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The 10 Healthiest Grocery Store Food Choices

The March issue of Prevention Magazine had a great article that will serve as a smart guide the next time you’re at the grocery store. All the marketing-speak and hundreds of choices can make choosing one food over another a difficult choice, especially when your goal is to be as healthy as possible. Here we share the good, better and best choice of 10 common grocery aisles.

Meat Counter

Egg Section

  • Good – Packaged egg whites
  • Better – Whole eggs
  • Best – Omega-3-fortified eggs

Dairy Section

  • Fat-free milk (skim)
  • Skim Plus
  • Organic fat-free milk

Butter Section

  • Trans-free margarine
  • Light trans-free margarine
  • Margarine with added plant sterolsorganic milk

Yogurt Section

  • Good – Low-fat flavored yogurt
  • Better – Low-fat plain yogurt
  • Best – Greek yogurt

Fish Counter

  • Good – Tilapia
  • Better – Halibut
  • Best – Salmon

Produce Section

  • Good – Romaine lettuce
  • Better – Watercress
  • Best – Spinach

almondsSnack Aisle

  • Good – Air-popped Popcorn
  • Better – Peanuts
  • Best – Almonds
  • Good – Raisins
  • Better – Dried Apricots
  • Best – Dried Figs

Condiments Aisle

  • Good – Low-fat creamy dressing
  • Better – Full-fat oil-based dressing
  • Best – Olive oil and flavored vinegar

February 11th, 2009

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