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What is it?

Alphadrox is a daily supplement aimed at improving libido, as well as workout quality. The makers of this product claim Alphadrox shifts the body’s chemistry to build lean muscle mass and provide a more satisfying sex life.

Alphadrox is made from a blend of amino acids that work to release the free testosterone in the body. Alphadrox also burns fat and jump starts the metabolism, though best results can be expected after a 90-day cycle.

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Alphadrox Ingredients and Side Effects

A retailer of Alphadrox posted an official product label online. This product contains a long list of ingredients, though we’re of the amounts of any of the items below. Here’s a look at what’s inside:

L-Arginine L-Norvaline
Caffeine Anhydrous L-Citrulline

L-Arginine: L-arginine is an amino acid that helps the body produce a substance known as nitric oxide, helping to improve blood flow, enabling more energy and muscle building, as well as improved erectile function.

L-Citrulline: L-citrulline is an amino acid that converts into L-arginine inside the body, which brings more nitric oxide to the muscles, brain and the penis. L-citrulline is also thought to help treat ED.

L-Norvaline: An amino acid that helps the body block an enzyme known as arginase, which is released during nitric oxide production. Basically, while arginine and citrulline produce nitric oxide, there’s a certain point that body stops producing the compound. L-norvaline allows the body to blow past this cap, allowing increased pumps.

  • L-norvaline is generally thought to be safe, though it may cause headache, stomachache, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue.

Caffeine Anhydrous: A chemical found in tea, coffee and other beverages, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and is used to improve mental function and to make users feel more awake and energized. Some athletes use caffeine to improve their performance during workouts.

  • In large amounts, or in those with a sensitivity, caffeine may cause irregular heartbeats, chest pain, agitation and insomnia.
  • It may also cause nausea, vomiting, nervousness and headaches.

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Alphadrox Quality of Ingredients

In looking over the Alphadrox formula, this product seems this product relies almost exclusively on amino acids to deliver the benefits, and provides a slight stimulant effect through the use of caffeine.

According to the product webpage, the effects this product has on the user’s workout is supposed to carry over into other aspects of their life, particularly where sex is concerned.

Now, amino acids are essential for certain systems to function and provide a range of benefits to those taking amino supplements, but it seems that the sexual benefits are a potential secondary benefit to using this product, rather than its primary function.

The logic here is akin to saying that eating healthy and exercising will lead to better health or that it may improve your libido and stamina—which is true in many cases, but not if someone has a sexual disorder or another health problem.

That being said, Alphadrox does seem to have some good benefits, and perhaps the amino blend is all some people need.

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The Price and Quality of Alphadrox

Alphadrox is exclusively available through the official product page, but requires potential consumers to enter all of their personal information before they even get to see an actual price. We were able to enter false information to look at the pricing structure, and once we entered the “order” page, we were presented with a number of packages.

Alphadrox sells a single bottle of product for $74.45, a three-month supply for $148.90, and a five-month supply for $233.35. The order page also features a countdown clock, though it is unclear what will happen when it runs out – perhaps the prices will go up?

Additionally, Alphadrox has a 14-day free trial available, though at this time the site says they are sold out.

Unfortunately, this product is not available elsewhere, and it seems the only way to try it is by using the site, which may put some consumers off, as they risk getting a bunch of marketing materials they may not want.

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Business of Alphadrox

It’s unclear who makes Alphadrox, or if they are a standalone company. Here is the contact information as published on their website:

Phone: 877-260-1217


Address: P.O. BOX 29201
Phoenix, AZ 85038

The Alphadrox features a few testimonials, as well as a very brief description of the ingredients used to make this product. The website is basically a one-page advertisement for the product and features very vague information about how it works.

For example, there’s a section entitled, “The Science Behind Alphadrox,” which basically explains what Alphadrox is supposed to do—boost free testosterone, improve energy, stamina, and sexual function — but not really how it accomplishes those things.

The site has some spelling errors and fails to mention some key information both scientific data, as well as how much this product costs. Again, this company forces users to enter all of their information in order to see the pricing, which is a somewhat shady lead capture technique that seems out of place on this type of e-commerce site.

Additionally, there isn’t much information about the company that makes this product. It’s unclear if they’re owned by a larger company with multiple websites — it does follow a model we’ve seen in the past — or if this is an independent company. Regardless, they’ve only provided consumers with a PO Box address, so it’s not clear where they are based.

Customer Opinions of Alphadrox

There are virtually no accounts of people who have tried Alphadrox and offered to share their opinion of the product. This comes off as a bit strange, as it’s unclear where this company markets this product or how anyone finds it.

Yes, this product appears to be made from a variety of ingredients that do provide some great benefits – for heart health, energy levels and overall well-being. Should the formula posted be an accurate representation of what’s inside Alphadrox, it could at the very least be a worthwhile dietary supplement for those who can justify the price.

That being said, while there are no accounts of people who liked this product, thought it worked or didn’t work, or anything else, there are also no accounts of people who had a negative reaction from taking this product.

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Conclusion – Does Alphadrox Work?

After looking closely Alphadrox and the ingredients used to make this supplement, we’re not sure we would recommend this as a viable solution for erectile dysfunction.

In the marketing language alone, Alphadrox mentions this product’s use as a workout aid with sexual benefits, rather than a product that addresses sexual dysfunction. The amino acids do have some great effects on sexual function, but there’s no ingredients that function as an aphrodisiac. Those consumers with specific sexual issues they’d like to address are better off looking for something with a more well-rounded formula.

Even after taking the formula into consideration, there’s no information available from people who have tried this product, nor about the company behind Alphadrox. The only address provided is a PO Box, and there aren’t any mentions of people who have deal with them in the past.

What it really comes down to is, Alphadrox has no track record at all. There are no reports of users who have had any experience in dealing with this company, which is surprising given the amount of information the website requires users to enter before they are even allowed to view the pricing sheet. Plus, the free trial offer appears to enroll users in a monthly automatic billing cycle.

Overall, we’d recommend looking for a product with a better track record, or even evidence that anyone has ever tried it. While an amino acid blend could have some effects on user’s workouts, as well as sexual function, it’s unclear whether or not this product has the potentially to effectively tackle ED or anything beyond providing some more energy during workouts.

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