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What is it?

Ropex is a male enhancement product aimed at supporting the prostate and increasing ejaculatory volume. The makers of Ropex claim greater semen volume leads to more sexual vigor and improves the quality of orgasm with use.

Ropex has been around since the 1960s and aims to promote prostate health in men over 50, through a blend of herbal ingredients. According to the packaging, Ropex may also be used to improve erectile function and fertility as well.

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Ropex Ingredients and Side Effects

While it’s difficult to locate much information about Ropex from the manufacturer themselves, we were able to locate a label someone uploaded to Amazon. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact formulation of Ropex, as one of the main ingredients is an undisclosed blend of herbs. Here’s a look at the ingredients listed on the package:

Pollexil Secale Cereale Zeamays Pollen
Phleum Pretence

Pollexil: There isn’t much information on this ingredient, but pollexil is made from a number of plant extracts as well as B vitamins, peptides and amino acids — all present to help support the production of semen in the body. Because we don’t know all of the ingredients included in pollexil, the side effects are unknown.

Secale cereale: More commonly known as rye pollen extract, this ingredient is thought to reduce prostate problems in men by preventing the growth of prostate cells. It is also thought to help treat erectile dysfunction and impotence in men.

Phleum pretence: An ingredient commonly known as Timothy Grass, this ingredient is typically used as a form of immunotherapy for people with pollen allergies. It may have some benefit for the urinary tract, as well as the prostate, but little information is available.

  • Common side effects of this ingredient may include itchy ears and mouth, dry mouth, sore throat, hives, shortness of breath, tingling in the mouth, swollen tongue or lips, hives, indigestion and nausea.

Zeamays Pollen: Also known as corn or maize, the makers of Ropex claim this ingredient targets semen production, ejaculation and improves orgasm quality.

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Ropex Quality of Ingredients

Ropex appears to be made using a number of ingredients really common in a number of foods – corn and rye are common in most diets and it is unclear how much benefit they can deliver in producing the effects the makers of Ropex advertise on the product label.

Phelum pretence is associated with a number of side effects that are common in people with severe seasonal allergies, and while it may work as immunotherapy for a number of people, others may find themselves experiencing some uncomfortable symptoms with use.

Our main issue with Ropex is the fact that, the main ingredient, pollexil is a blend of 100+ ingredients and we don’t have a list of what those are. While it’s likely a blend of herbs and vitamins, we’d feel more comfortable if we knew what was in the formula.

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The Price and Quality of Ropex

Ropex retails for $32.95 on Amazon for a bottle containing 90 pills. The recommended dose is three capsules per day, which means a bottle of Ropex should last about a month if taken as directed.

We were unable to find an official website for Ropex or the company that manufactures or distributes the product, and it seems to only be available through Amazon and a few other online platforms such as Bonanza and Rakuten, though the prices are higher on those sites.

Without an official website or a clear picture of all the ingredients included in Ropex, it’s difficult to assess the quality of the formula, and it is worth noting that many of the ingredients are grains that can easily be obtained through a number of common foods.

Finally, reports of stomach issues and allergies suggest that there may be some risks with taking Ropex, though we aren’t sure what the exact cause of these issues actually is. For that reason, we’d suggest looking into other solutions for maintaining prostate health and improving sexual function.

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Business of Ropex

The name of the company that sells Ropex is known as Biogenica, and they have failed to provide any contact information or a working website for potential customers.

For all the years Ropex has been around, there is almost no information regarding the product or the company that makes it. Even running a quick web search for the ingredients in the Ropex formula yields little results.

Any links to an official website currently seem to be broken, or the page does not load. Because Ropex is available for sale on Amazon, one can assume Biogenica functions as a distributor and does not sell direct to consumers.

Still, a website with some educational information would be helpful for customers looking for a little more regarding the science of Ropex and how it can benefit their overall health.

Customer Opinions of Ropex

Based on the customer reviews we found for this product, Ropex it seems that many users felt that this product didn’t deliver on the promises touted on the label. Here’s a look at what customers had to say after trying the supplement:

“I do notice the effects of this product, but it simply isn’t worth the price. Takes consistent use to see any difference but after a couple weeks, you’ll see some improvement in loads.”

“Bought this product and have been using as directed for two weeks and I don’t see any results. No changes in my body. Didn’t see any changes in libido or volume, I’ve definitely had better luck with other products in the past.”

“This only seems to work if you aren’t ejaculating on a regular basis, which gives you more volume anyway. The biggest change I saw was after 3 days of celibacy, but I don’t know if that was the Ropex or just avoiding sex.”

“Even though it made me nauseous and lightheaded at first, I kept taking it, but quit after failing to see any changes. I did feel slightly more aroused but, from what but I’m thinking the pollen has a mild effect on users.”

Reviews for Ropex suggested most people did not experience the desired effect of the product. For example, many men mentioned after taking this product for a while, they did not experience any changes in semen volume or sexual performance, while others mentioned this product gave them gas or upset their stomachs—issues that don’t lend themselves to a positive sexual experience.

Unfortunately, there is almost no information regarding the ingredients in Ropex anywhere on the web, so it’s hard to know what, exactly, was causing an adverse effect in users.

Overall, it seems that customers are better off looking for another solution for sexual function and improved orgasms.

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Conclusion – Does Ropex Work?

Based on the information outlined above, it’s difficult to determine whether or not Ropex is a good product. On the one hand, it has been around for a number of years, much longer than many similar products on the marketplace.

However, it is really challenging to find any information about this product, the ingredients, or the company that makes it anywhere online. Aside from Amazon, Ropex currently is not being sold anywhere, with the exception of a few smaller webpages.

Biogenica has made no effort to make themselves visible, and the few Ropex-related sites that exist on the web, seem to be broken or expired. While it may be that this is an older company that hasn’t fully embraced the digital era, a small web presence really goes a long way in maintaining customer confidence.

Finally, the ingredients that have been provided seem fairly safe, barring any serious allergies to pollen. Unfortunately, pollexil is made a blend of ingredients that have not been disclosed, so it’s hard to make any judgements on the quality of the ingredients.

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