Foodily Adds Panel of Celebrity Tastemakers

A Facebook for foodies? It seems too good to be true, but it’s not.

Foodily – short for “food I love you” – is a social network for foodies with a continuous feed of recipes from across the web. You can use the site to see what your friends are cooking, search and save recipes, and stash it all in your Facebook timeline. An easy-to-use search tool allows you to look for recipes based on ingredients, keywords, and even ingredients you don’t want to cook with. And there’sseparate tabs with photos and nutritional information for each recipe so you can keep your meals as healthy, decadent or diet-specific as you want.

And Foodily’s most recent addition? A panel of chef, cookbook author and celebrity ‘Tastemakers’ so you can find even more great recipes based off of their recommendations. You can follow the taste buds of such big names as former Good Morning America anchor Lisa McRee, New York Times Bestselling author Cristina Ferrare, and world-renowned Iron Chef and restaurateur Cat Cora. These and other foodies make up a diverse group of experts that aim to satisfy and inspire every taste out there no matter if you’re a meat-eater, all-out vegetarian or hardcore vegan.

“Whether you’re looking for the perfect pasta dish, need entertaining advice from celebrity caterer Lulu Powers, or are on a quest for simple, yet sensational meals from Cat Cora, Foodily connects you to the right Tastemakers to follow,” said Andrea Cutright, CEO of Foodily.

Tastemaker Lisa McRee, who blogs at The Skinny about how she achieved and maintained a 30-lb. weight loss through healthy eating, will feature recipes from her website which are mostly low in fat and in calories and designed to “fill you up and fake you out.” She hopes to share how she and her family maintain a healthy lifestyle by cooking meals at home and “inspire others to eat a new way…one that’s just as satisfying but better for their bodies and for the planet.”

Foodily has us swooning as it brings every type of dish we could possibly want right to our fingertips, and with photos and nutritional stats to boot. And now with the Tastemaker feature, we can whip up the exact same frosting for our red velvet cake that Cat Cora makes in her very own kitchen. How awesome is that?

Check it out for yourself to meet the Tastemakers and start stocking your online cookbook with delicious recipes from around the web.


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