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Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-5 Recap

The day has finally come for the eliminated contestants to show what they’ve done after thirty days away from the ranch. The contestants learn that immunity is up for grabs to the team with the player that has the highest percentage of weight loss while they were away. Carla hit it big with a 20 pound weight loss at home but her parade was rained on when Sione lost a stellar 25 pounds!! Home run for the blue team as they take the immunity ticket into this week’s weigh-in.

Got rope? This weeks challenge showed the contestants that they were “tied to each other” in more ways than one. The players were tied to each other and a very long piece of rope, using patience, a plan and team work, the contestants had to unravel enough of their rope to cross the finish line at the other end. The winner has a choice between $5,000 cash or a 2 pound advantage at the next weigh-in. As everyone begins to unravel their rope, with a little extra stretch, Aubrey and Mandi win it for the Yellow Team

This is the first time everyone will weigh-in as a team since the first week on the ranch. The teams weigh-in with great numbers as a few of them returning to the house for the first time in thirty days. When the Silver Team gets on the scale, we see Carla lose eight pounds and Joelle with a zero. Was this zero a reflection of Joelle’s effort on the ranch this week? As it turns out the Brown Team falls below along with the Silver Team. The teams state their pleas to their housemates. After an emotional display from Carla, we don’t hear much from Joelle and whether she wants to be there another week or not. Mike states the obvious by letting the teams know that “words are cheap and actions speak” in that house. With four out of six votes, the Silver Team is sent back to Michigan.

The unstoppable silver bullets are looking truly stunning. I can’t wait to see Joelle reach her goals of being in a size 10 finale dress and best wishes to Carla as she goes for recording breaking weight loss from a female on the Biggest Loser. Carla and Joelle are keeping up on their fitness routine and are ready to blow everyone away at the finale. See how they look today and where their relationship stands in their “Where are They Now” video.

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February 4th, 2009