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What is it?

ViaGrow is a dietary supplement used to treat erectile dysfunction. The makers of ViaGrow claim this product also helps increase the size of the penis with use.

ViaGrow is made from an an herbal formulation which includes ingredients like maca, epimedium and tribulus terrestris, as well as yohimbe bark. ViaGrow works to stimulate sexual desire, produce more consistent erections and improve performance in the bedroom.

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ViaGrow Ingredients and Side Effects

The official website for ViaGrow doesn’t actually include a photo of the ingredient label, making it difficult to evaluate this product from a consumer standpoint. They do, however, list the active ingredients, along with a graphic and descriptions for each. Here’s what’s inside:

Epimedium Maca Root Powder Yohimbe Bark Extract
Gingko Biloba Ginseng Tribulus Terrestris

Epimedium: Also known as horny goat weed, epimedium has long been used to treat erectile dysfunction and stimulate sexual desire. It may also help with ejaculation problems.

  • Side effects may include dry mouth, vomiting, dizziness, breathing problems and muscle spasms.

Maca Root Powder: An herb also known as Peruvian Ginseng, maca is used to increase energy, boost moods and improve sexual drive and function, as well as performance at the gym.

Yohimbe Bark Extract: An evergreen tree found in Africa, yohimbe has been used for generations to treat erectile dysfunction, as well as enhance athletic performance and boost energy levels.

  • Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, dizziness and headache.
  • Yohimbe may also cause increased anxiety, kidney failure, heart problems, changes in blood pressure and more.

Gingko Biloba: An herbal ingredient used to promote blood flow to the brain, ginkgo functions as an antioxidant, promoting general wellness as well as cognitive function.

Tribulus Terrestris: A Mediterranean herb used to boost athletic performance and sexual function, tribulus terrestris is commonly found in male enhancement products due to its ability to treat erectile dysfunction and increase libido.

Ginseng: Used as a remedy for stress, memory and cognitive function, ginseng may also have some benefits for the male reproductive system and is thought to help treat ED.

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ViaGrow Quality of Ingredients

ViaGrow does contain a variety of good ingredients known to benefit the male reproductive system. Maca and tribulus terrestris have been shown to be safe and effective aphrodisiacs, and ginseng and gingko are widely used for a number of conditions.

Unfortunately, this product uses yohimbe extract as a key ingredient, which poses a number of risks — most alarmingly, heart palpitations and kidney failure, as well as epimedium which poses some risks of its own.

Yohimbe may be unsafe for a number of users, and for that reason, we’d recommend looking at other products made from ingredients known to be safe.

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The Price and Quality of ViaGrow

ViaGrow is available on the official website for £29.99, for a bottle of 60 capsules, though it isn’t clear how to place an order online. You may have to email the customer service team for more info.

Viagrow is also offered at a variety of price points, as it is available on multiple platforms such as eBay and some smaller platforms specializing in supplements and male enhancement products. Amazon Canada is also selling this product for $96.99 USD.

While this product seems to be priced at a standard rate, considering the ingredients, we’re not 100% certain this is the best product out there. There were some reports of negative side effects associated with taking Viagrow, which may have been linked to the yohimbe bark extract. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough information to determine whether ViaGrow is a safe and effective product.

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Business of ViaGrow

The name of the company that sells ViaGrow is a UK-based company known as MD Health. Their contact information is as follows:


Address: Muscle Distributing Limited

100 Church Street

Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1UJ, UK

MD Health has created an official webpage for ViaGrow, which looks a bit outdated and features a single page of text claiming this product will increase your penis size and improve sexual performance. The site advertises a money-back guarantee, bundling discounts and promises that the supplement arrives in discreet packaging.

It’s worth noting, that the language on the website makes it seem as though you can purchase ViaGrow directly from the website, but there aren’t any clear “add to cart” or “buy now” prompts that make it easy for consumers to make a purchase. They do list their email on the page, so that may be the best way to find out more info.

The ViaGrow site references that the formula is backed by science, and does feature some graphics that give potential customers an idea of what kind of benefits they can expect to receive. The site states that ViaGrow is clinically proven to increase penis size, yet fails to provide a link to any information proving this statement.

Unfortunately, there is little information available online regarding MD Health and a record of their business practices. Based on the little information we have about ViaGrow and the company that makes this product, it is difficult to determine whether or not this is a safe and effective product, or if they are using false advertising to lure in customers looking for size gains.

Customer Opinions of ViaGrow

Because this product is manufactured and sold primarily in the UK, it was hard to find many customer reviews about ViaGrow and whether or not it was effective. Here’s a quick look what people had to say after using this product:

“There’s no other way to put this, but this product sucked. I saw no changes after using this product as directed for a few weeks. Save your money.”

“A lot of people have said this product did not work for them, but I think you need to be patient. I used ViaGrow for two months before I saw any results. It’s not the best supplement out there, but my sex drive has increased.”

“My suggestion is to be cautious with this product. The only side effects I experienced were nausea and dizziness.

I will not continue to use this product.”

Reviews for ViaGrow, though hard to find, suggested a varied range of experiences. Though this product includes yohimbe bark in the formulation, there weren’t too many instances of negative side effects, particularly any that ended in a visit to the ER.

Because we’re looking at a really small sample size of people who have tried ViaGrow and wrote about their experiences, it’s hard to say with any certainty whether or not it is safe or effective.

It’s also worth noting that any documented improvements we found in those who had taken ViaGrow were pretty minimal — improved sex drive, ability to maintain an erection slightly longer, etc.— all of which are great, but lead us to believe this product isn’t meant for anyone with a more severe sexual issue.

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Conclusion – Does ViaGrow Work?

Based on the ingredient profile alone, ViaGrow appears to be a standard male enhancement product, that may have some side effects that go along with use. Ingredients like L-arginine, maca and tribulus terrestris are known to have great benefits for male sexual health. Epimedium and yohimbe also yield pretty consistent results, but may cause some adverse effects with use.

Because ViaGrow may come with the risk of side effects such as dizziness, nausea, or in some cases, cardiovascular issues, we recommend consulting your physician before before using this product.

Beside the fact that this product relies on yohimbe as a key ingredient, one of the main issues we had with this product was the fact that the website claims this product offers all these benefits, yet doesn’t do much to back up these promises of improving sexual performance and growing the penis a few inches. There are no herbal supplements that can make your penis grow, and these claims prey on people looking for an easy solution for penile growth.

After looking at a broad range of sex pills, test boosters and more, our review experts have discovered that Viritenz is the best male enhancement product on today’s market. The supplement is made using a blend of all-natural ingredients like maca, ginseng, tribulus terrestris and tongkat ali, all proven both safe and effective for improving sexual function.

Viritenz is made in an FDA-compliant facility and is subject to regular quality control inspections to ensure safety and effectiveness. Click here to learn more about how Viritenz can transform your sex life.

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