Celexas Cream Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Celexas is a sexual enhancement product that claims to help users “do more” during sex.  This product is designed to help the body feel more energized, burn fat and improve sex drive and performance.

Celexas reportedly works by stimulating the blood flow and at the same time increasing metabolism, resulting in weight loss and erectile function. The Celexas website claims this product also works to increase energy and regulate hormone levels in the body.

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Celexas Ingredients and Side Effects

The Celexas website does not feature an official label, but they have chosen to list the active ingredients on the product webpage. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll likely find inside this product:

Yohimbe Extract L-Arginine
Maca Maritime Pine

Yohimbe Bark Extract: Yohimbe is an evergreen tree found in Western Africa and its bark is used in a number of natural remedies. Yohimbe bark works to stimulate the circulatory system, and produces an enhanced feeling of arousal—a combination of aphrodisiac and vasodilation effects, which makes it a choice herbal solution for ED.

  • Side effects may include nausea, headaches, vomiting, sinus pain and congestion, irritability, anxiety, increased blood pressure, insomnia and tremors.
  • Additionally, yohimbe may cause kidney failure, heart attack, seizures and racing heartbeat.

Maca Root Extract: Also known as Peruvian ginseng, maca is a root crop known for its many health benefits, which includes improved athletic performance and energy levels, as well as its effect on male sexual performance and fertility.

Maritime Pine: An extract found in the bark of a pine tree, this ingredient is thought to improve physical stamina, energy and athleticism, as well as naturally treat erectile dysfunction. It may also help treat male infertility and offers a number of benefits ranging from clear skin to heart health.

  • Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, headaches and mouth ulcers.

L-Arginine: An essential amino acid, L-arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, a substance that brings blood to the extremities, the brain, and the penis, allowing for better erectile function.

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Celexas Quality of Ingredients

Celexas only relies on a few key ingredients to deliver the long list of benefits advertised on the website. It’s not exactly clear if the main purpose of this product is to boost sexual function or is targeting those with weight loss goal or who want to have more energy in their day-to-day life. The ingredients do have a host of sexual benefits, but may help with at-the-gym performance as well.

Of the four ingredients listed on the site, we did not like that yohimbe was included. While it can be a useful herb for stimulating sexual function, much in the way a prescription ED medication can, this natural aphrodisiac still poses many of the same risks, without any of the regulation of prescription meds.

Additionally, we were unable to find much independent information outside of the site evaluating the formula from a objective point of view.

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The Price and Quality of Celexas

Celexas is seems to only be available through the dedicated Celexas webpage if the user opts to sign up to receive a free sample. The consumer is expected to enter their information and likely will be enrolled in an autopay cycle which predictably ships out an order of the supplement each month until the customer chooses to cancel.

What we thought was a bit strange was, the website never actually mentions how much the product costs, only providing a call to action for the customer to “rush my order” and sign up for the trial.

Unfortunately, this product cannot be found elsewhere on sites with a better reputation or at the very least, greater pricing transparency.

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Business of Celexas

The company that manufactures Celexas is known by the name, Based Capital, LLC and their contact information is listed below:

Phone: 844-688-6199

Email: contact@celexas.com

Address: 12924 Pierce Street
Pacoima, CA 91331

Based Capital hardly has an online presence, despite being the company behind several male enhancement products, health supplements and more. We were unable to find much information about this company under this name nor the brand, Celexas, but there are a number of reports filed under their other ventures.

A brand known as Beauty Impressions, also a Based Capital brand, received an F rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Also, if you type in the business address, this company appears to be using one associated with a pet store in Pacoima, CA.

Here’s a look at what past consumers have had to say after dealing with this company:

“Total scam, maybe a class action lawsuit is the way to go, since so many people have had similar experiences. They’ll probably just open another business and keep doing the same thing.” 

“I accidentally signed up for the free trial, and I could not cancel my subscription. Ended up having to cancel my card and report fraud to avoid a lifetime of $200 charges. Don’t fall for this nonsense.”

“I was asked by a lady on the phone if I wanted auto renewals when the trial ended and said “no.” Sure enough, I was billed about a week later for almost $200. The trial itself turned out to be the same as agreeing to this scam. “

The Celexas website itself is kind of outdated, despite the fact it says it was designed in 2017. The copy on the homepage is a little confusing and at times, uses grammatical errors or simply doesn’t follow the conventions of the English language.

There are no scientific data sets or clinical studies, or even a clear function of the product. It seems as though the creators of the site are either unclear what they are selling, or trying to do too many things with one product.

Customer Opinions of Celexas

Unfortunately, we had trouble locating any reviews directed toward Celexas itself, rather than the company Based Capital and the problems people have had after trying to do business with them.

Because Celexas is only available for sale through the dedicated product page, there are few accounts of people who tried his product on their own and reported their experience.

Based on the lack of information about the formula, the strange company background and the fact that we don’t even know the price, there’s little evidence suggesting this product is worth a try, and that’s before taking into consideration that there are zero customer reviews available.

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Conclusion – Does Celexas Work?

After taking a look at Celexas and the business behind it, we do not recommend this product as a viable male enhancement solution. The formula contains yohimbe, an ingredient with a known risk of particularly dangerous side effects and the Based Capital comes off as a company trying to mislead their consumers.

Based Capital raises a lot of concerns. They make several male enhancement products, as well as operate in the health and beauty space. This is not a problem in and of itself, but some of the companies they operate have accused the firm of fraudulent business practices, including a predatory free sample “sales” technique, which automatically enrolls consumers in monthly billing cycles.

Plus, Based Capital is using the address of a pet shop, so it’s not clear if they are using an address that does not belong to them, or if they are selling a range of supplements under different names from the pet shop.

In addition to the transparency problems occurring at the highest level of this business, the Celexas website does not even list the price, which seems a bit strange in most e-commerce contexts.

For all the reasons outlined above, we recommend finding another male enhancement product with more information available to the customer from pricing to formulation and more.

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