Zhen Gongfu Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Zhen Gongfu is an herbal male enhancement product that is imported from china. It is designed to increase the male libido and improve erectile functionality, while also preventing premature ejaculation. It’s advertising claims that it can increase penis size, which they say correlates directly to increases in partner satisfaction.

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Zhen Gongfu Ingredients and Side Effects

There are no published ingredients for Zhen Gongfu. It is a Chinese product that does not use a U.S.-style ingredients panel with a full contents list or dosage information. The company itself also does not mention their ingredients in any of their promotional materials, however one of the independent online distributors that carries their product mentions some of the additives.

Additionally, their products were tested by the Food and Drug Administration, which found that they carried some unlisted chemicals as well. While the full contents of Zhen Gongfu are undisclosed, these are the ingredients that are confirmed:

Sea Horse Lyceum Sildenafil

Sea Horse: A powdered form of the small sea creature, a type of fish that is distinctive for its curled tail and horse-like face. There is no data from Western scientific sources about the uses of sea horse, however in Chinese herbology it has been used for:

  • Incontinence
  • Wheezing
  • Abdominal pain
  • Toxic swelling

There is no data that suggests that they are used for any sort of aphrodisiac purposes. They have no connection with circulation, mental function, or any of the other biological functions that can have secondary sexual impacts.

It should be noted that sea horses are listed as an endangered animal according to the Convention on Trade of International Species, which may impact the legality of purchasing Zhen Gongfu, depending on which country you live in. Additionally, there are some very significant health issues that may be related to consuming sea horse.

Taking too much sea horse can potentially lead to kidney damage or failure. Given that Zhen Gongfu does not publish their dosage information it is impossible to say if it is safe to consume or not, especially over long periods of time.

Lyceum: A kind of fruit that is more commonly known as goji berry, but is also sometimes seen as barberry or wolfberry. It is a slightly bitter berry with a sweeter aftertaste that has become popular in the US in recent years as a fad “superfood” because of its high vitamin content.

Goji berries are also thought to potentially release testosterone and increase circulatory function, which can have an impact on erections and libido. There is no data about exactly how effective they are at this, however, which is debatable.

Sildenafil: The main active ingredient in Viagra. Sildenafil helps the body regulate blood flow, which makes it an effective erectile aid and blood pressure medication in some men. It is also highly regulated by the US government due to concerns about negative side effects that are possible in users.

Circulation is a critical component in the erectile process because the right amount of blood has to be diverted and trapped in the penis in order for it to become functionally stiff. Blood pressure that is too high or too low, or problems with blood flow regulation, can lead to losing erections in the middle of sex, half-hard erections, or even full-blown erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil is risky however because while it can lower blood pressure to healthy levels in men with high blood pressure, it can also dangerously drop the blood pressure of healthy men, leading to side effects like:

  • Dizziness
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Inability to distinguish colors
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of hearing
  • Heart attack

It is incredibly risky to take sildenafil without the proper guidance of a medical professional. While it is a powerful erectile aid for some men, it is also unhelpful for all other forms of ED or sexual enhancement.

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Zhen Gongfu Quality of Ingredients

Zhen Gongfu’s mix is illegal, unhealthy, and not necessarily even effective – and that just accounts for the ingredients that we are aware of. It is possible that there are other ingredients in Zhen Gongfu that are more effective, and it is possible that there are other illegal or dangerous chemicals that they are not disclosing.

It is never a good sign if a company does not publish their information. Not only does that make the product a risk for allergic or medicinal interaction, but it also makes comparing products to find the one that will be the most effective for your specific needs an impossibility.

Sildenafil can be a highly effective ingredient for a certain subset of men with ED, however it should never be taken without consulting a doctor first. If you believe that it may be useful for your specific condition, do not attempt to self-medicate with restricted drugs, but consult a professional who can advise you on the best possible course.

It is not possible for an herbal enhancement product to increase the unadulterated size of a user’s penis. This is a claim that some dishonest companies make. The closest they can come is maximizing the erectile capacity of the penis, making as big as it can possibly get.

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The Price and Quality of Zhen Gongfu

Zhen Gongfu is available only through specific import sites, and they claim that they will ship anywhere in the world, including the US. Users should be aware that it may or may not be legal under the laws of the specific region that they live.

Most of the websites that carry Zhen Gongfu were selling it for prices in this range:

  • 1, 32-count box of Zhen Gongfu pills: $27.00-$30.00

This is about average for most products of this nature, however users should be aware that it is being shipped from China, which may impact cost, again depending on the region that they are going to.

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Business of Zhen Gongfu

Zhen Gongfu does not publish any English language information about its manufacturer. They do not make public any of the basic contact details, such as telephone number, email address or physical address. The best way to find out information about their manufacturer is to go through the electronic comment forms on the home pages of their distributors, Spanish Fly and Top Sex Pills.

As mentioned, the FDA has sanctioned Zhen Gongfu. They also do not list a manufacturer on their public notification, however they do publicize the fact that Zhen Gongfu was found to contain sildenafil, making it illegal in the United States. The FDA requests that all users that own a box of Zhen Gongfu destroy it immediately.

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Customer Opinions of Zhen Gongfu

There are not many English-language reviews of Zhen Gongfu online, however what ones there are do not tend to be positive. Many of the reviews were similar in content to these:

“It hurt me to use. It did not make terrible penis more useful.”

“I heard this stuff was illegal over here, so I figured it must be good. Turns out, I got really, really sick and I’m still not better. Maybe there’s a reason it’s against the law.”

“If I could take vengeance without fear of consequence on those that made this, I would do so. Why does everyone have to lie to me about fixing my problem?”

The most common issues that customers reported were unpleasant side effects. There were also quite a few accounts of it not working effectively.

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Conclusion – Does Zhen Gongfu Work?

It would be unethical for our team to recommend Zhen Gongfu to our customers given the questionable nature of its legality. That said, even for those customers that can purchase it legally, our team strongly discourages them from doing so.

Zhen Gongfu’s ingredients aren’t just morally questionable, they are also neither healthy for users, nor particularly effective. Seahorses are not only endangered, making the consumption of them both illegal for most and ethically wrong for all, but they are also not useful for male sexual function in any way.

Factor in that they have been found guilty of including the chemical sildenafil in their blend, which is a major health risk for those that do not medically need it. Additionally, there is also the possibility that there are more chemicals in Zhen Gongfu that we are not aware of, making it one of the least respectable products on the market.

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