Proactiv and Healthy Living

Proactive ProductsWhile it might seem foolish to say that a simple topical medication could encourage weight loss, a healthy lifestyle, enhance natural beauty, and restore personal self-confidence, the current society we live in—fixated on external appearances and superficial “give always” concerning personal character—demands a level of individual presentation that is well-above what is easily and naturally attained. Thus, as technology increases the speed of our society and, with it, our everyday interactions, it is all the more important that we make use of the technological advancements available in order to have a fair chance at competition.

It is in this manner that Proactiv, a line of topical creams used to prevent clogged pores that result in acne, is suggested as an agent in promoting health, weight loss, beauty, and confidence.

On the personal level, acne is an easy enough problem to accept and deal with. But on the social level, acne can devastate one’s self-confidence. Because of the shallowness of many people’s outlook on life, individuals with acne may be singled out as dirty, ugly, or even stupid. It is an unfortunate fact, but there are many foolish people in the world who judge people entirely by their appearance. Because of this, the individual suffering from acne may feel he or she is inferior to others. Feelings of inferiority can result in depression, overeating, and a general neglect of appearance, which will only make matters worse.

Thus, considering the considerable damage acne can cause in its hosts life, the aim of Proactiv is not simply to prevent acne. Proactiv is intended to be used as part of an entire wellness program for individuals trying to improve their self-confidence, overall appearance, and well-being.

Proactiv is a line of three preventive topical creams. The creams are applied successively once daily. Each cream has a specific function in the acne prevention process: renewing, revitalizing, and repairing. The creams can be purchased for the price of $29.95 at

Of course, if you suffer from acne and cannot afford Proactiv, there is no cause for despair. Proactiv is only one of many ways for an individual to achieve health, beauty, and personal well-being.

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