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What is it?

Reversitol V2 is a dietary supplement that claims to promote peak testosterone production over the course of a few weeks. The makers of Reversitol V2 say this product helps increase muscle mass, energy and strength with use.

Reversitol V2 works by optimizing the production of key hormones in the body, decreasing estrogen while increasing testosterone and balancing cortisol ratios. Reversitol V2 also works to maintain keep joints healthy and improve sexual desire.

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Reversitol V2 Ingredients and Side Effects

According to the product label, Reversitol V2 is made from the following ingredients:

Indole 3 Carbinol Long Jack Trans Resveratrol
Ellagic Acid 7-Methoxy-2-Phenyl-Chormen-4-One

Indole 3 Carbinol: A substance found in green or cruciferous vegetables like kale, collard greens, Brussels sprouts and more, this ingredient is used to prevent cancer, treat tumors, fibromyalgia and more, as well as help the body naturally balance hormone levels.

  • In high doses, indole 3 carbinol may cause tremors and trouble balancing.

Ellagic Acid: A naturally occurring chemical found in a number of foods such as walnuts, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries, ellagic acid thought to help prevent cancer, though, unfortunately, it is hard for the body to absorb.

7-Methoxy-2-Phenyl-Chormen-4-One: A prohormone used to inhibit the aromatase enzyme.

Long Jack: An aphrodisiac from Southeast Asia, this plant is known to help with male fertility and improve sexual performance and desire.

Trans Resveratrol: An antioxidant found in a number of foods from red wine to berries, this powerful ingredient is thought to reduce inflammation in the body and reduce some of the visible and internal signs of aging. Additionally, it is thought to increase testosterone levels and help boost muscles and strengthen bones.

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Reversitol V2 Quality of Ingredients

After reviewing the ingredients, we liked that many of ther products included were anti-oxidants that offer some overall health benefits aside from muscle building and increasing sexual potency. However, ingredients like ellagic acid, resveratrol and indole 3 carbinol can easily be found in a number of foods.

Additionally, long jack is the only ingredient listed in the formula that is a known aphrodisiac, and without an exact measurement of how much is included in the blend, it is hard to know whether or not there is enough in the formula to increase libido and sexual performance.

We weren’t able to find much information about 7-methoxy-2-phenyl-chormen-4-one, but we were unable to find any reported side effects related to this ingredient, or the product as a whole.

Overall, it seems that the ingredients listed in Reversitol V2 are relatively safe, however, without any scientific data backing the manufacturer’s claims, we cannot be sure exactly how effective it is in raising free testosterone levels.

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The Price and Quality of Reversitol V2

Reversitol V2 sells this product on their official website for $64.99 for a bottle containing 84 pills. The website recommends taking three pills a day over the course of 4-8 weeks, so a bottle should last about 28 days. This product can also be found through a variety of online supplement retailers, including and the Vitamin Shoppe, as well as a handful of smaller retailers. They are not available from larger online retailers like Walmart and Amazon.

Unfortunately, there are no free trials or money back guarantees associated with this, or any other products made by iForce Nutrition.

While this product did receive some good reviews and there aren’t many reports of adverse reactions, there aren’t any readily available published clinical studies backing the science behind this formulation.

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Business of Reversitol V2

The name of the company that sells Reversitol V2 is known as iForce Nutrition, and their information is as follows:

Phone Number: 877-743-6460


Address: 1330 Specialty Drive

Suite A

Vista, CA 92081

The iForce Nutrition website is clean and professional looking, featuring a number of products aimed at those interested in building muscles or improving athletic performance. They also have a full page which describes the company’s manufacturing facility and practices, as well as their commitment to in-house microbe testing to assure consumer confidence. However, there are no links to clinical trials or certifications.

The company sponsors a few bodybuilders and places far more emphasis on muscle building than on the other benefits of increasing testosterone levels.

iforce is not currently offering free samples of Reversitol V2 or any of their other products, nor is there anywhere on the website that lays out their return policy. While we would understand consumers feeling more comfortable with a risk-free trial, there aren’t any major complaints about iForce taking advantage of unhappy consumers.

Overall, it seems like the makers of Reversitol V2 have a legitimate business in place, and offer plenty of information for potential buyers to read up on before making a buying decision.

Customer Opinions of Reversitol V2

Unfortunately, it was difficult to find many reviews of Reversitol V2, so it’s hard to say whether or not this product is an effective solution for raising free testosterone levels in users. Here’s a look at a few reviews from past customers:

“I tried Reversitol V2, and within a week or two, felt that I had gained some strength and my libido was a bit higher.”

“Used this product after a cycle of pro-hormones and though it worked pretty well. I had slight gains like a little more energy and the ability to workout longer. Nothing dramatic, but I was definitely pleased.”

 “Tried using this product on its own, and felt some slight improvements. My strength was up a bit, and I had more energy. However, the best benefit was that my joint pain wasn’t quite as bad.”

Again, for whatever reason there were few reviews for Reversitol V2. Most that we found were vague testimonials saying “great product,” so it was unclear whether or not these were real opinions from real customers, as most products have at least some critical reviews.

On the other hand, this could be a great product. The ingredients appear to be safe and there aren’t any readily available reports detailing negative side effects after use.

However, without any data from clinical trials, or any information from the company that details how, exactly, this product works, it’s hard to say whether or not this is an effective supplement worth the price, or if you are better off eating whole foods such as berries and walnuts, which contain the anti-oxidant ingredients outlined above.

Finally, while the makers of Reversitol V2 mention this product is effective in increasing libido, there were only one or two mentions among the many testimonials that mentioned seeing any sexual benefits with this product.

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Conclusion – Does Reversitol V2 Work?

While we like that the company that makes and distributes Reversitol V2 is transparent and appears to be operating using legitimate business practices, this product is targeted for people looking to really build significant muscle, rather than those suffering from low T. For that reason, we’d really only recommend this product for those who are serious about taking their muscle mass to the next level.

There were a number of positive ratings for this product, but they were mainly from bodybuilding-focused forums and websites, but few cited any sexual benefits whatsoever. Additionally, there aren’t any readily available clinical studies or scientific data that proves Reversitol V2 lives up to all of its many claims.

Again, for aging men or those with low testosterone looking for a boost in energy, as well as greater sexual potency, we’d strongly suggest looking elsewhere for a solution that offers both the sexual benefits of a typical testosterone booster, as well as the general health benefits this product seems to offer.

After looking over a number of male enhancement drugs and supplements, our review experts have found that Viritenz is the most effective sexual enhancement option on today’s market. This formula is made from a variety of herbal ingredients like maca, ginseng, tribulus terrestris and more, all known to be effective in treating men with sexual issues as well as increasing testosterone levels naturally.

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