Glee Star Amber Riley Drops Two Dress Sizes by Dropping Junk Food

Glee star Amber Riley showed off her smaller frame at last week’s NAACP Image Awards. The 26-year old has recently dropped two dress sizes and is loving the change.

Riley began a new diet and exercise plan last July. The actress had been experiencing chronic stomach pains as a result of her diet and a visit to her doctor put her on a path that cut out fast food. She says the weight loss was unintentional as the actress’ goal was simply to get healthier.

Another exciting, yet unintentional side effect? Many of Riley’s old clothes do not fit and she has had a new wardrobe provided for her on the set of Glee. In addition to the new clothes on set, the actress admits getting dolled up for events is much nicer now too. Riley explained how formal gowns fit much better at her new size.

We always applaud the goal of total health, not just weight loss. Riley is a very confident celeb in this age of rail thin actresses and models. “I’ve always been comfortable with my size,” says Riley. “I just decided it was time to get healthy.”

Riley’s acceptance of her size is great. Her effort to be healthy is even better. Hopefully her trend will catch on.

You can catch Riley’s ever-slimming and healthier look every Tuesday as she portrays Mercedes Jones on the smash hit Glee on FOX.

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