Avanafil Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Avanafil is a generic PDE-5 inhibitor often sold under the brand names Spedra or Stendra. This product works to improve eretile dysfunction in men suffering from the condition.

Avanafil works to bring more blood flow to the penis, by opening up blood vessels that are constricted in those with ED. This product is only available with a prescription and is usually taken before a sexual encounter, rather than as a daily supplement.

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Avanafil Ingredients and Side Effects

Because Avanafil only contains one active ingredient, there’s not much to the formula. However, we’ve listed some of the benefits and side effects below.


Avanafil: A PDE-5 inhibitor, similar to Viagra, Cialis and the like, avanafil is used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in older men, or those experiencing performance issues.

This drug works to fill the blood vessels that deliver blood to the penis, and blocks an enzyme known as phosphodiesterase-5 (or PDE-5) that works to return blood vessels to a normal size, ending an erection.

  • Side effects associated with taking stendra may include headaches, dizziness, nausea or vomiting.
  • Blurry vison, back and abdominal cramping, flushing skin or rash, other effects my include cold symptoms such as a runny or stuffy nose, sinus pain or coughing.
  • More serious effects may include a ringing in the ears, impaired vision or hearing and fainting.
  • In some cases, erections may last for more than four hours. In which case, users are advised to call their doctor.

PDE-5 inhibitors may also run the risk of causing an adverse reaction in patients taking medications that contain nitrates. Nitrates are often used in medicine for diabetes and heart conditions.

People who have recently recovered from a heart attack, or who have hypertension or another chronic cardiovascular problem are advised to avoid Avanafil and similar drugs.

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Avanafil Quality of Ingredients

Avanafil is likely an effective product for treating impotence. It’s a prescription drug that’s gone through the proper channels of obtaining FDA approval for sale, meaning its likely been vetted considerably more than many of the male enhancement products available over-the-counter.

But, just because a product is approved for sale and available with a prescription doesn’t mean doesn’t come with a certain set of risks. Avanafil may be unsafe for people with heart conditions, and those who are thinking about adding this drug to their routine should undergo a physical to rule out any potential health problems.

While many people with impotence are relatively healthy, in some cases, it can be a sign of a larger, underlying health problem. Plus, many otherwise healthy men do experience issues like dizziness or vomiting or have some lingering effects a couple days after use.

For men with severe erectile dysfunction this could be a great solution, while those with milder cases of ED may want to weigh other options jumping to Avanafil.

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The Price and Quality of Avanafil

Because Avanafil is a prescription medication, not an over-the-counter supplement, the price is rather high for consumers attempting to purchase the drug out of pocket. Without assistance, Stendra, the brand name of Avanafil, is sold for nearly $2,000 for a bottle containing 30 pills.

Many insurance plans do cover the cost of Avanafil, at least partially, so most consumers may not need to pay the full price, if anything at all. Additionally, the manufacturer offers vouchers on the webpage for further discounts to offset some of the costs.

While the product is to be used only as needed, and not as a daily supplement, consumers may only need this product every few months, but the cost may be prohibitive for many consumers.

Men without insurance or minimal coverage plans may not be able to justify the cost of Avanafil from a US pharmacy, and may turn to third-party websites selling the drug from other countries like India or China.

While the price on these sites bring the price down to about $2-3 a pill, sometimes less if you buy them in large quantities, there is a risk of getting a counterfeit product. Consumers should be aware of this risk, as they may be getting another product they are allergic to, or that may interact with other medications.

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Business of Avanafil

The pharmaceutical company responsible for Avanafil goes by the name Vivus Labs. Their contact information is listed here:

Phone Number: 650-934-5200

Email: support@Avanafil.com

Address: 900 E. Hamilton Ave.

Ste. 550

Campbell, CA 95008

Vivus Labs has a website focusing on all their products, and gives sort of an overview of what the company is up to, as well as another completely dedicated to the product Stendra, the name brand Avanafil is sold under.

Since this product is a prescription drug, potential users don’t have option of ordering directly from either site, however, there’s a lot of good information for people to read more about the drug and its potential side effects, as well as obtain coupons for the product to later be used at their pharmacy.

The discounts offered on the site may not be used by anyone who visits the site, patients covered by Medicare or Medicaid may be ruled out as they likely already are eligible for coverage.

We were unable to find any glaring issues with Vivus Labs or Avanafil, so this product may be a good solution for men suffering from impotence. In any case, this product does come with a number of risk factors, so we urge users to have an in-depth discussion with a doctor, rather than attempting to order this through illegal third-party sellers.

Customer Opinions of Avanafil

Luckily, with prescription medication, there’s a large pool of users online who have shared their experiences. We’ve discovered that those who tried Avanafil had mixed results. Here’s a quick look at what people were saying:

“I’ve been using Avanafil for about six months. It generally works for two days, and I usually don’t get a headache or the stuffiness some of the other guys were talking about.”

“Ugh. I wasted over $200 on this product. Cialis worked a lot better for me, but it’s a little more expensive.”

“I thought this worked better than Viagra. I think you do need to get the right dose. I’m 75, and I’m really glad I finally found something that works and doesn’t cause back pain like some of the other products.”

“The thing with avanafil is, I’ve noticed it doesn’t work as well as some of the other ED pills out there, but it also doesn’t come with all the negative side effects either. A trade off to be sure.”

Based on the reviews we looked at, it seems a number of men felt that this product had a fairly low rate of negative side effects as compared to similar prescription ED pills known as much for their ability to deliver a solid erection as the headaches, congestion and dizziness that goes along with it.

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Conclusion – Does Avanafil Work?

Avanafil could be a really great solution for a number of men suffering from impotence or severe performance anxiety, but the cost is really high for those without insurance or insurance that won’t foot the bulk of the bill.

Compared to other erectile dysfunction treatments, Avanafil seems to have a lower instance of side effects, based on the reviewers’ experiences. This is likely good news for a number of people, but everyone has different body chemistry, and there is still a risk, especially for men taking nitrates or who have chronic health problems.

There’s also the concern that Avanafil may not do enough for men with severe ED, and they may need to take a higher dose of the medication. Several reviewers we saw mentioned that this product wasn’t as effective as some of its competitors.

According to our experts, Viritenz is the most effective solution out there for men who have ED, but want to avoid negative side effects, or prefer herbal supplements to pharmaceuticals. Safe and effective ingredients such as ginseng, long jack and maca offer more energy, as well as better performance both at the gym and in bed.

Viritenz is manufactured in an FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility to ensure routine third party inspections to protect consumer safety. For more information about Viritenz click on the link provided here.

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