The Perfect 10 Diet and Dr. Michael Aziz on The Doctors

perfect 10 dietOne of the newest and most buzzed about new weight loss books released this year is The Perfect 10 Diet by Dr. Michael Aziz. In the book Aziz suggests he can help readers lose 14 pounds in just 21 days by following his weight loss plan that focuses less on the haves and haves nots of dieting and more on stabilizing 10 key hormone levels.

You can see Dr. Aziz today on The Doctors, where he’s discussing The Perfect 10 Diet and how you can implement this into your own life to balance hormones and get your weight under control.

Some of the pros and cons of The Perfect 10 Diet include:


  • michael aziz perfect 10 dietPromotes the eating of real food
  • Debunks popular diet myths and fad diets
  • If followed correctly, weight loss and improved health can follow
  • Focuses on a clean-eating meal plan that includes fresh and natural foods in their pure form
  • Outlines a lifetime plan for eating
  • Includes recipes
  • Promotes exercise


  • Strict vegetarians may have a hard time following the diet
  • Similar to other low-carb diets

You can learn more in our full review of The Perfect 10 Diet.

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