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What is it?

Arginmax is a supplement made by GNC that supports sexual health and stimulates desire in men. GNC claims Arginmax effectively directs blood flow to the genitals, allowing for firmer, more sustainable erections.

Arginmax is physician-endorsed, according to the packaging and is made from a variety of vitamins and minerals aimed at improving erectile function. Arginmax relies on a large dose of L-arginine to open up blood flow, as well as a number of other ingredients that support general reproductive health.

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Arginmax Ingredients and Side Effects

The official GNC website, as well as a separate page of Arginmax itself, both include a clearly printed label of the product, making it easy for potential customers to evaluate the ingredients and quality of the formulation on their own. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

L-Arginine Gingko Biloba Ginseng
Zinc Vitamin D3

L-Arginine: A critical amino acid in helping the heart and blood vessels function properly, L-arginine is found in a number of foods such as meat, fish and dairy. L-arginine increase the presence of nitric oxide in the body, which promotes blood flow, making it an effective ingredient in treating erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues.

Ginseng: A traditional Chinese staple, ginseng is used to boost memory and cognitive function, as well as increase energy levels and overall wellness. Ginseng is also used to reduce symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

Zinc: Zinc is an essential mineral used to promote muscle health, nervous system function and immunity to disease. Zinc is also thought to help support hormone levels in the body.

Gingko Biloba Extract: An herbal ingredient used to promote blood flow to the brain, ginkgo functions as an antioxidant, promoting general wellness as well as cognitive function.

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Arginmax Quality of Ingredients

After taking a closer look at the ingredients used to make Arginmax, we liked that the manufacturer opted to use ingredients known to be safe, like ginseng, L-arginine and gingko biloba. The GNC website states that this product has been vetted by their physicians and is both safe an effective.

Unfortunately, customer reviews suggest that not everyone experienced notable benefits with use. This product provides a number of great health benefits, but is likely not the best solution for men with more serious sexual health problems.

If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction, low libido or infertility, it’s worthwhile to look at something packing a bit more potency.

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The Price and Quality of Arginmax

Arginmax is $18.99 on the GNC website, for a box containing 90 tablets, which amounts to only a 15-day supply.  This product can also be found on Amazon, where they are charging $32.99 for a 30-day supply.

This product is made with a long list of ingredients, primarily B vitamins and minerals, as well as L-arginine, ginseng and others. While these are all good ingredients that are likely safe for most people, it’s tough to say whether or not Arginmax is any better than eating well and taking a good multi-vitamin.

Because GNC opted to use more natural ingredients found easily in food products, there are very few reports of any negative side effects. That being said, it seems that this product isn’t a consistent solution for men suffering from severe erectile dysfunction. For that reason, we don’t have enough information to determine whether or not Arginmax is a safe and effective product.

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Business of Arginmax

The company that has created Arginmax is GNC, a popular online and brick and mortar retailer of vitamins, supplements and nutritional products. The company’s information is as follows:

Address: Pittsburgh, PA 15222

GNC has a well-designed website featuring tons of products, reviews and descriptions, which is to be expected for such a large, global brand.

Arginmax is available for sale on the GNC site, though there are no reviews posted in the comments section on the page. The label is clearly printed, as is information detailing how the product works, as well as a physician endorsement for Arginmax.  The endorsement is a welcome addition to the site, as most male enhancement products do not offer any scientific explanation as to how the product will benefit the customer.

Overall, there are no issues with GNC as a company, as they have a good reputation built over a long period of time. While the lack of reviews suggest Arginmax isn’t the top selling male enhancement product on the site, there isn’t any indication that it produces negative effects.

Customer Opinions of Arginmax

Based on the consumer feedback we found for Arginmax it seems many people were happy with the results they got from adding this product into their rotation. Here’s a look at what users have been saying:

“Took for a month as directed, and felt like my libido and performance declined, rather than the other way around. Not sure if this product is bad, or my experience was due to natural hormonal changes. I won’t buy it again though.”

I used Arginmax about 3 months. During that time, I started having heart palpitations, but figured it was stress or anxiety, rather than the product.  I decided to stop staking them and within a couple weeks, I was back to normal.”

“Maybe some people have had better luck with this product, but I saw no benefit, even after taking two pills a a day for a whole month. No sure if these are sugar pills or what, but I’m in my 40s and generally in good health.”

“I used Arginmax as directed, but honestly, did not experience the benefits advertised on the website. Sure, I didn’t see any major side effects, but I felt like I essentially threw away my money.”

Reviews for Arginmax leaned more heavily toward the negative end of the spectrum. Many customers felt this product simply didn’t provide any of the benefits listed, while a few others felt that this product caused them some mild discomfort, like the man who experienced heart palpitations with use.

While this product does offer some good benefits, and has a seal of approval from GNC’s team of physicians, this product appears to be inconsistent based on reviews from past consumers, and may not be worth the money.

Unfortunately, the GNC site doesn’t elaborate much on who the physicians that endorsed this product actually are, and whether any case studies were conducted on Arginmax to prove its efficacy as a libido enhancer.

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Conclusion – Does Arginmax Work?

Based on the reviews, coupled with the information we found on the GNC webpage, Arginmax may be a good solution for people who want to improve their sexual health, but don’t have any serious sexual issues.

One thing we noticed, is, despite the fact that the main selling point of Arginmax is improving overall sexual desire and function, most people reviewing this product cited their experience at the gym rather than any gains in sexual performance.

Overall, we were pleased with the quality of ingredients used in this product, as well as the fact that GNC was fairly transparent about the ingredients in the formula, as well as the science behind the product. It seems there weren’t any instances of troubling side effects with use, though some people felt that Arginmax wasn’t as effective as they had hoped.

Overall, it seems that Arginmax may be a good daily supplement to support male health, however, it likely isn’t the right fix for someone who suffers from severe erectile dysfunction or has low levels of testosterone. Plus, some users may find a good multivitamin and the right diet may save them a bit more money rather than shelling out for this product.

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