of transparency with Forsamax International, but they’ve provided enough information that makes us believe there aren’t any fraudulent business practices at play, though the pricing structure is cause for concern.

The site offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and features a number of pages educating readers on the symptoms and treatment of erectile dysfunction. The site feels a bit cluttered and could have a better layout to enhance the user experience, but there aren’t any red flags that stick out to us.

Because we can’t find the company who makes this, we’re unable to confirm the ingredient list, and have no idea if this product contains any undeclared ingredients or operates their business in an ethical manner.

Customer Opinions of Forsamax

Despite the fact that this product is still being sold today, there are almost no credible accounts online from people who have used Forsamax in the past. A couple mentions on male enhancement forums cited the product, but failed to provide any actual information about the supplement.

It’s like this product has so few reviews, as the company that makes it is based outside of the US, and it’s not sold on platforms like Amazon, GNC or Walmart which usually give customers a place to share their thoughts about a product.

But, because there were so few documented reviews from real people who had used Forsamax, we just don’t have enough information available to know if it’s a good product for treating erectile dysfunction, or if it’s simply an overpriced supplement with no proof of delivering the benefits advertised on the site.

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Conclusion – Does Forsamax Work?

After reviewing the information available for Forsamax, we don’t have enough information about this supplement to know if it’s worth the price or lives up to the promises outlined on the homepage. Forsamax International has positioned this product as an herbal version of prescription medications like sildenafil or tadanafil, though there’s no evidence the ingredients in the formulation produce the same results.

Aside from the more glaring issues with Forsamax, such as the extremely high price point, there isn’t enough information available about the company, or the product itself to allow us to make an informed decision as to whether or not this product is as effective as it claims to be.

The fact that Forsamax International has stated that there are no risks associated with taking this supplement with other drugs or while drinking alcohol or for people with other medical conditions comes off as incredibly irresponsible. We know epimedium may pose some risks for people with heart problems and we don’t have a confirmed list of ingredients nor the full amounts of each item used in the formula.

And, while it’s easy enough to purchase Forsamax on the company’s website, we wish it was available from other retailers, as it could bring the price down.

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