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Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 9 with Amanda Arlauskas

Now that Daris George‘s mother is gone, he is going to have the opportunity to really grow up and shine. You can see just how much his mother meant to him, but with her being eliminated he will have to face the rest of his journey alone.

The contestants are faced with a pop challenge where they are put to the test of recognizing different calorie and nutritional information on different types of food. The blue team wins a spa day at the Four Seasons hotel which proves to be a much needed stay away from the ranch. The black team loses and is forced to clean the kitchen and gym.

Alison reveals to the contestants that this week’s main challenge is to cook for Curtis Stone. Each team must pick a total of twelve ingredients and put together an appetizer, entree, and dessert. The contestants will be graded by Curtis for taste, caloric value, and overall health factor of each dish. The black team wins giving them a five-pound advantage at this week’s weigh in.

The weigh in this week proves difficult for the black team as they pull lower numbers. Alison tells the blue team they must lose more than 45 pounds to win. Koli Palu hits a major milestone reaching under 300 pounds and it seems to be an emotional victory for everyone watching. With the black team losing the weigh in, Sherry Johnston is sent home.

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March 17th, 2010

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I really hope Michael is miserable and that he goes home soon. The stacked teams are such Bull I am close to not watching the show anymore. The only consolation is that Michael will be stuck with all the big guys in the house after they eliminate the blue team, and the loser piece of scum might actually get sent home, I can't wait.
Sherri seems to have done well at home and that's great.
I also really hope that Stephanie can start pulling bigger numbers I really want her to stay.

posted Mar 18th, 2010 10:54 am


Thanks for another great recap Amanda. You look especially cute this week - I love your jacket.

The day of luxury was a pretty nice prize. It looks like blue team really enjoyed themselves. For once they actually ate healthy; in seasons past teams have over-indulged.

Black team winning 5 lbs advantage was pretty awesome. I do not think that such a big advantage has ever been awarded before. It is really too bad that black team still lost the weigh in.

I am so not surprised that Sherri was eliminated this week. It was obvious that this would be the case given the chat Jillian and Ashley had with her.

I felt bad for Michael having to deal with his grandmother on death's doorstep. I was really happy for him to pull such a big number this week in spite of the major stress he must have been feeling.

I think it was nuts that Daris scraped up his elbows doing the crawl-unders. That looked really painful, I have had carpet burns before and they are not fun.

Koli dropping under 300 was pretty fantastic. I liked how happy Sam was for him and how ecstatic Koli was about reaching his goals. That was amazing.

I'm glad Stephanie survived another week. She is the one I connect to most this season, and it kind of sucks that she doesn't get a lot of screen time. I want to see her make it to the finals, but she's going to have to pull some bigger numbers to stay on the ranch. I was happy to hear that she and Sam are starting a relationship, great for them.

Sam is looking fantastic, he really is going to be one of those buff guys with six-pack abs when this is all said and looks like he's not going to have quite as much a problem of excess skin as most people who lose 100+ lbs.

Finally Sherri seems to have really reached her weight loss goals. I'm so happy for her. She looks absolutely fantastic. I don't know if she really has any weight left to lose given how she looks in her "where we are now".

posted Mar 17th, 2010 11:02 pm


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