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What is it?

Tribestan is a testosterone booster created for the purpose of building strength and improving physical performance. The makers of Tribestan claim this product is the “original testosterone booster” and it is purportedly widely used by Eastern European power lifters.

Tribestan is made from an herbal formula containing tribulus terrestris and affects both testosterone levels and the luteinzing hormone. Tribestan can also be used to boost sexual performance and overall energy levels.

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Tribestan Ingredients and Side Effects

Tribestan is made with only one active ingredient, tribulus terrestris, as well as a host of filler ingredients that help bind the supplement together. While the ingredient list is quite short, here’s a closer look at what’s inside this product:

Tribulus Terrestris Vitamin D3

Tribulus Terrestris: A plant long used for its male health benefits, tribulus terrestris is thought to boost virility and sexual potency, as well as improve libido. Tribulus is also thought to help the body produce and maintain testosterone.

Tribestan uses Bulgarian tribulus, rather than the tribulus terrestris sourced from the Mediterranean, and the makers claim this is a more potent version of the herbal male enhancement ingredient.

Vitamin D3: An essential vitamin for building strong bones, strengthening teeth and supporting cardiovascular and nervous system function, vitamin D3 can be found in a number of foods such as fatty fish and eggs.

This product also contains talc, polyplasdone XL, cabosil and microcell, all used to bind the tribulus together in pill form, and allow the supplement go down smoothly.

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Tribestan Quality of Ingredients

In looking at the ingredients of Tribestan, we liked that the ingredient list was kept rather short, as well as the product’s unique focus on tribulus terrestris. This ingredient is a well-known herbal male enhancement supplement, and is considered to be safe for use by most people.

Unfortunately, we are skeptical that a one-ingredient herbal supplement is as effective as other products with a more varied list of known male enhancement ingredients. For that reason, it’s hard for us to know whether or not Tribestan is an effective male enhancement solution, or if consumers are better off looking elsewhere for something with a more comprehensive list of benefits.

It is worth noting that there were few, if any reports of people experiencing negative side effects after taking this product.

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The Price and Quality of Tribestan

Tribestan is regularly sold for $74.99 on the official website for a bottle containing a one-month supply, though the product is often on sale for less. It seems that stores like Lucky Vitamin and Amazon carried this product in the past, though they no longer have it in stock. The supplement is however, available from a handful of online stores like Elite Nutrition, Hard Supplements and Supplement Geeks, all of which sell Tribestan for under $40.

As far as quality is concerned, we like that this product is made almost entirely from tribulus terrestris, as it’s a good ingredient that is almost a staple in testosterone boosters and sexual enhancement products, yet carries little to no risk of adverse side effects with use.

Unfortunately, the cost seems rather high for a product that only contains one active ingredient. Potential consumers could very well achieve similar results simply by purchasing a tribulus terrestris supplement at a lower price, while at the same time avoiding dealing with international shipping (the product is made in Bulgaria).

While it’s hard to find many reports of any negative side effects occurring with use, there aren’t many reviews in general. For that reason, we don’t have enough information to determine whether Tribestan can live up to its promises of delivering male virility and strength.

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Business of Tribestan

The name of the company that sells Tribestan is known as Sopharma, and their information is as follows:

Phone Number: 07791 441153


Sopharma is a Bulgarian company that has been around since the 1970s. The company only makes Tribestan, and it can be purchased in different sizes, ranging from a one-month supply to a 50-month supply, which offers a significant discount.

The website seems a bit outdated, and contains a lot of text, that doesn’t explain much about the product. It seems the product page reiterates that this is a great product that helps with testosterone levels and that it’s safe and natural, or that bodybuilders have long been using this product. It’s hard to navigate and the presentation really takes away some credibility.

However, if you dig a little deeper, the site does list the results of a 1998 study on this product, which helps create a sense of transparency.

Customer Opinions of Tribestan

According to most of the customer reviews we found, people were really pleased with the results they got from taking Tribestan. does not seem to produce many negative side effects, and is However, we weren’t able to find feedback from a large amount of people, so the sample size we’re drawing from is rather limited. Regardless, here’s a look at what people had to say:

“This feels too potent for me. I work out at home so my workout isn’t very intense. I think this is for more serious bodybuilders. I’m a bit restless with the extra energy, and it seems like you need to burn it off one way or another.”

“I’m seeing better results with this than when I was taking prohormones. Not sure how it effects the liver, but taking it with a liver guard just to be safe. I do feel like my test levels are up, and seeing better pumps at the gym.”

“I can’t tell if this product has any impact on muscle growth. I used for a few weeks, and haven’t been great about taking them every day, but still haven’t much of a change. Honestly, the price is too high for minimal payoff.”

“My prostate condition improved after taking this for the recommended eight-week period. In terms of my libido, I’ve tried other supplements that worked better for me. This seems to be more useful for strength, etc.”

Reviews for Tribestan were generally pretty positive, though not very descriptive as far as specific effects were concerned. For example, many of the positive reviews said, “great product,” or “I had some gains…,” nothing specific about whether this product has helped some men increase their muscle mass, significantly improve strength or change their sex life in any meaningful way, but this product is clearly meant to target people with a strong interest in bodybuilding and a desire to increase muscle mass.

While we do have enough evidence that this product yields some positive results, we’re still unsure of its full scope of benefits.

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Conclusion – Does Tribestan Work?

While we like that Sopharma has kept the ingredient list short for Tribestan, it may not have enough ingredients to be a powerful male enhancement product that stands on its own. Tribulus terrestris is a triend and true male enhancement solution, but it seems to be more effective as a tool to improve sexual function rather than a standalone bodybuilding product.

While we typically are wary of buying male enhancement products from overseas, Sopharma has been in business for over four decades, and seems to be operating legitimately. There aren’t any money back guarantees, so concerned customers may be better off purchasing this product from another supplement website, as there may be a greater guarantee of customer protections in place.

Overall, it seems Tribestan could be an effective solution for men with lacking the testosterone levels they want, in spite of only being made from one active ingredient. On the other hand, men with extremely low test levels or who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, should look into a more potent solution containing a blend of ingredients.

Again, it seems that the people who experienced positive changes were more concerned with bodybuilding than enhancing their sexual performance.

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