Kate Walsh Poses Naked on Shape’s March Cover

kate walsh nakedShe admits that posing naked on the cover of Shape might be part of a midlife crisis, but Kate Walsh declares that she’s feeling “really healthy, confident and sexy” in any case. The actress manages to take it all off without revealing too much on the cover of the March issue.

To stay photo-shoot ready, Walsh does plenty of physical activity but doesn’t like regimented diets. Although she has described herself as “lazy” when it comes to workouts in the past, Walsh does Pilates and yoga regularly, and also goes hiking with her dogs.

When it comes to food, Walsh says she’s tried every diet, from the Atkins to the unhealthy cabbage soup diet. Ultimately, Weight Watchers is the only program that worked for her, and says that portion control and moderation have been key to helping her maintain her slim figure.

Walsh says she thinks most women struggle with their body image at one time or another, but feels she’s come to accept herself as she grows older. That feeling is clearly reflected by the nude cover shoot. “I was terrified, but I really wanted to do a naked cover especially with Shape, because the magazine is about loving yourself inside and out,” she says.

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