Biggest Loser Visa Rewards Card Gives Perks for Healthy Purchases

Fans and lovers of the hit TV show the Biggest Loser now have even more motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. The newly available Biggest Loser Visa Rewards card allows cardholders to earn rewards points for health expenses including insurance co-pays, prescriptions, prescription eyeglasses, gym memberships and sporting goods equipment.

This new Visa also offers triple rewards points at certain national retailers including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Whole Foods, 24 Hour Fitness, eDiets, The Vitamin Shoppe and many others.

There are numerous rewards available that you can claim once you’ve built up enough points on your card. Some of the rewards cardholders may enjoy include autographed Biggest Loser merchandise, customized healthy vacations with no blackout dates or you can take account credits and pay yourself.


Some other ways that points can be redeemed are for a visit to the Biggest Loser ranch where the show is filmed, a nutritional analysis from a Biggest Loser nutritionist, a personalized workout plan from a Biggest Loser resort trainer, front of the line tickets to a Biggest Loser casting session or a stay at a Biggest Loser Resort.


As with many credit cards that offer rewards, the more you use the Biggest Loser Visa Rewards card, the more points you will earn. You get one point for each dollar spent, and you earn three points per dollar spent at participating retailers. You can easily see how many points you have earned by logging into the rewards web site. You can also redeem your points through the same site in a few simple steps. The new Biggest Loser Visa Rewards card actually rewards you for living a healthy lifestyle and making purchases that reflect that. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, visit Biggest Loser Visa to apply.

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