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What is it?

Prelox is a dietary supplement aimed to improve erectile dysfunction in men suffering from the condition. The makers of Prelox claim this product can users enjoy a more fulfilling sex life.

Prelox uses a combination of L-arginine and Pycnogenol to improve vascularity, leading to more consistent erections. Prelox was designed as a safer alternative to testosterone replacement therapy and works to help stimulate the hormone’s production.

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Prelox Ingredients and Side Effects

Prelox is made from a number of manufacturers, but the ingredient profile remains the same. According to multiple product labels, here’s a look at the formulation of this supplement:

L-Arginine Aspartate Taurine

Pycnogenol: A patented extract of polyphenols, from a specific, French maritime pine, Pycnogenol works to enhance immunity, cognitive function and heart health, this ingredient works together with L-arginine aspartate to produce more nitric oxide in the body.

  • Side effects may include mouth ulcer, dizziness, stomach pain and headaches.

L-Arginine Aspartate: A combination of the essential amino acid, L-arginine and aspartic acid, this ingredient is used to help stimulate the production of nitric oxide, support immune system function and improve erectile function, by increasing blood flow and circulation.

Taurine: An amino acid naturally occurring in the body, but also found in meat, fish and more, taurine is used to calm the nervous system, as well as promote heart health and increase energy with use.

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Prelox Quality of Ingredients

Based on the list we found of ingredients used to make Prelox, we liked that this is a formula that is made by a number of manufacturers and appears to have pretty good reviews. Though it only relies on three key ingredients to yield results, this product shows some promise for increasing vascularity in aging men, who don’t have the same level of blood flow going to the penis as they used to.

While this blend of ingredients looks promising as far as safety is concerned, we aren’t sure if Prelox is a good solution for men suffering from more severe ED. The ingredients listed do help with vascularity and stamina — which are key in any male enhancement product — however, there aren’t any ingredients included known for their aphrodisiac qualities, which is also an essential component of treating ED.

We’re not sure how effective this product is in treating sexual issues, but we liked that the ingredients seem to be relatively safe, with very few reported side effects.

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The Price and Quality of Prelox

Prelox is sold by numerous retailers under several different brand names. The Prelox formula refers to this blend of L-arginine aspartate, taurine and Pynogenol and is typically sold for between $39.99 and $60.00 for a bottle containing 60 capsules.

The recommended dose is two capsules per day, but most makers of Prelox recommend doubling the dose for the first two weeks (4 capsules a day), then doing the recommended two after the initial 14-day period. This does shorten the length of time covered in the initial bottle, but the official webpage says the effects are cumulative and users will only need a maintenance dose after those first two weeks.

You can find this product on sites like Amazon, Purity Products, Newport Health, GNC and more. If you’re looking for retailers, Prelox has a dedicated website that will let you know which stores carry this supplement.

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Business of Prelox

Again, there are several companies that manufacture and sell the same formulation known as Prelox, though Prelox itself does have its own website,, which is operated by a company called Horphag. Horphag makes the proprietary blend and sells the solution to other suppliers.

The Prelox website is very informative, offering an explanation as to how the product is expected to work, as well as cited clinical studies demonstrating the safety and efficacy of the product. They’ve also provided an FAQ page, as well as a lifestyle section focusing on the importance exercise and a good diet has on sexual health.

While you cannot purchase Prelox from, they have listed out a number of retailers that sell the product, including reputable platforms like GNC and Amazon, as well as some smaller retailers specializing in natural products.

We appreciated that the Prelox site featured videos outlining how the product works within the body, as well as the fact that they clearly tried to be transparent with potential consumers.

While it’s clear this product is not intended for serious sexual dysfunction issues, this seems like it may be a good choice for men who feel as though their performance could be improved, but don’t exactly need a potent solution.

Customer Opinions of Prelox

Reviews for Prelox reflected a range of opinions, but really seemed to acknowledge that to see any results from taking this product, you’ll need to be patient. Here’s a look at what a few past users had to say after trying Prelox.

“I have no idea what benefits people are getting with this, but I’ve been taking eight of them a day and I have not seen any results since I added these to my routine. I’ve taken nearly the full bottle, how long will this take?”

“This is not a quick fix, but if you follow the directions, you’ll notice a modest change in libido and longer lasting erections. It’s important you take the double dose for at least two weeks. It adds to the cost, but it’s worth it.”

“This product has helped me lower my blood pressure, not sure if that’s an intended effect, but I’m happy about it. My libido is much better than before too, but it’s worth noting, it does take a couple months to really start working.”

“After trying several other supplements I found Prelox and thought I’d try it. I did notice a difference after 2 weeks, but the changes are cumulative. Been taking for about 4 months and I’m pleased with the results.” 

This formula clearly is not for everyone, but based on the reviews we saw, Prelox doesn’t seem to cause any serious side effects, so it may be worth a try for people looking for a solution that has little effect on their day-to-day comfort levels. Most users acknowledged that they did need to give Prelox a chance to work, and stated that it takes at least a few weeks to see any changes.

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Conclusion – Does Prelox Work?

After looking over the reviews and formula of Prelox, it looks like this product could be a good solution for some men looking to improve their sexual function with minimal side effects. This product is marketed to men who are getting older and want to naturally boost their sexual abilities or maintain a healthy sex life, but don’t necessarily need a prescription drug like Viagra to get an erection.

Prelox seems to be a more preventative solution, and we’d recommend it primarily to men who do not have a severe sexual issue like erectile dysfunction or are suffering from low testosterone. The product primarily relies on L-arginine to create blood flow within the body, but again, doesn’t have much use as a standalone product with aphrodisiac properties. For those with ED, we’d recommend looking for something that addresses the problem as a whole, combining vasodilation with the right tools for arousal and staying power.

Because Prelox is sold from so many different sellers, consumers are able to shop around and look for a trusted brand or retailer, and can easily find this supplement through Amazon or smaller online supplement sellers. There’s no subscription service or shady marketing practices at play here.

Overall, reviews were mixed. Again, it’s likely some people were looking for something more potent or a more significant feeling of physical change taking place. Prelox seems to be a supplement for maintaining sexual health, rather than a means to achieve a ramped up sex drive or very long lasting erections.

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