Managing Weight Loss After Baby

tatum rebelleTatum Rebelle is a pre- and post-natal fitness and nutrition expert, and founder of Total Mommy Fitness in Austin, TX. Total Mommy Fitness’ experts are committed to helping women equip themselves with the information necessary to build healthy families.

Nutrition is the leading contributor to weight loss, so it is important to stay conscious of what goes into your body. The quality of food you eat is directly reflected in your body’s appearance, as well as your overall health.

Here are some recommendations for weight loss:

1. Don’t drastically cut calories. They are what your body uses for energy and necessary for it to function efficiently. Instead, limit the empty calories. If the leading ingredients are flour, high fructose corn syrup, sugar or partially hydrogenated oils, you can bet the food does not support your health or weight loss.

2. Keep junk foods out of sight, and out of mind. When ice cream is in the freezer or potato chips are calling to you from the pantry, they are hard to ignore. Keep healthy snacks that satisfy your cravings close by. If you have a sweet tooth, strawberries should do the trick. If you crave crunchy or salty foods, keep carrots or a variety of nuts in mom

3. Don’t drink calories. Soda, juice, coffee creamer, and alcohol can contain a ton of calories. By sticking to tea and water you can cut hundreds of calories each day. By cutting out high-calorie beverages, you can easily lose several pounds.

4. Change your mindset. Developing a positive attitude towards weight loss is absolutely necessary to be successful. It has been proven that the mind and body work closely together. When your thoughts dwell on the excess weight it will undoubtedly make the pounds harder to lose.

5. Get help. Nutrition can seem overwhelming at times. Using online resources and hiring a coach can be very helpful.

It only takes minor lifestyle adjustments to have a noticeable impact on both your physique and your health. You can do things as simple as changing breakfast from white bread toast with margarine to whole grain toast with a thin spread of natural peanut butter. Most of our daily routine is simply habit. Creating new habits takes just a little bit of time, and can be completely life changing.

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