FB1-Test Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

FB1-Test is a testosterone-boosting male enhancement product aimed at helping men increase the presence of the hormone in their bodies. The manufacturer claims this product will help you feel younger with increased energy, muscle-building capability and improved sexual function.

FB1-Test works by using a formula of “secret ingredients” in order to the body’s natural testosterone levels. FB1-Test is should be taken daily in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise for best results.

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FB1-Test Ingredients and Side Effects

Unfortunately, the makers of FB1-Test have not disclosed the ingredients present in this product. Because this information has not been made available for review by the public, it is unclear whether this product truly contains any ingredients that boost testosterone in users, or if this product is even safe for human consumption. Without any information, people cannot discern whether this product will interact with existing medications, induce an allergic reaction or cause adverse effects with use. For all these reasons, it does not seem like FB1-Test is a trusted male enhancement solution.

That being said, we were able to find some mentions of a couple active ingredients included in this supplement, though we do not know whether there are others, or what the exact measurements are.

Eurycoma Longifolia L-Glutamine Peptides

Eurycoma Longifolia: An herbal aphrodisiac derived from a Southeast Asian evergreen, eurycoma longifolia is thought to improve sexual performance, improve libido and help treat erectile dysfunction and male infertility. There is some research that suggests this ingredient has the ability to increase testosterone levels in the body.

L-glutamine peptides: An amino acid that occurs naturally in the body, L-glutamine is used to treat a number of ailments ranging from joint pain to to anxiety, sleeplessness and digestive issues. L-glutamine has also shown to be useful in preventing weight loss and boosting workout performance, making it a desirable ingredient in many muscle-building supplements.

  • While L-glutamine is safe for most healthy adults, people with liver disease should avoid taking this supplement.
  • L-glutamine may increase the risk of seizures in some people.

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FB1-Test Quality of Ingredients

Again, the primary issue with FB1-Test is, there is no official information detailing what is actually in this product. We were only able to locate information for two active ingredients, and there’s no way to know whether this information is accurate, or how many other herbs or chemical ingredients are included in this formulation.

That being said, eurycoma longifolia and L-glutamine are both safe ingredients for most people who are in good overall health. Eurycoma has been shown to be effective in several male enhancement products, and is useful for improving sexual function, so there may be something there.

Additionally, we were unable to find many testimonials or reviews about FB1-Test, and as a result, were unable to find out whether or not there were any reported side effects after taking this product.

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The Price and Quality of FB1-Test

FB1-Test is sold for $79.99 through the official website for a bottle containing a one-month supply. This product may be found on Amazon, eBay or other e-commerce sites, but availability seems inconsistent. The pricing on this product seems a bit high as compared to other test boosters, but still falls within a normal range. The website sells this product by offering potential customers a 14-day free trial, which then enrolls them in a monthly billing cycle for a one-month supply until they decide to cancel.

Again, while the two active ingredients we know about seem relatively safe, there is little information available that explains how the product works, whether or not it’s effective, and what the potential side effects are.

FB1-Test could very well be an effective solution for men looking to boost muscles and lose fat, as well as spice up their sex life. Unfortunately, there is no information available that either backs up these claims or debunks them, so we really can’t be certain.

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Business of FB1-Test

The name of the company that manufactures FB1-Test is unclear, though we were able to locate a contact number for the customer service line associated with this product.

Phone Number: 888-890-0814

The official FB1-Test, fb1test.org seems a bit unprofessional and does not do much for customer confidence. The copy on the home page repeats the same information several times — that this product will make you more attractive, better in bed, and help you gain muscle and lose fat, by increasing testosterone levels. Unfortunately, there is no information that states how this product works to create these desired effects, nor what any of the active ingredients are.

Upon further research, there are a few different domains associated with this product and the free trial offer that goes along with it.

If we’re just considering logistics, the website is not laid out very well — there is no pricing displayed and the link to sign up for the free trial leads to another product page that asks for your information.

Overall, it seems like the makers of FB1-Test are following legitimate business practices, as there are no available complaints suggesting otherwise. However, based on this alone, there is no solid evidence that this product performs as promised. There is not much information regarding the science behind this product, nor any clinical studies proving its efficacy.

Customer Opinions of FB1-Test

Based on most of the customer reviews of FB1-Test it appears the product did not provide the full range of benefits that were advertised.

“For the first month you spend $5 in shipping. Then if you don’t call in to cancel, you are automatically charged $79.00 each month. I figured what the heck, I’ll try it for a month, but now I can’t can’t cancel.

“I have really low testosterone and found that this product did help me feel better. Unfortunately, I can’t justify spending $80 a month on this, and will probably try something else.”

Reviews for FB1-Test were really hard to find, but what we did notice was that the results were overall mixed. Some consumers mentioned they felt that they felt like they had more energy and stamina, or that they saw some improvements in their workout or in the bedroom. However, most of the people who shared their feedback mentioned the cost seemed a bit high as compared with other testosterone-boosting products.

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Conclusion – Does FB1-Test Work?

Because this product has not been scientifically proven to increase testosterone levels in men nor improve physical fitness levels or show significant improvements in sexual health, we cannot recommend using FB1-Test as a workout aid, nor a way to treat issues like erectile dysfunction or low libido associated with low test levels.

From a business standpoint, we do not know who actually makes this product or what is in it. The website is misleading and directs consumers to sign up for a free trial offer that then enrolls them in automatic billing cycle until they wish to cancel. In general, people have not been happy with this type of business model, as customers are often on the hook for a supplement they may not want.

In addition to the complete lack of transparency associated with this product, it’s worth mentioning that taking a product that fails to disclose what it is made out of is risky. Customers with food allergies or existing conditions are better off avoiding this product in favor of something that discloses this kind of information.

For all the above reasons, we cannot recommend FB1-Test. There is not enough known about this product for us to determine whether or not it is safe, effective or if there are any side effects.

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