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What is it?

Noxivol is a vasodilator aimed at building strength, stamina and muscle mass. The makers of Noxivol claim this product also helps protect joints and ligaments after working out.

Noxivol works by opening up the blood vessels in the body, which allows for more energy and an increased ability to build muscles. Noxivol also contains a blend of ingredients that work together to decrease the amount of lactic acid in the body, stimulating muscle recovery.

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Noxivol Ingredients and Side Effects

Noxivol is made from a blend of amino acids and herbs aimed at helping the body build muscle and recover from intense physical movement.

Though we don’t know the exact amounts included in each dose, the manufacturer of this product has listed all key ingredients, as well as posted the label on the website. Here’s what you can expect to find in this product:

L-Arginine Alpha-Ketaglutamate (AAKG) L-Ornithine L-Norvaline L-Histidine
Beta Alanine Cissus Quadrangularis Rutaecarpine Black Pepper Extract

L-Arginine Alpha-Ketaglutarate (AAKG)): A salt made from the amino acid, L-arginine and alpha-ketoglutarate, a chemical found naturally in the body used to support the function of the kidney and liver. A-AKG is found in many bodybuilding supplements due to its ability to enhance athletic performance by stimulating nitric oxide production and improving blood flow throughout the body.

Beta Alanine: A non-essential amino acid used to help enhance the ability to build muscles and improve stamina.

  • Beta alanine is safe for most users, however, high doses may cause flushed skin or tingling.

L-Ornithine: An amino acid used to improve athletic performance, as well as heal wounds.

L-Norvaline: An amino acid used to support muscle growth, L-norvaline helps create longer, stronger pumps by both enabling nitric oxide production and inhibiting arginase, allowing for a quicker recovery time than if you were to rely solely on L-arginine.

  • Side effects may include dizziness, nausea and tiredness. L-norvaline may also reduce blood pressure with use.

L-Histidine: An amino acid that occurs naturally in the body, L-histidine is used to treat a number of conditions like allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcers and kidney problems.

Cissus Quadrangularis: A vine found in both Asia and Africa, this ingredient is used in bodybuilding as a natural alternative to anabolic steroids.

  • Side effects may include gas, headaches, nausea, thirst, diarrhea and sleeplessness.

Rutaecarpine: A tree found in Asia, this herbal ingredient is used to aid digestion, as well as relieve headaches, lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

Black Pepper Extract: Black pepper optimizes the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

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Noxivol Quality of Ingredients

Based on the list of ingredients used to make Noxivol, it seems this formula contains a good blend of amino acids, as well as black pepper extract which helps with the absorption of nutrients.

There aren’t many side effects we know about associated with the ingredients outlined above, and can assume this is safe for most people, barring any unusual allergies. likely better off saving your money and buying a multivitamin containing a wider variety of nutrients.

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The Price and Quality of Noxivol

Noxivol is available through the official webpage of its manufacturer, CTD Sports. A bottle containing 90 capsules costs $69.99 (which amounts to 30 servings), while the powdered version of the product costs $54.99 for a bottle containing 40 servings.

Amazon sells the capsule version of Noxivol for $32.99 per bottle containing 45 servings, but this may be an older version of the product.

Overall, the price seems to be on par with similar products, and there weren’t many complaints regarding the price.

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Business of Noxivol

The company that makes Noxivol is known as CTD Sports, and their contact information is as follows:

Phone: (936) 447-2525

Address: 5784 Sapp Rd.
Conroe, TX 77304


The Noxivol website features a number of other products sold by CTD Sports, most of which are aimed at bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. The site looks professional and is easy to navigate, though there isn’t much information here regarding how this product actually works.

The makers of Noxivol have posted the official product label for review and isn’t making sweeping claims promising penile growth or a transformed workout experience without any science to back it up, so they do come across as relatively transparent.

While CTD Sports does not have a listing with the Better Business Bureau, they have active social media accounts, fairly good reviews and no evidence of recalled products or customer service complaints.

Overall, it seems like this company is trustworthy, and that this product may be worth a try for those looking to add a little extra boost to their workouts.

Customer Opinions of Noxivol

Unfortunately, we were unable to find too many reviews from those who have tried Noxivol. However, there were a decent amount of people who were happy with this product, and felt that it delivered a

It’s also rather hard to find this Noxivol for sale online, and you’ll need to be directed to one of the many order forms offering the free trial. Regardless, we did find a few comments.

“I love this product, but I do feel like these pills taste a bit weird and can sometimes feel hard to swallow. You do get a little boost a the gym, nothing crazy, but I do notice a difference.”

“Purchased Noxivol as I heard it was one of the best supplements for enhancing “pumps/vascularity” in the gym. Not sure that I’m experiencing any more pumps than other supplements I’ve tried in the past. Perhaps it’s just my body that isn’t responding.”

“Got the pills for the days don’t feel like making a powdered drink. They don’t hurt my stomach, and I’m experiencing more stamina during my reps. Muscles are getting bigger, too, since I’ve started using this product.”

“This product has a god ingredient profile, but it does take a little longer to kick in than some of the other products I’ve tried. The tablets are hard to swallow and taste a bit weird, but I’ve been pleased with my results at the gym.”

Based on the reviews we saw, many users really liked using Noxivol, the complaints leaned more toward issues with the flavor or the size of the pills rather than negative side effects or inefficacy.

We’d recommend this product if you’re looking to get a better pump at the gym, but if you’re after more of an overall solution for improving male virility, there are other supplements that may be more effective.

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Conclusion – Does Noxivol Work?

After reviewing Noxivol it seems that this may be a good solution for men looking for an increase in strength and pump power at the gym. Beyond these benefits, it doesn’t seem like this product does much else, so should you be looking for something that addresses libido, energy in the bedroom or in day-to-day activities, there may be more effective products.

What we liked about Noxivol was, the company has no complaints that are easily accessible by Google search, nor were there many complaints about the product and its efficacy. The primary complaints about this product were more focused on the fact that the powdered version tasted a little off, while the pills were somewhat hard to swallow.

Unfortunately, the site did not offer much in terms of explaining the science behind the product, but they did disclose which ingredients were used to make Noxivol. Seasoned bodybuilders may know what to look for in a product aimed at building muscle mass, but beginners may not know what makes something a good product, or when to buy something else.

Again, Noxivol seems like it may be worthwhile for people who are looking for a product to help them make strides in their workout. Some amino acids like L-arginine do have some strong benefits for male enhancement purposes, but if you’re looking to solve any issues like ED, it’s ideal to find something that acts as an aphrodisiac and a vasodilator instead.

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