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What is it?

ErecAid is a type of penis pump that is used to help men optimize their erections. The advertising for ErecAid claims that is can help stimulate the blood flow to the penis, helping encourage the erectile process and increasing the size and rigidity of the user’s erection.

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ErecAid Basic Details and Side Effects

Penis pumps are a kind of tool that can be used to improve the size and stiffness of an erection. They can be useful to some people that have trouble achieving erections on their own, especially if the issue is circulatory in nature.

Circulation is one of the key issues for erectile quality, given that erections are formed by filling the spongey tissues of the penis with blood until it becomes erect. In men with healthy erectile responses, the blood becomes trapped by the tunica albuginea, which contracts to keep it in the penis until orgasm. After orgasm, the muscles relax and allow the blood to flow naturally back into the bloodstream.

Penis pumps work by creating a seal around the base of the penis. This acts as a surrogate tunica albuginea, helping to trap the blood after it flows in to the shaft, and it also creates a vacuum. This vacuum compels more blood to flow to the affected area, which will artificially start the erectile process.

There are some issues with the pumping method. Most importantly, users should be aware that the penis pump does not artificially arouse the user, it just stimulates blood flow. As soon as the constricting ring is removed, blood will begin flowing back out of the penis unless the user becomes genuinely aroused.

A pumped penis will not be as effective for intercourse as a naturally engorged penis. The user will begin getting softer as soon as the pumping process ends, and will continue to do so until it returns to its non-pumped size.

Penis pumps do not impact the basic physiological or psychological functionality of the user. They are only a short-term fix that offers no permanent gains for its users.

There are often complaints that the erections look or behave unnaturally. Often they fill at the head only, leaving the base still flaccid or under-filled. This can impact the feel and functionality of the penis, making it less useful for normal intercourse.

There are some minor health concerns that may be related to the use of penis pumps. Some users could potentially experience:

  • Discoloration and spotting
  • Penile numbness
  • Bruising
  • Painful ejaculation

Penis pumps may not be safe for men with sickle-cell anemia or take medication for thinning the blood. Users may become more susceptible to blood clots and other bleeding disorders.

Many of the issues surrounding penis pumps are more mental than physical. They have to be used directly before intercourse, which many users and their partners have said can be detrimental to the spontaneity of sexual encounters and can impact foreplay.

It can also be a source of embarrassment for some users, who do not want to have to use it in front of their partners. Many past users have described the pumping period before sex as awkward and detrimental to establishing a mood.

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ErecAid Quality of Ingredients

Penis pumps can work for some individuals under very limited contexts. They are not a substitute for a fully functional erectile system, which will always be preferable to artificially inducing erections.

The erectile process is complex and involves a lot of different parts of the body working together in a coordinated effort. Getting the blood to flow to the penis is only one small part of that equation.

It is very difficult to get the penis to artificially fill evenly and consistently to the satisfaction of both user and partner. Once there, it is also impossible to maintain if the pump is removed.

This is because the brain has not actively engaged the body’s natural erectile response and so the tunica albuginea does not attempt to keep the blood in the erectile tissue. While the pump may get some cosmetic results, it is no substitute for engaging the sexual response mechanism.

The men that get the most utility out of pumps are those that are experiencing erectile dysfunction due to improper circulation, such as those recovering from prostate surgery. It will not help with men who are experiencing chemical or psychologically-based ED.

The ErecAid system particularly is known as an effective, if unspectacular, when compared to other types of penis pumps. It has a reputation for falling apart after prolonged use, however it is also an automatic model that does not have to be manually pumped, which many users prefer.

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The Price and Quality of ErecAid

ErecAid is sold online through a number of distributors. It is possible that individuals that are recovering from prostate surgery or that have other medically documented conditions can have it paid for through their insurance companies, however that has to be determined on an individual basis through a meeting with your medical care provider.

Without insurance, this is the price range that is currently being offered for the Osbon ErecAid Esteem Vacuum Therapy System:

  • 1 ErecAid penis pump: $202.73-$208.99

This is far more expensive than most male enhancement supplements, however it is a one-time fee that only has to be paid again when the device breaks down. There is no information available for the average number of uses before it stops working, however many previous users have been frustrated with the frequency with which it seems to happen.

When compared to other products of a similar nature, the ErecAid system is more expensive than any manual pumps on the market. It is cheaper than the majority of other automatic pumps, however, many of which can retail for more than $500.

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Business of ErecAid

ErecAid is a product of Timm Medical Technologies, Inc. They have posted their contact information as:

Phone Number: (800) 438-8592

Address: 540 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 200

Fort Washington, PA 19034


There are no known legal issues involving Timm Medical Technologies at this time. There have also been no formal complaints brought against them through the FDA or the Better Business Bureau.

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Customer Opinions of ErecAid

Users have had expectedly mixed reactions to ErecAid penis pumps. While it has been helpful to some men, especially several past users that mentioned their recent prostate surgeries, the majority of users have seemed to realize that penis pumps are not as effective a tool as they may hope.

Some of the comments from previous ErecAid customers were similar to these:

“I don’t know if this is how it’s supposed to work, but every time I tried it the head of my penis would get very swollen, but the base wouldn’t get hard at all. Sex was like trying to hit a baseball with a pair of numchucks.”

“Broke after three tries, which was frustrating, but I didn’t care that much because it’s not like it actually did anything those first few times.”

“Painfully squished my private parts – I was afraid for a while that I’d never get them out!”

The top complaint was that ErecAid didn’t actually work, or that it didn’t work well enough to make sex possible. There were also a number of people similar to the one above that had issues with the pump breaking on them after relatively few uses.

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Conclusion – Does ErecAid Work?

Penis pumps will never be the preferred method of male enhancement for a number of reasons. While supplements work to encourage proper biological functioning at each level of the erectile process, penis pumps just take a short cut to achieving one small aspect of the arousal process.

They do not help increase libido or sexual functionality I any meaningful way, however for some individuals that need circulatory encouragement penis pumps may be a helpful option. The ErecAid pump is moderately effective for a pump; it is higher-grade than many of the manual versions that are available, however it is one of the lower-quality automatic style pumps.

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