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Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-10

Last week on The Biggest Loser, we were left waiting to hear the result of whether Mike had lost enough weight to win immunity for all the contestants. With eleven pounds lost, Mike has kept everyone safe.

The night wasn’t over though, Ali has everyone meet her at the courtyard for a pop challenge. The winner of the pop challenge will have the fate of the game in their hands. The yellow line is being thrown out the window because it’s face off week. Meaning, the contestants are going one on one in the weigh-in. In order for your team to be safe from elimination, you need to beat the person you are against. The first team to get to three points wins the weigh-in.

Winning the pop challenge gives you the power to decided which players will compete on the scale. Doing wall-sits with a medicine ball in your lap is terror for your leg muscles. When it came down to it, we saw Tara and Mandi battling it out for complete control of the game. As Mandi begins to slip, Tara stays strong winning the challenge. Tara has the tough decision of pairing up the players in order to assure points for her team.biggest loser black team

At a 24-Hour Fitness center, Ali met the players for a relay race to remember. In the race there are a series of stops starting in the pool, running up the stairs, crawling belly down in an army crawl and finishing with squats. Meanwhile, the players were carrying 24 medicine balls back and forth until the race was done. Winning 24 hours of luxury was the black team. While being pampered, the black team made a handful of poor choices. Drinking and smoking to eating foods that are in no way healthy.

Even with Jillian’s team making bad decisions they still won this week’s weigh-in. With three points for the black team, blue team heads to the elimination room. I thought it was pretty clear who the blue team was sending home. But, when the votes came in, Mandi had a change of heart in her vote, which ultimately sent her home. She’s doing fabulously! Mandi is incorporating the knowledge she learned on the ranch into her everyday life. The incredible shrinking Mandi is looking forward to the finale where she plans to wear a size two dress.

March 11th, 2009