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Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-9

I can’t help but be jealous that tonight the contestants met up with the gorgeous Chef Rocco DiSpirito to make healthy versions of their former favorite fast foods. Rocco spices up the competition by throwing out a prize to the team that makes the best tasting dishes with the lowest calories. They’re playing for a dinner cooked by Rocco, and one player of that team will get an extra vote for this week’s weigh-in. Winning with the best low-cal savory dishes is the black team. Lucky Laura won the extra vote for her team.

biggest loser pound for pound challengeThis week’s challenge, Ali had the contestants meet her at the Los Angeles Food Bank. The contestants were to assemble kits to be loaded onto a truck to be delivered to families. Everyone was running, packing and stacking as many kits as quickly as they could while each team fought to win a year’s worth of groceries, the chance to be featured in a national campaign with Cheerios and letters from home. Getting letters from home is a very special prize. It’s a prize that can give you the strength you’ve been looking for and encouragement from your supporters at home. The first team to stack all 150 kits wins and once again, the black team can pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

Ali starts the weigh-in by letting everyone know that this week’s weigh-in is unlike any other on the Biggest Loser. This week, the contestants are going to weigh-in with each other rather than against. With the chance to win immunity for everyone, Ali lets everyone know that they need to lose a combined total of more than 77 pounds to be safe. If they lose 77 lbs or less, one player from each each team will go home. The players weigh-in one-by-one leaving us with one player, Mike. Mike needs to have lost 10 or more pounds to keep both blue and black teams safe, but tonight we are left biting our nails as the show ends in a cliffhanger! Tune in next week to see what happens!

March 4th, 2009