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What is it?

Image Revive is a topical skin care product that is designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines upon contact. Their advertising claims that it is as powerful as Botox at freezing facial muscles so that expression markers are smoothed away. They also say that Image Revive increases collagen production and even that it has some cancer-fighting properties.

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Image Revive Ingredients and Side Effects
Cancer Prevention Agents Skin Firming Peptides Vitamins A and C

 Cancer Prevention Agents: The promotional materials for Image Revive advertise the fact that they use elements that can prevent the metastasis and maturation of cancerous tissue. It should be noted, however, that they do not mention anywhere what these agents may be, whether they are natural or synthetic, what types of cancers they are most effective at fighting, or what the dosage levels for these ingredients might be.

It should be noted that Image Revive is not approved by any medical organizations for theses purposes, there are no studies or clinical data that supports these claims, and that it is unlikely that a topical skin cream will have many tumor-fighting properties.

Skin Firming Peptides: An only slightly less ambiguous entry. Image Revive compares their skin firming peptides to a topical version of Botox, which puts it in a category of several forms of peptide chains that act as muscle-paralyzing agents such as argireline, gatuline, and Syn-Ake.

These chemicals work by cutting off the neurological connection between the brain and the affected muscles, effectively deadening them. As the muscles go slack the skin smoothes out over them, which reduces the appearance of frown lines, crow’s feet, and other expression markers. There are no actual health benefits to these chemicals, and the affects are only temporary.

These topical Botox alternatives were developed in order to get around the invasive injection procedures that Botox became associated with. The injections could leave faces tender, swollen, and discolored, as well as potentially severing nerves, permanently deadening movement, or becoming infected, which could result in weeping sores or open abscesses.

While those issues are not a problem with peptide creams, they do have their own set of health issues that can be related to their usage. While rubbing a product on your skin may be less invasive than piercing it with a needle, it is not more efficient or direct. Instead of being applied directly to the site where it can be useful, peptides spread out and are absorbed into the dermis, where they serve no useful function.

Not only are peptides not useful when absorbed by skin cells, they can also have damaging effects that are directly counter to the conditions that they are being taken to repair. The paralyzing chemicals in the cream can slow and stop the actions of the cells, as well as compromising their structural integrity.

Peptides can break down cell membranes, leading to deformed, unhealthy cells that disrupt the orderly structure of the skin. These misshapen cells are what lead to dull, sagging skin – exactly what this product claims to prevent.

There are also concerns about a condition generally referred to as “fuzzy brain” that is generally described as a depression of overall mental function. Users describe inability to recall facts and dates, concentration issues, and difficulty processing information.

This is thought to be a reaction to the persistent blockage of neurological pathways, which can also result in the permanent loss of communication between the brain and the affected site. Some users have permanently lost the ability to express themselves facially after extended daily peptide applications.

Vitamins A and C: Two of the vital amines that the body requires for optimal functionality, yet cannot manufacture on our own. Both chemicals, in addition to being part of a number of other key biochemical reactions, are necessary for the formulation of new skin.

Vitamins A and C are two of our team’s most highly recommended additives due to their ability to improve the skin’s core health. They are not associated with any serious side effects and are considered safe for almost all users when taken within reasonable limits.

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Image Revive Quality of Ingredients

There are a number of unignorable issues with the ingredients list of Image Revive. The first is the fact that there are a number of ingredients that are in their blend that they do not mention. It is impossible to accurately evaluate a product if you do not know if it has any known allergens, carcinogens, fillers, or trick products in its blend.

It is also highly ambiguous about the ingredients that are included. Cancer prevention is a very large claim for a skin cream to make, and one that Image Revive does not back up in any capacity. We have no idea what kind of value these chemicals may have, what their track record in the past is, or if they have any downside. There are no outside bodies that will confirm the cancer-preventing claims of Image Revive.

Furthermore, our review team does not recommend the “injectionless Botox” strains of peptides. Not only are they a purely cosmetic product they are not necessarily even an effective one. Not only that, but over time their effects are exactly the opposite of what their manufacturers claim that they are, making them a wholly ineffective ingredient.

That is also combined with the fact that they work by affecting the nervous system, which is not recommended. Permanent changes can happen and it has shown the potential to alter mental functioning. Cosmetic gains are not worth damage to your brain.

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The Price and Quality of Image Revive

Image Revive is not sold in stores, nor is it available from any third-party websites. The only way to get Image Revive is to go to their websites, and even then they do not have it for sale directly.

Potential customers have to sign up for Image Revive’s “Free Trial Offer,” which is a very misleading title. When users sign up for this program they are actually entering an automatic renewal program that charges users’ credit cards $99.95 per month.

This is far above the average market price for products of this nature, and there are also a number of other hidden fees that accompany the monthly base rate. Users can be charged for any products that are returned, they are charged if they keep the free trial, and they are charged if they try to cancel their membership.

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Business of Image Revive

Image Revive is an affiliate of Abella Mayfair, who is part of a network of skin care manufacturers that have similar distribution models. They list their contact information as:

Phone Number: (250) 483-7496

Address: PO Box 500

North York, ON M3J 0J8 USA


It should be noted that the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau have both sent multiple notices to Image Revive and their affiliates, and there have been multiple threats of litigation from former customers. There is no information at this time that there are any ongoing court cases featuring Image Revive or Abella Mayfair.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Image Revive

Questionable marketing practices aside, there are also quite a few previous customers that have been upset with the quality of the product itself. Their responses were often similar to these:

“Just plain gross. It smelled terrible, and then after it dried on my face it felt like I’d walked through a spider web made of wax.”

“I broke out the next day like I was a teenager again. Stupidly, I thought I’d give it another shot a couple weeks later, and I broke out all over again.”

Reviews complained of unpleasant side effects like redness, breakouts, and strange growths, they complained about the lack of moisturization, and they also criticized the texture, smell, and consistency of the cream.

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Conclusion – Does Image Revive Work?

Thankfully, skin care science has brought us to the point where we know more about the skin than ever before and are aware of ingredients that can genuinely benefit users at the core level. Sadly, there are also still manufacturers that choose to ignore this information in an attempt to create quick-fix products that do not actually benefit the body.

Image Revive sacrifices the long-term health and beauty of its users for temporary effects that will generally be gone after the next shower. Our panel does not recommend products that use paralytic peptides, nor do they recommend products that will not disclose their ingredients list. As such, they cannot recommend Image Revive.

Our team suggests that those individuals still looking for a daily skin care solution try Kremotex. Their blend affects core skin health and contains no hazardous chemicals. It is mild for sensitive users but powerful enough for skin with serious needs.

Many people have experienced dramatic results from using the cream every day. Click here to see photos that compare users before they started taking Kremotex to their appearance afterwards.

4 Responses to Image Revive Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

  1. Vita Macoritti says:

    This is a fraudulent company! I have been scammed for 700 dollars and I told them I did not want any off!

  2. Olga Lockwood says:

    Do NOT do business with this company!!!! They hide the prices of the 2 products in a long scroll down document of terms of agreement, rather than being upfront about the fact that this will cost you $300/month! Can you add that to your budget? That is A LOT OF MONEY!
    Cancel it as fast as you can!!!!

  3. Melanie says:

    This company is a scam my mother in law got fraudes 500$ and they are all full of shit and try to say that you ordered their stupid shit of cream ?

  4. jim says:

    my friend got scammed for $600. KEEP AWAY! THEY ARE CROOKS!!!

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